Christmas market stalls, in a row, people walking in front of it
Christmas,  Germany

Christmas Markets in Hamburg: Travel Guide

Germany is a country with many Christmas markets, almost every town or city seems to have one, Hamburg as well. The Christmas markets in Hamburg are magical, plenty and definitely worth your time. It belongs to the best Christmas markets in Europe. Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and one of the best cities to visit in Germany. Hamburg lies in the North of Germany and is a Hanseatic city. It has a large harbor, a lake and lots of green inside the city. Hamburg would be perfect to add to a road trip.

Christmas Markets in Hamburg

There’s not just one Hamburg Christmas market, there are 20+(!) in total. The Christmas markets, or Weihnachtsmärkten in German, are all around the city. We discuss all 20+ Hamburg Christmas markets below, they all have their own theme.


This is the oldest Christmas market of Hamburg. It’s a smaller one in the Bergedorf stadtteil. The market is around the castle, and has a Scandinavian theme. The stalls are red chalets. There are campfires and crafts for kids. The market is from November 21st till December 30th in 2022.


There are 3 different Christmas markets around the Mönckebergstraße. At the St. Petri church is a small market with a merry-go-round for kids and scenes from fairytales in display. On the Spitalerstraße is a Hanseatic themed Christmas market. This market is perfect to find small gifts and handmade items. There’s a nostalgic Winter village decorated Christmas market on Gerhard-Hauptmann-Platz, with a large Christmas tree. The markets are from November 17th till December 30th.

Hamburger Rathaus

Reindeers and a sleigh at the entrance to a Weihnachtsmarkt, behind the sign a large building with tower, on the right an illuminated tree
Reindeers and a sleigh at the entrance to a Weihnachtsmarkt

There’s a historical market each year on the Rathausmarkt. There’s a historical truck from the 1920s in the shape of a merry-go-round and a coffeehouse from Vienna in Jugendstil style. This is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Hamburg. Santa visits this market 3 times a day. The market opens on November 21st and closes again on December 23rd.

St. Georg

A pink Winter Pride on the Lange Reihe. This market is meant for Queers and their friends. On the weekends there’s live music. The market in the St. Georg stadtviertel is from November 21st till December 30th.

Santa Pauli

Sankt Pauli calls itself Santa Pauli in the Advent period. The Christmas market on the Reeperbahn has a ‘red light’ theme. This is after all the nightlife area. The area of erotic and guilty pleasures. So don’t expect to find standard Christmas ornaments here, but in different shapes. The market is from November 14th till December 23rd. There’s a stand where you can compose your own glühwein.


Entrance to the Christmas market on Jungfernstieg, the name of the market above the entrance, people walking in and out, white pagodas behind the entrance
Entrance to the Christmas market on Jungfernstieg

The name of the Christmas market on Jungfernstieg is “Weißer Zauber” (white magic). White pagodas with white stars on them are illuminated, which gives a magical feeling. Where all the other markets are rather exuberant this one is in contrast to them. There’s a giant Ferris wheel from 1926 on the market. There are some 80 stalls. The market is from November 17th till December 29th.


In stadtteil Harburg is a Christmas market from November 17th till December 29th on the Rathausplatz. It has art, a fairytale forest and crafting stations.

Michel Kirche & Seemannskirchen

The St. Michael’s church celebrates in 2022 that the Christmas market at the church is there 100 years already. The market takes place in the crypt and the church square. This market is only shortly open from November 25th till 27th.

The Seemanskirchen nearby have stalls in Scandinavian theme, where you can get Scandinavian handywork and treats. It’s only open from 11 till 13 and 18 till 20 November.


50 Stalls stand in front of the Mercado with a special program for kids from November 21st till December 23rd.


A Winterfest with glühwein and an ice skating rink for kids. The market is from November 26th till January 6th on the Erik-Blumenfeld-Platz.


From November 17th till December 30th there’s a Scandinavian winter village on the Osterstraße and Fanny-Mendelssohn-Platz. It has a cultural and kids program. There’s a second Christmas market in front of the Apostelkirche aimed at families, from November 17th till December 22nd.


Chalets on the Marie-Jonas-Platz with Advent songs and a visit from Nikolaus on December 6th. The market is from November 21st till December 30th.


This small Christmas market in a maritime style has two illuminated sailboats in Christmas style. It’s on from November 21st till December 30th.


From November 17th till December 24th there’s a small Christmas market with lebkuchen houses. It’s near the Lessing monument.


This small Christmas market has a Winter golf track. It’s on Überseequartier from November 21st till December 30th.


