Gradska Kafana by Adventures with Luda, someone is holding a cup of coffee in the foreground. Sitting on a terrace, overlooking the sea.
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Favorite Coffee Shops in the World

One thing I love about traveling, is discovering ‘hidden gems’. Places where you can grab a coffee and something to eat and which just seem perfect. They either have a perfect view, good coffee, delicious food or the ambiance makes you not want to leave. Coffee shops in the world where you return to again and again or can’t stop thinking about once back home.

Over the years I’ve collected a few myself. I’ve also asked my fellow travel bloggers and made a collection of favorite coffee places in Europe. Now I’ve collected the best coffee shops from around the world and there are so many! I have a lot of new coffee places in the world to visit on my future travels.

It’s still strange for me to speak about coffee shops around the world, since in the Netherlands you don’t get coffee at a coffee shop. People in the Netherlands have another association with what a coffee shop is, then the rest of the world.

Coffee culture is a thing that has grown and spread all over the world. This has led to some of the worlds’ best coffee shops, but not just because they serve great coffee. No, also for the views at some places or the excellent ambiance at others. The delicious food to accompany the coffee can also be the thing, or the staff that goes all the way to make your time there fantastic. Without further ado let’s get to those 30 best coffee places in the world.

Coffee Shops in the World: Europe

Mockamore, Utrecht, the Netherlands

To show what we had at Mockamore: Midnight Chai, applepie and New York cheesecake
Midnight Chai, applepie and New York cheesecake

Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels.

Mockamore is a place that has as its motto: ‘fake your birthday. Treat yourself’. It’s in the city center of Utrecht in the Netherlands. They sell coffee and tea, made by baristas. From a simple coffee to speciality coffee with different flavors. The tea is with fresh ingredients, I had the Midnight Chai with a friend and we loved it.

Coffee and tea isn’t all they sell here, there New York cheesecake is so good. You can sit down here for pastries, breakfast and lunch. Their menu is a mix of comfort food and healthy choices. Besides coffee, tea, hot choco specials, freakshakes, juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls, pancakes, cakes, salads, bagels and grilled cheese sandwiches.

So a perfect place to sit down when shopping in Utrecht. They have a small terrace, so when the sun is shining this is perfect. Otherwise inside hangs a busy atmosphere.

Roaster, Reykjavik, Iceland

Roasters by Paula Pins the Planet, Paula sits inside the cafe on a chair. An eclectic vibe
Roasters by Paula Pins the Planet

Contributed by Paula from Paula Pins the Planet.

If you are planning an Iceland trip Itinerary, you need to add a visit to the Reykjavik Roaster coffee shop. During my day of exploration in Reykjavik I came across the best coffee I ever had during my many years of traveling. The coffee here is amazing, and also the environment is cozy and friendly making it a perfect place to sit comfortably and enjoy a great cup of warm coffee with some of the local delicious pastries.  The quality of the beans that they import is what make the coffee so amazing. I love to see that they hand-pick the coffee farms abroad, coming from different places all over the world such as Brazil, Colombia and Ethiopia. They roast the beans to perfection and brew the coffee with enjoyment – you can really tell how much the baristas are passionate about preparing and serving their coffee. What not to love about a warm cup of high-quality coffee during an amazing vacation in Iceland?

Other things to do in Iceland is visiting one of it’s many waterfalls or Hallgrimskirkja.

Nicolau Cafe, Porto, Portugal

Nicolau Cafe by My Little World of Travelling, breakfast on a plate with toast, strawberries., banana
Nicolau Cafe by My Little World of Travelling

Contributed by Cristina from My Little World of Travelling.

I visited Nicolau Cafe in Porto last year and it was one of the best cafes I’ve been to! It’s a very popular one and it does get busy, however, if you go early on a weekday, you’ll have a more relaxing experience.

The cafe is beautifully decorated with green plants and the main theme is a sausage dog – you’ll see it on the menu, on pictures on the wall, etc.

But the best thing was the food! I went for breakfast and I ordered French toast, a banana smoothie and two hot chocolates with almond milk. The French toast was perfectly cooked topped with fresh strawberries, bananas and yoghurt, and the hot chocolate was one of the best I had in Porto – very smooth and full of flavour.

