• Coast of Northern Spain, in the right corner the beach with people on it, on the right in the middle a mountainous area, on the left the ocean and above the almost cloudless sky
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    15 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with Tweens

    Each age category of kids has different rules and tips on how to travel with them, tweens are no exception.  So I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers for their best tips for road trips with tweens. We’ve already given you tips on a road trip with a baby and on a road trip with a toddler, but road trips with tweens is totally different we discovered the last couple of years with our son. Here are 15 road trip tips with tweens. Road Trip with Tweens We’ll look at road trip ideas for tweens, from how to keep tweens entertained to what to bring on a road trip for tweens. First…

  • Dolomites, the mountains, in the middle a valley with a town, surrounded by the mountains covered with trees and grass, but mostly trees. In the back rocks not covered and a clear blue sky
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    The Ultimate Trieste and Dolomites Road Trip: 4 Days in Italy

    Italy is a beautiful country and the Northeast of the country shouldn’t be missed. A Dolomites road trip is the ultimate vacation, especially when you add Trieste to it. We drove this route as part of our longer 6 week European road trip. We love going on road trips and Italy is perfect for this. Trieste Dolomites Road Trip Day 1: Arrive at Trieste Day 2: Drive from Trieste to Sistiana (19 kilometers/12 miles, about half an hour) Day 3: Drive from Sistiana to Bolzano (283 kilometers/176 miles, about 5.5 hours) Day 4: Going home Day to Day Itinerary This 4 day Italian road trip covers a beautiful area of…

  • Tulip Island Zeewolde, different rows of tulips with all sorts of colors in a grassfield. In the back is water and the shore with stones
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    Tulip Route Flevoland: the Largest Tulip Area in the Netherlands

    Admiring tulip fields in Spring time is a wonderful thing to do. Here in the Netherlands driving a Tulip Route isn’t that hard. There’s ample choice. This Spring we drove all 3 of the different tulip routes in Flevoland. Flevoland is the area with the most tulip fields in the Netherlands, so you will see plenty of tulips in all shades of color. Flevoland is a province in the middle and a bit of the North of the Netherlands. It’s the youngest province of the Netherlands, since it’s only in existence since the 1960s. It is land won from the former Zuiderzee. Flevoland is mostly agricultural land with two large(r)…

  • Parc National du Bic, Cosette standing lower looking at the river
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    22-Day Toronto to Halifax Road Trip

    A road trip starting in Toronto and via Ottawa, Montréal, Québec City, crossing the St. Lawrence river through New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia ending in Halifax. On the trip from Toronto to Halifax you’ll visit a string of beautiful national parks and historic sites. You’ll discover Eastern Canadian Cities, drive the Cabot Trail and visit natural wonders such as Niagara Falls and Hopewell Rocks. This East Canada Road Trip has it all: Grand nature, cities, national parks, animal encounters, waterfalls, history and endless forests. Toronto to Halifax Road Trip Day 1: Arrive at Toronto Day 2: Explore Toronto Day 3: Explore Niagara Falls Day 4: Drive from…

  • Big Sur coast of Highway 1 on a California road trip
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    The Ultimate 18-day California Road Trip

    A California Road Trip with Highway 1, the big cities and famous National Parks in it, it’s what lots of people dream of seeing once in their life. This road trip of California is technically a California and Nevada road trip, since it starts in Las Vegas. The whole Californian road trip stays in California after Las Vegas. From Las Vegas to a string of stunning National Parks ending in San Francisco, from there on heading south on Highway 1 with mesmerizing ocean views ending all the way in San Diego. This is a perfect California Nevada road trip. California Road Trip Day 1: Arrive at Las Vegas Day 2:…

  • Grand Canyon, driving from Orlando to San Francisco.
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    20-Day Orlando to San Francisco Road Trip

    After driving from New York to Orlando and having a blast at Disney World we took our road trip further and drove from Orlando to San Francisco. There are a lot of options to do a coast to coast road trip, we went underneath through Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. A route which we loved! The whole east coast to west coast road trip driving time non-stop would be about 1 day and 17 hours. But that would leave no time for national parks or highway 1, so we made it a 20 day route. Orlando to San Francisco Itinerary Day 1: Arrive at Orlando Day…

  • To show the nature of Switzerland. 4 days in Switzerland
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    6 Week European Road Trip Itinerary

    From ancient cities to National Parks, Europe has so much to offer and you can go so many ways for a road trip. You can stick to one country or cover as many as possible. We’ve taken more than one European road trip, but only once did we stretch it out over 6 weeks. We road tripped across 11 countries, stretching from North Western Europe to South Eastern Europe. Read on for the perfect road trip through the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Italy, Switzerland, France, Luxembourg and Belgium. European Road Trip Itinerary Day 1: Arrive in Hamburg, Germany Day 2 till 4: Explore Hamburg Day 5: Drive from…

  • Who's first? Paul and Yuri seen from the back. Running upstairs on the Rocky steps. Paul is faster than Yuri.
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    23 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with a Kid Ideas

    After giving tips on how to road trip with a toddler and a road trip with a baby, now we have tips for a road trip with a child. I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers for their road trip with a kid ideas. Road Trip Kid Ideas Whether on a USA road trip with child or crossing Europe, you need road trip kid activities to keep them entertained. So here are our 23 tips for a road trip with a kid. Flexibility 1. Picnic lunches Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels. When on our road trip from New York to Orlando we had a lot of picnic lunches. This gave us more…

  • Lake Tekapo by Faraway Worlds, Road trip with a toddler, a toddler running between stones and a lake behind him with mountains in the back
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    19 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with a Toddler

    Last week we gave tips for a road trip with a baby. But after that first your kid enters the toddler phase, which is totally different, how to survive a road trip with a toddler? So I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers for their tips for a road trip with a toddler. Road Trip with a Toddler We’ve come up with road trip activities for toddler, road trip toddler toys that are the best and the schedule for a road trip with toddler. Schedule 1. Stick to their schedule Contributed by Adriane from Put on Your Party Pants. Toddlers are tough.  They are the sweetest people alive one minute, and inconsolable…

  • Driving during a road trip with a rental car by Beste voor Kids, car on the side of the road with beautiful mountain vista to the left
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    16 Tips for Surviving a Road Trip with a Baby

    Going on your first road trip with a baby can be a little bit scary. Will your baby respond well to it or will you have a crying or fussy baby the whole time? It was indeed a bit scary for us when we went on our first long trip with our baby at 4 months old. All went well, although completely different then when it was just the two of us. To give you the best advice and peace of mind before embarking on a road trip with baby. I’ve asked fellow travel bloggers (well-seasoned travelers with a baby or babies) what their best tips are for road trips.…