To show a picture of our 2018 travels. An overview of Cesky Krumlov, a river flowing through in the middle. The roofs and streets covered in snow.
Czech Republic,  winter

Český Krumlov in Winter is Enchanting

Visiting Český Krumlov in Winter is one of the best things to do when you’re in Czechia. The city is enchanting covered in a layer of snow. We’ve visited this small city 3 times in Winter time so far and the last visit in February this year will certainly not be the last.

Cesky Krumlov covered in snow, a city scape seen from above. The river running through it, meandering, buildings, ground and trees covered in snow.
Cesky Krumlov covered in snow

Český Krumlov is located in South Bohemia in the West of Czechia. The city was founded in the 13th century.

Why Visit Český Krumlov in Winter?

Český Krumlov is worth visiting all year long, however in winter time the crowds will be less. It’s a teeny tiny city so in the Summer it can get crowded fast. Lots of visitors pour into the city in Summer. In the Winter there can still be crowds, but smaller and mostly around lunch hour.

The second reason is that Český Krumlov is really magical covered in a layer of snow. There’s no guarantee that you’ll see Český Krumlov with a layer of snow. We only saw it with a layer of snow on our first visit in 2018. It did let us fall in love with the city immediately.

Cesky Krumlov covered in a layer of snow, a bridge over the river on the bottom, the buildings stretching covered in a layer of snow
Cesky Krumlov covered in a layer of snow

At the end of November and in December there’s a Christmas market being held in Český Krumlov. Christmas markets and medieval cities are a perfect match.

Things to do in Český Krumlov Czechia

Well, what to do in Český Krumlov in Winter? You don’t have to get bored when visiting this small city, even in winter there’s enough to do. Although not as much as in the Summer.

First wander around the city. The medieval street plan is still what determines the layout of the old town. Český Krumlov has over 300 historical buildings in Renaissance, Baroque and Gothic style. Which earned it a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. It’s easy to admire these buildings on a stroll around the old town. Seminárni zahrada, is a park that offers a stunning view on Český Krumlov. Don’t miss Nám. Svornosti, the square is lined with beautiful buildings and here is where the Christmas market is held annually. The Český Krumlov river is the Vltava, which meanders through the city, making the views extra perfect.

Wandering the streets in Cesky Krumlov, colorful houses/buildings on the right side. Yuri in front standing on the street
Wandering the streets in Cesky Krumlov
A beautifully decorated building, with a red tiled roof. Windows with red paneling
A beautifully decorated building
Small streets in the old town, a small cobblestone street winding down between houses
Small streets in the old town
A decorated window , bars with figures in front of the window
A decorated window
Cesky Krumlov has the most colorful buildings, yellow colored bricks and red tiled roof and bricks around the windows and gate
Cesky Krumlov has the most colorful buildings


Second visit the castle, you can’t miss it, it towers over the city. It’s the second largest castle of Czechia and one of the most beautiful fairytale castles in Europe and even in the world. The interior parts of the castle are closed in Winter, however the exterior parts are opened and offer an excellent view on the city. You can climb the castle tower and visit the castle museum in the tower. The tower is really beautifully adorned. The Cloak Bridge, part of the castle, is wonderous to see. It’s unique since it has a moat not filled with water, but with bears. When it’s too cold they take the bears out of the moat, we only saw them once. The last time we visited Český Krumlov, this year, the winter was mild and the bears were in the moat.

The castle and tower, it consists of several buildings on the left bank of the river, the tower all the way at the back
The castle and tower
The castle and tower covered in snow
The castle and tower covered in snow
The beautiful tower of the castle, decorations on several colors and motifs
The beautiful tower of the castle
Inside the castle, a beautifully decorated building seen from the courtyard
Inside the castle
The castle as seen from below, a part of the castle, a stone building with windows high up
The castle as seen from below
The castle's bridge to the gardens, several arches on top of each other
The castle’s bridge to the gardens
Bears in the moat, two black bears in the moat, with the high walls around them
Bears in the moat
The castle covered in a layer of snow, red tiled roofs on the castle and a courtyard with snow
The castle covered in a layer of snow


The Museum Tortury is all about how they tortured people in the past. It’s an interesting museum, which becomes very graphic. Our then 9-year old son didn’t like it. We found it interesting.