Nicolau is definitely a great cafe to visit for anyone who loves healthy and instagrammable food. They also offer a wide range of vegetarian and vegan options!

De Zeeuwse Hemel, Zierikzee, the Netherlands

Garden at De Zeeuwse Hemel, an overview
Garden at De Zeeuwse Hemel

Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels.

The most divine thing about De Zeeuwse Hemel (the Zeeuwse Heaven) is their garden. It’s indeed heaven to sit down here. The garden has lots of cozy places and shaded places to sit down at. In the heart of the beautiful Zierikzee, with its beautiful old buildings and harbor. Find a little piece of quietness after exploring.

They have several different coffee specialities and lots of choice in tea. Next to that they also have delicious homemade juices and lemonades. They have delicious pastries, breakfast, lunch and dinner items. Think lentil soup, bitterballen and Zeeuwse bolus. The last one is on our 25 fun things to do list in Zeeland.

Next to a heavenly garden, they also have a shop with bakery. Everything they serve is homemade and super delicious. You can get them in the restaurant or take them home from the shop.

Monmouth Coffee, London, UK

Monmouth Coffee by Many More Maps
Monmouth Coffee by Many More Maps

Contributed by Ella from Many More Maps.

Monmouth Coffee is one of the most popular coffee shops in London with both locals and tourists alike. Although it has a few different branches across the city, you can’t miss stopping by their Borough Market branch to break up a visit to the famous food market. 

At Monmouth, you’ll find queues here all day long. On Saturdays, though, queuing for up to 20 minutes is common, so they must be doing something right!! 

They don’t do anything fancy, but they do it right. Their buzzing atmosphere and fast wifi is perfect for working or hanging out at the weekend, and their baked goods are to-die for. Plus, the whole cafe smells of their own blend of coffee, which is one of the best smells ever!

As well as brilliant coffee, Monmouth also has some of the best prices in London. The majority of their coffees cost £2.75! The opening hours at Monmouth Coffee are from 8:00am – 4:30pm Monday-Saturday and it’s closed on Sunday.

Caffè Florian, Venice, Italy

Caffe Florian by Travel for a While, coffee and tea on a tray. With water and empty glasses
Caffe Florian by Travel for a While

Contributed by Anda from Travel for a While.

Caffè Florian in Venice is one of the most stunning cafès I ever stepped into. It is the oldest coffee house in Italy and it was also one of the first places to welcome women. When the weather allows, you can sit outside under the arches of the Procuratie Nuove and admire the Basilica San Marco and the square. Don’t be upset if it’s chilly, inside, the cafè is a work of art. Get cozy on the velvet seats, between the gold-leaf walls and paintings, and enjoy a perfect cup of coffee. Sipping a cappuccino at Caffè Florian is one of the best ways to experience Venice, as we all know there’s a serious coffee culture in Italy. It’s easy to imagine here any of the famous writers, painters, and actors that loved coming here for their daily coffee. At Caffè Florian you feel transported in an elegant world, with excellent service and you shouldn’t miss it when you get to Venice.

Slasticarnica Vincek, Zagreb, Croatia

To show what we had at Vincek. 3 plates, two with a slice of cake (different cakes), one woth macarons.
Cake and macarons at Vincek

Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels.

Vincek is a famous pastry store chain in Zagreb. They have delicious pastries, cakes, macarons, fancy biscuits and ice cream. You can take it away or sit down in one of their 6 shops. Have their delicious cake accompanied by coffee or tea.

A visit to Vincek should be part of an afternoon in Zagreb. Vincek has been around since 1977, and is a true tradition in Zagreb. They use only local ingredients, the best quality and high production standards. They offer the famous Zagreb custard slices topped with whipped cream and chocolate.

The high quality in used ingredients translates directly in the flavor of the products. When in Zagreb, sit down here and let yourself be surprised by their delicious products.

Chouconut, Brussels, Belgium

Chouconut by AfterNoon Tea Reads, 2 cups of coffee with choux on a table. In cozy surroundings
Chouconut by AfterNoon Tea Reads

Contributed by Meghan From AfterNoon Tea Reads.