A small Christmas market on the Kirchplatz St. Markus with regional and fairtrade products. It’s on from November 24th till December 22nd.


On Tibarg is a Nordic Christmas market with chalets and a crafts tipi. It’s there from November 23rd till December 24th.


On the Wandsbeker Markt is a Christmas village and a large ice skating rink from November 4th till January 1st.


From November 23rd till December 23rd there’s a small Christmas market on Winterhuder Marktplatz.

Freilichtmuseum am Kiekeberg

On Rosengarten-Ehestorf is a Christmas market with craftsman’s workers. It’s from November 25th till 27th and from December 9th till 11th.

Other Christmas Activities

Christmas markets are abundant in Hamburg, but there’s more.

Fairytales Parade at Hamburg with fake snow blowing, and dressed up people walking on the street in the parade
Fairy tales Parade

On all 4 Saturdays of the Advent a Christmas parade passes through the Mönckebergstraße. It’s a festive parade with Santa, lebkuchen manner, reindeers and angels. The parade is at 2pm and 5pm.

A decorated street in Hamburg, illumination hanging above the street
A decorated street in Hamburg
A beautiful Christmas tree in a shopping center
A beautiful Christmas tree in a shopping center
A decorated and illuminated mall
A decorated and illuminated mall
An illuminated street
An illuminated street

The shops and streets downtown are all illuminated and decorated, adding to the festive spirit.

How to Visit

To see the opening times of each market visit this site.

Hamburg is reachable by plane, car and public transit. Inside the city public transit works best, you can take the metro or a bus.

How Long for a Visit

Christmas market stalls, in a row, people walking in front of it
Christmas market stalls

Visiting all the Christmas markets would take several days, but if you concentrate on the 5 in the inner city you would have enough time with 1 to 2 days. The 5 in the inner city are Hamburger Rathaus, Jungfernstieg, Mönckebergstraße, Santa Pauli and the Michel and Seemanskirchen.


Hamburg has its own international airport, Hamburg Airport (Flughaven Hamburg) in stadtteil Fuhlsbüttel. It’s a major international airport, which is connected with the rest of Hamburg through public transit.

Where to Eat

Eat at the Christmas markets. All of them have stalls with the traditional food on Christmas markets, such as curry wurst, roasted chestnuts, pretzels and lebkuchen.

Hot chocolate with whipped cream, in a green mug
Hot chocolate with whipped cream
Gluhwein in a green mug

Get yourself some glühwein and/or a hot chocolate with rum. You’ll get these in a mug with the year and Hamburg written on them. You can return the mugs and get your deposit back, but they make for a great souvenir.

Where to Stay

We have the luck that we can stay with family, but if you don’t have that luck, Hamburg has lots of choice. Take a look at The Suites Rainvilleterrasse, Holiday Inn Hamburg City Nord or INNSiDE by Meliá Hamburg Hafen.


The weather can be cold, foggy, grey, rainy and moist. January is the coldest month, but November and December can already have some snow. However the winters in Hamburg are considered mild.

The average low in November is 3°C/38°F and the average high is 8°C/47°F. December has an average low of 0.5°C/33°F and an average high of 5°C/41°F. Expect in November some 65 millimeters/2.6 inches of rainfall and in December some 75 millimeters/3 inches of rainfall.

So pack in layers and don’t forget your hat, mittens and shawl.

So That’s It About Christmas Markets in Hamburg

Now you know everything you need to know for a visit to the Weihnachtsmärkte in Hamburg.

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  • Alex

    I’ve always heard about how magical Christmas is in Germany, but I have never experienced it for myself. Would love to visit these Christmas markets!!

  • Sharyn McCullum

    I remember walking around the Christmas markets when I was in Germany one Christmas time. I cannot remember which German city it was now, but I do remember it being magical and very cold as there was light snow. And I got all my Christmas shopping done.

  • Anja

    Great post! I love Northern German christmas markets becuse they tend to be quite local. Mostly food oriented, Not as much decorations as you can find in Southern Germany in the “traditional” and more tourist-oriented Christmas markets

  • Hannah

    Hamburg looks like such a magical place for a Christmas trip! I’ve visited the Christmas markets in Berlin, but I’d love to explore more of the country during the Christmas season. Everything about it looks so festive! I especially love the decorated shopping centre, it looks echanting. Thanks for the great guide!

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We have always wanted to plan a trip for Christmas markets. Hamburg looks like a great spot for different markets. Fun to read that the Santa Pauli market has a “red light” theme. Good to know that the markets actually run for many weeks on the holidays. I am not sure I could do more than a few on a single visit. Just means more than one trip

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