Museum Tortury, a white plastered building with archeways on the bottom and windows on two storeys
Museum Tortury

Not everything is open during the Winter, however these museums and attractions can be done in the Winter. The Egon Schiele Museum, St. Vitus Church, the Museum of Marionettes, the Eggenberg Brewery, the Regional Museum, Museum FotoAtelier Seidel or a guided city walk.

How to Get There

Český Krumlov is just 2 hours away from Prague. Well how to get from Prague to Český Krumlov? Either with public transport or by car. It’s 2 hours driving, with 172 kilometers/107 miles. Driving South from Prague, mostly on road 3. Český Krumlov is close to the border with Austria. RegioJet or FlixBus takes some 3 hours from Prague to Český Krumlov. The train from Český Krumlov to Prague takes some 3 to 3.5 hours. There’s only one direct train a day. All the others have a transfer in the town of České Budějovice.

Cesky Krumlov as seen from the viewpoint at the castle
Cesky Krumlov as seen from the viewpoint at the castle

Where and What to Eat

Another fantastic thing to do and a must in Český Krumlov is have a hearty meal for lunch. Cozy up inside to get warm again, because it can get pretty cold outside in the Winter. We had lunch at Restaurant Bohemia, and another time at Hospoda Na Louži. Both had traditional hearty meals on the menu which were delicious.

A hearty meal
A hearty meal

You also have to try a trdelník, a traditional Czech pastry. It’s a kind of spit cake which is sold in the shape of a cone. Rolled dough is wrapped around a stick. It’s then grilled and topped with cinnamon, sugar and walnuts. The trdelník is served with ice cream and topped with whipped cream, fruit and sauce. It’s delicious. We’ve had it at MLS Creperie.

Trdelnik with chocolate coating, placed on a white square plate with a napkin under it
Trdelnik with chocolate coating

At the Český Perník store you can buy delicious traditional goodies, such as jams, mead or ochutnávky.

Where to Stay

Pension Rosa is a good Český Krumlov hotel to stay at. It’s situated in the old town, so close to all the attractions.

A snow covered Cesky Krumlov, a church in the middle buildings all around it. All with a layer of snow
A snow covered Cesky Krumlov

We stayed at Landal Marino Lipno in Lipno nad Vltavou all 3 times we visited. It’s just 30 kilometers/19 miles away from Český Krumlov and you can ski and ice skate here.

How Long for a Visit

All 3 of our visits where day visits. A day visit is enough to fall in love with the city, to wander through the old town, have lunch and visit one of the attractions. It’s a sleepy, beautiful city, that’s small and quaint. I would say that 3 days, 2 nights would be enough to discover the rich history of Český Krumlov, enjoy the atmosphere and beauty of the city and explore the attractions.

A snow covered Cesky Krumlov, with the river meandering through
A snow covered Cesky Krumlov

Hiring a Car and Airports

We drove to Czechia and inside Southern Bohemia with our own car. When hiring a car, we have excellent experiences with Hertz and Alamo. Český Krumlov would be a perfect stop on a road trip through Czechia.

A beautiful Cesky krumlov
A beautiful Cesky krumlov

When arriving by plane, the nearest airports are: Linz Airport (Austria), located 98 kilometers/61 miles from the city. Prague Airport is 195 kilometers/121 miles away and Salzburg Airport is 222 kilometers/138 miles away. Vienna Airport is 221 kilometers/137 miles driving from Český Krumlov.

What to Pack

Český Krumlov can be freezing cold, rainy cold or just a bit cold in the Winter, so pack accordingly. Take with you a bonnet, shawl and gloves. Sturdy walking shoes or even snowboots. The latter where needed the first time we visited the city and it was icy. Bring a winter coat or a ski jacket, one that can keep you warm. Pack some layers in clothing in your luggage, we’ve had freezing cold, cold and a bit cold weather when visiting Český Krumlov in February.

The castle as seen from the old town, seen through a tree
The castle as seen from the old town

That’s All About Český Krumlov in Winter

Český Krumlov is worth your time in the Winter. Hopefully you get to enjoy a snowcovered city!

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