Chouconut in Brussels in the Saint Gilles neighbourhood is the coffee spot to go to. Hidden just outside the city centre, it’s worth making the short trip here. At first glance, Chouconut doesn’t seem like much, a small café with a few seats in the back.

But there’s a staircase leading you to a second level with more seating. You’re immersed in such a relaxing atmosphere that you’ll never want to leave. There’s a huge window that allows daylight to flood in and giving you a birds’ eye view of the street below.

It also isn’t over crowded with tables so you’re never on top of anyone else. You have enough space to breath in comfortable chairs. At Chouconut you can sit back, feel at home, and also enjoy out of this world food!

The name Chouconut actually comes from the word Choux , which is their specialty. They make unbelievable homemade choux pastries in what seems like every flavour imaginable (and they’re constantly adding new ones!).

Chouconut is still a coffee shop, and the coffee does not disappoint. On top of your regular cappuccino and latte, they offer you a taste of Vienna in Belgium, making Viennese coffee.

Antico Caffè, Cagliari, Italy

Antico Caffe by Strictly Sardinia, the cafe from the outside, with an old building to the left
Antico Caffe by Strictly Sardinia

Contributed by Claudia from Strictly Sardinia.

If you are looking for one of the most charming cafès in Cagliari, the capital of Sardinia, you’ll have to stop at Antico Caffè. Located in the historic heart of town in Piazza Costituzione, where the districts of Castello, La Marina and Villanova meet, and facing the Bastione – one of the most important landmarks in town, Antico Caffè was first opened in 1855 and has always been the center of Cagliari’s social and literary scene. Grazia Deledda, Sardinian literature Nobel prize winner in 1926, was a regular customer!

The café exudes retro charm with its gorgeous interior decorations. The terrace overlooking the Bastione is a great place to sip a coffee in the morning or a cocktail in the evening. Antico Caffè serves coffee, breakfast and light meals. 

It’s open daily from 7:00 am.

Marina Café, Lipno nad Vltavou, Czechia

The showcase at Marina Cafe , with homemade Italian ice cream
The showcase at Marina Cafe

Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels.

A little gem in the small town of Lipno nad Vltavou situated on the Lipno lake. Marina Café has the most perfect cakes and ice cream, which you can take home or enjoy there with a cup of coffee or tea.

There’s plenty of fun winter activities to do in Lipno nad Vltavou, for a break in between those sportivities sit down at Marina Café.

Their ice cream is delicious, the flavors are just right. They have perfect small cakes, that are pretty and well flavored. Take a small cake with some coffee or tea. It’s a pastry shop frequented by both locals as tourists.

Back in Black, Paris, France

Back in Black by Limitless Secrets, coffee and bowls and plates with food presented on a table
Back in Black by Limitless Secrets

Contributed by Ophelie from Limitless Secrets.

Back in Black is one of the best coffee shops in Paris! Not only will you find here good coffee, but the food is also delicious, and the interior is quite nice! This modern café has been designed to be bright and welcome light, and to highlight the work of the barista. The place is quite big for a French cafe.
You can enjoy a fresh specialty coffee here with seasonal variations and a single origin. The team behind the coffee roasting has been working since 2015 and they do an amazing job! Foodwise they offer breakfast all day and all their food is homemade. There is plenty of choice between pastries, scones, buns, granola bowls, eggs, grilled cheese and other savory dishes. My personal favorites are the Sticky rolls cardamom & Caramel and the French toast with lime cream!

You will find it in the area of Bastille in the trendy 11th arrondissement. Address: 25 rue Amelot 75011 Paris. It’s open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm and weekends from 10am to 6pm.

Paris is also one of our best cities to visit in France.

Stokes High Bridge Café, Lincoln, UK

Stokes High Bridge Cafe by Lincoln and Beyond, the outside of the building
Stokes High Bridge Cafe by Lincoln and Beyond

Contributed by Alex from Lincoln and Beyond.

Lincoln is a historic city in the UK, home to a spectacular cathedral and a beautifully preserved medieval castle. As it happens, one of the most iconic buildings in the city is actually a coffee shop: Stokes High Bridge Café.

