• Freiburg by Wyld Family Travel
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    30 of the Best Cities to Visit in Germany

    Germany is a large and beautiful country with so much to see and do. So which are the best cities to visit in Germany? I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers their best cities to visit in Germany and I’ve added my favorites. My top 4 are Hamburg, Cologne, Rothenburg ob der Tauber and Füssen. I’ve fallen in love with Hamburg, and we have family living close-by, in Norderstedt. Paul proposed to me in Cologne. Rothenburg is such a dreamy city and has a Christmas museum. Füssen is high on my list because of the beautiful castles. But there are many more special cities in Germany as you can see for…

  • A Pink American Dream Car, oldtimer
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    A Guide for the Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim

    The Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim in Germany is a fun and engaging museum to visit. We loved our visit there during our 6 Week European Road Trip. We had driven by this museum already several times on our way to Austria and were curious because we saw planes sticking out above the railing on the highway. The Auto und Technik Museum Sinsheim is a technology museum with a focus on motorized vehicles. Such as cars, planes and trains. The museum is kid-friendly and next to all these objects on display it has an IMAX 3D cinema. Where is it The Auto Technik museum is located in Sinsheim, Germany. It’s…

  • Hohenschwangau castle as seen from above
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    A Guide for Visiting the Beautiful Hohenschwangau Castle

    Close to the beautiful fairytale castle Neuschwanstein is the equally enchanting Hohenschwangau castle. At the end of the Romantische Straße, an epic route in the south of Germany, lies the beautiful Hohenschwangau. This castle is definitely worth your time, so read on further for the ins and outs for a visit. We’ll start with some history and details of Hohenschwangau Germany before covering when where and how to visit. History of Hohenschwangau castle The history of the castle starts in the 12th Century with the building of Schwanstein fortress. It was built in commission of the knights of Schwangau. In the 16th Century the fortress was completely rebuilt, but later…

  • Weissensee in Austria, with a perfect reflection of the houses and mountains in the lake. Some snow on the mountain.
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    2020 travels in review

    As for us all, 2020 was completely different than we expected. We had only one trip abroad to Austria. Other than that we stayed in The Netherlands. Luckily we made some beautiful trips in The Netherlands during the Summer. So here are our 2020 travels from month to month. January Just like in 2019 we started the New Year at friends in Almere. We played board games and watched the fireworks. Our first outing was Uden on Ice with my nieces during Christmas break. Later in the month I went shopping with a friend in Uden, while Paul and Yuri had the day for themselves. The last day of the…

  • Torhaus in Meissen
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    Visiting Meissen – catching only a glimpse of the porcelain

    The German city of Meissen is world-famous for it’s porcelain of exceptional quality, easily recognisable by the Crossed Swords mark. When visiting Meissen, my wife and I only caught a glimpse of the porcelain though. The Torhaus After visiting Albrechtsburg castle, where the first European porcelain was produced in 1710, and enjoying a spectacular view over the city from the tower of the Frauenkirche, we entered the small, historic gatehouse (Torhaus). In the Middle Ages, the Torhaus was an important building in Meissen, being the only accesspoint to Albrechtsburg castle. Throughout the centuries, the Torhaus has been the home of many famous German artists, including master sculptor Christian H. Kaendler…

  • Cathedral of Frankfurt am Main, the biggest church
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    Discover Frankfurt am Main

    Every year in October, Messe Frankfurt, the third largest fair and exhibition center in the world, is dubbed Frankfurter Buchmesse for five days. Frankfurter Buchmesse is the world’s most important fair for the print and digital content business – and a famous social and cultural event. As a ‘plus-one’, I attended the Buchmesse twice, in 2013 and 2014. It’s a great opportunity to discover Frankfurt am Main and for a mini-holiday in Germany! Intercity-Express (ICE) International Travelling to Frankfurt by high-speed train is by far the most convenient way, since the Messe is located near the main train center (Hauptbahnhof). Subsequently, it’s a 10 minutes walk, or you can take…