The café is set in a quaint 14th-century house on the UK’s oldest bridge with used buildings on it, arched over a narrow river. Its black-and-white facade is unmissable when wandering through the city centre, and the interior of wooden beams, winding staircases and tucked-away seating booths is full of atmospheric charm. One of the many fine coffee shops in Lincoln, the café is also an intrinsic part of the city’s story.

Stokes is one of Lincoln’s oldest and most treasured local enterprises, having been run by the same family for four generations. The coffee served and sold at High Bridge Café is freshly produced in the city at a dedicated roastery. You can guarantee an authentic experience, and it’s perfect for breaking up a day’s sightseeing with some lunch and a mug of blue mountain blend.

Gradska Kafana, Herceg Novi, Montenegro

Gradska Kafana by Adventures with Luda, a woman seen from the side, sitting on a terrace overlooking the sea.
Gradska Kafana by Adventures with Luda

Contributed by Luda from Adventures with Luda.

It’s no secret that Montenegrins love their coffee: from Turkish coffee that was brought over during the Ottoman Empire to modern-day drip coffee at third-wave cafes, locals (and travelers!) love this drink.

However, what happens when you take Montenegro’s stunning beauty and combine it with the nation’s favorite drink? Gradska Kafana! This historic kafanais one of the oldest in the country — its history dates back to the early 1900s — and comes with a breathtaking view over the entrance of the Bay of Kotor.

When traveling through Herceg Novi, we had coffee and food almost every day in this spot. Although it looks posh from the outside, the atmosphere is actually quite warm and inviting — and the food is fantastic! For those who want something more than coffee, Gradska Kafana serves Montenegrin, Italian, and modern European food, and it also specializes in seafood. 

The kafana has both outdoor seating (perfect when visiting Herceg Novi in the summer) and indoor seating. However, I highly recommend arriving early to snag the most coveted spots of all: on the outdoor balcony! 

North America

810 Deli & Cafe, NYC, USA

810 Deli & Cafe, from the outside, the entrance
810 Deli & Cafe

Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels.

On 7th Avenue in between Central Park and Times Square is 810 Deli & Café, a real New York shop. With sandwiches piled high in the showcase. They have New York Deli Classics, Deli Combo Sandwiches and Grilled sandwiches. That’s not all they have though.

They have seriously delicious cakes, among them New York cheesecake. They also have cannoli, brownies and cookies. You can take these with one of the brewed coffee beverages, teas or hot chocolates.

The place is always busy, people coming in and out to order, some sit down, others take their order with them. The products and atmosphere give a real New York city feeling.

They serve breakfast, lunch and Italian favorites, which are also perfect for dinner. A visit to this cafe is perfect at the start of a road trip from New York to Orlando.

Frothy Monkey, Nashville, USA

Frothy Monkey by Why Not Walk Travel Guides, a cup of coffee with latte art on it
Frothy Monkey by Why Not Walk Travel Guides

Contributed by Tegan & Alex from Why Not Walk Travel Guides.

Frothy Monkey is not just a delicious coffeehouse and restaurant, but has been a staple of the Nashville food scene since 2004, focused on single-origin food and drink, locally-sourced ingredients, and truly delectable and inventive flavor combinations. A highlight of any visit would be their caffeinated options, which vary seasonally but are all delicious and unique. You can’t go wrong with what you order, from the more traditional Irish Coffee, served with Jameson Caskmates, or a chocolate caramel “turtle” cappuccino, to their more cutting-edge options, like their Rose Pistachio Matcha latte or Lady Lavender latte, made with lavender and Italian grey tea. It’s challenging to pick a favorite, but you should absolutely try their rosemary honey latte (pictured!) and their Havana latte, made with condensed milk and star anise, while you’re visiting. If you’re a fan of banana flavoring, one of their more “out there” options is the monkey mocha, which has chocolate and banana syrup. Frothy Monkey has a fantastic ambiance, conducive to lingering over coffee, tea, or melt-in-your-mouth bakery items, with a kind and friendly staff that is always happy to give you recommendations!

Elevate Coffee, Phoenix, USA

Elevate Cafe by Travel by Brit, a cold coffe in a plastic cup hold in front of the store
Elevate Cafe by Travel by Brit

Contributed by Brittany from Travel by Brit.

Elevate Coffee Co. is a local coffee shop in Phoenix, Arizona. They’ve been serving locally roasted coffee to North Phoenix for over ten years and recently started selling their coffee online. The shop has a warm ambiance, a community-focused atmosphere, and a welcoming environment.  

Elevate makes tons of delicious drinks with their locally roasted coffee. The dirty chai latte (with almond milk!) and iced white chocolate americano are both fantastic. Plus, they have a kitchen that serves all-day breakfast, pastries, wraps & sandwiches, and best of all, sweet & savory crepes!  

Even though the coffee is fantastic, the best part of Elevate is its commitment to serving the community. They host tons of events—from holiday events, live music, and fundraisers to support nonprofit organizations. Plus, the baristas are so friendly!  

If you’re ever in Phoenix, don’t miss the chance to stop by Elevate Coffee Co. You won’t regret it! Phoenix is also one of the Best Cities in North America to Visit, as are a few more on this list!

El Cafe, Havana, Cuba

El Cafe by Home to Havana, the cafe from the outside, an old pink building
El Cafe by Home to Havana

Contributed by Carley from Home to Havana.

One of the most stylish cafes in Havana, Cuba, El Café is located in a beautifully a restored colonial building with soaring ceilings and ornate tiles, making it a dreamy place to relax and enjoy a coffee or breakfast. Plus, it’s also one of the best brunch spots in Havana.  

Located in the heart of Old Havana, El Café is a great place to start the day before exploring the rest of the historic center of the city, or a great place to stop for an afternoon caffeine fix. Beyond the beauty of the location, El Café has an extensive coffee menu, including serving iced coffee and iced lattes that are some of the best in the city, especially in the Caribbean heat. Plus, their rotating fresh menu always includes their famous sourdough bread, which cannot be missed! Come back in the evening for happy hour, too, as they also serve delicious mojitos and cold beer. 

Marley’s Coffee, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

Marley's Coffee by Itz a Family Thing, a small child sitting on a couch, with a table in front and another couch, colored wall and a photo of Bob Marley
Marley’s Coffee by Itz a Family Thing

Contributed by Cee from Itz a Family Thing.

One of the best coffee shops in Playa Del Carmen is Marley’s Coffee. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you are familiar with the name Marley. This coffee shop is owned by Bob Marley’s son Rohan Marley. 

Before you walk into the coffee shop, the first thing you notice is the bright colors. There is no doubt this coffee show is inspired and infused with the Jamaican vibe. As soon as you walk through the door, you hear reggae music playing in the background and see a chill atmosphere. 

My favorite thing about this coffee shop is the colored wall. The wall is full of colored slates, with the bright colors that have become synonymous with Jamaica.

Although the coffee is good, their true claim to fame is their chai latte. It is one of the best chai lattes you’ll ever have. There is something about the hint of sweetness with the cinnamon that gets you addicted. 

There is a limited food menu, but my favorite is the ham croissant. It is perfectly toasted with ham, cheese and tomato, which compliments the chai latte perfectly. Many other frequent patrons rave about their Oreo cheesecake, but I’m not a fan of chocolate, so I’ve never tried it.

If you are paying a trip to Playa del Carmen with your family, you have to stop by Marley’s Coffee and get a chai latte. 

Summit Coffee, Asheville, USA

Summit Coffee by Trains, Planes and Tuk Tuk's, a cup of coffe up close
Summit Coffee by Trains, Planes and Tuk Tuk’s

Contributed by Carrie from Trains, Planes and Tuk Tuks.

Summit Coffee is one of the coolest cafes in the world. This third-wave coffee shop is surrounded by the murals and galleries of the River Arts District in Asheville, NC.

First, the coffee: It’s divine. The baristas are latte-art masters (they even make turkey latte art on Thanksgiving!). The drip coffees and hand-pours are flavorful, but the specialty beverages really shine. They always have a couple of seasonal specials, from sugar plum vanilla lattes to honeysuckle rose vanilla iced lattes. And if you’re planning to do some backpacking while you’re in the Carolina mountains, be sure to pick up a box of their instant coffee — it’s nearly as good as the single-origin hand-pours you get at the cafe.

Then there’s the ambiance. The indoor space is both cozy and hip, with booth seating downstairs and tables upstairs. It’s especially conducive as a workspace. But if you’re catching up with friends, check out the patio instead. It has tables in the sun (important since Asheville is always chilly in the mornings). And you can see several of the RAD’s best murals from your seat.

If you don’t feel like sitting down, grab your coffee to go and take a stroll along the river. A brand-new greenway runs all through the River Arts District, so you can stroll up to some of the top art studios in the city in a matter of minutes.

South America

L’atelier Café Concept, Cusco, Peru

Balcony View of San Blas, L'atelier cafe by Packing up the Pieces, acup of coffee on a table with a view on the surrounding neighbourhood
Balcony View of San Blas, L’atelier cafe by Packing up the Pieces

Contributed by Megs from Packing up the Pieces.

L’atelier Café Concept is one of those hidden coffee shops you don’t want to miss while exploring the cobblestone streets of the Imperial City of Cusco, Peru. Tucked away on one of the most picturesque streets in the hip San Blas neighborhood, L’atelier Café Concept is much more than a simple coffeeshop.

On the first floor, find a wide range of jewelry, skincare products, clothing, art, and other artisanal goods from Cusco and the Sacred Valley. Climb the staircase to the 2nd floor and discover a small, yet cozy coffeeshop. On the menu, there’s a wide range of specialty coffees made with love from the beans of local coffee farmers. Besides coffee, find tea, pastries, sweet treats, and even some microbrews.

There’s only a few tables, but what makes L’atelier Café Concept stand out from the rest are the two small tables on the balcony windows. Savor a cup of coffee with one of the most stunning views of the picture-perfect San Blas neighborhood.

Juan Valdez Flagship, Bogotá, Colombia

Juan Valdez by Cuppa to Copa Travels, from the inside a photo taken from the terrace outside
Juan Valdez by Cuppa to Copa Travels

Contributed by Lozzy from Cuppa to Copa Travels.

Now, Juan Valdez itself is nothing special in Colombia; it’s everywhere, like Starbucks or Costa Coffee. Its coffee shops are typically fairly standard-looking, with a basic counter and a few small tables to sit at. However, the Juan Valdez Flagship in Bogotá is the kind of place you want to spend a whole day in, with three stories of cozy vibes in one of the city’s most beautiful areas. On the bottom floor, you’ll find sofas underneath a looming leafy mural, ideal for chatting the afternoon away. One floor up is the perfect spot for digital nomads and students to get in the zone, offering lovely collab spaces, meeting rooms and hot-desk benches with plenty of plugs. But where you really want to be on a sunny day is the rooftop, which is lined with four-poster sofas and has views over multiple barrios that sprawl up the side of the mountain. Not a bad place to sip a latte! 

There are plenty more coffee experiences to be had in Colombia, one of the biggest coffee growers in the world. If you’re really interested in Colombian coffee and seeing how it’s grown, taking one of Salento’s top coffee tours is a must-do whilst in the country. 


Union Cafe, Moshi, Tanzania

Union Cafe by The World in my Pocket, a cup of coffee with a heart drawn on it in Latte art
Union Cafe by The World in my Pocket

Contributed by Joanna from The World in my Pocket.

Union Café is a must visit when you are looking for a place to eat in Moshi, Tanzania. The establishment is not just a café but a proper institution in town. Union Café serves some of the best coffees in Moshi, and this is because it is owned by the Kilimanjaro Native Cooperation Union, which produces organic Arabica coffee on the slopes of Kilimanjaro Mountain.

The cafe offers a large selection of both hot and cold coffees, but also food and drinks. It is more expensive than a local coffee shop because it is aimed at tourists rather than locals. However, the quality of the coffee is second to none. One of the best drinks they have from the menu is the honey cappuccino, which costs 6000 shillings for a double (that is the equivalent of £2).

When it comes to food, at café Union you can order pizza, sandwiches, salads and burgers. They also serve breakfast and have a nice selection of daily freshly baked cakes such as brownies or cheesecakes. 


Lhong Tou Café, Bangkok, Thailand

The Lhong Tou Café @ Jürgen Reichenpfader, people sitting in wooden baracks
The Lhong Tou Café @ Jürgen Reichenpfader

Contributed by Martina & Jürgen from PlacesofJuma.

One of our favorite cafés ever is located in Bangkok’s Chinatown: The unique Lhong Tou Café! It’s such a cute place – its small, really popular and almost always full. Especially cool is the hip ambience, because there are upper and lower decks where you can enjoy your coffee or tea. Of course, taking some photos should not be missing here, because this location is perfect for creating some amazing pictures. If you come early enough you might get a seat on the upper deck, which you only have to be fit to climb up.

Interesting is also, that the Lhong Tou Café is a Chinese coffee house. Therefore, you will find a wide selection of Chinese drinks and food on the menu. You should try the Chinese breakfast set with porridge. In addition, a Signature Thai Milk Tea, which is said to be one of the best in Bangkok, or a delicious cold caramel macchiato. Also, the Egg Lava Bun and the Mandarin Orange Cake should not be missed to try.   

The Lhong Tou is a café that is the perfect choice if you fancy to try Chinese breakfast! The food and drinks here are unique, and the cool location is so hip and instagrammable! 

Starbucks Café, Tokyo, Japan

Shibuya by JOURNICATION Travel Blog, from inside the Starbucks you see the Shibuya crossing, with a lot of people crossing the street orderely
Shibuya by JOURNICATION Travel Blog

Contributed by Phil from JOURNICATION Travel Blog.

During a round trip in Japan , you should definitely plan several days in Tokyo.

And here, a very special spectacle happens every two minutes in the middle of the Shibuya district.

As soon as the traffic lights turn red for cars and green for pedestrians, hundreds of people scurry onto the intersection from all directions at the same time.

Various studies have been carried out, with the result that around 3,000 people cross the intersection at every green light. Thus, it is calculated that on a normal weekday more than 250,000 people cross the intersection, and on holidays much more.

You have a very special view of the crossing from my favorite café in Tokyo, the Starbucks Café directly at the Shibuya Crossing. Especially popular are the seats on the second floor directly at the window. From here you have an unobstructed view of the crazy hustle and bustle on the big crossing – every 2 minutes.

Balangan Paradise Cafe, Uluwatu, Indonesia

Balangan Paradise Cafe by Guide Your Travel,
Balangan Paradise Cafe by Guide Your Travel

Contributed by Victoria from Guide Your Travel.

The Balangan Paradise restaurant and cafe is the perfect spot for breakfast with a view. Located on one of the best surf beaches in Bali this little restaurant has an incredible oceanfront location with a great terrace. The Balangan Paradise cafe lies in the south of the island in Uluwatu which is a great spot to visit on a day trip. Rent a scooter and make the drive south to the beach. The Balangan Paradise cafe should be your first stop for a hearty breakfast and great coffee. The terrace is rarely very crowded so you’ll always be able to find a good spot. Watch the early morning surfers and enjoy scrambled eggs, toast or even a traditional Indonesian meal. Of course, you need to visit the nearby Balangan Beach lookout point which lies just a short walk from the restaurant. With some of the best views around, this spot shouldn’t be missed.

Tranquil Artisan Coffee, Hanoi, Vietnam

Tranquil Artisan Coffee by Luxury Voyager, a cup of coffee on a table, with the rest of the cafe behind it
Tranquil Artisan Coffee by Luxury Voyager

Contributed by Hadas from Luxury Voyager.

One memorable coffee place I have been lucky to visit is Tranquil Artisan Coffee in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam in general is heaven for coffee lovers, with so many Vietnamese coffee choices available such as coconut ice coffee and Vietnamese egg coffee. However, Tranquil Artisan Coffee was special for me due to its Banana Latte. Not only did it have a delicious hint of banana, but it also melted in your mouth. It was the only coffee place in the world that I came across that particular coffee variation, and even though I tried to replicate it later at home, I unfortunately failed. 

The coffee place itself is cozy and decorated with bookshelves and an old-fashion interior. It also has a little place to sit outside, sip on a drink and watch the passersby. Tranquil Artisan Coffee offers a variety of special Vietnamese drinks and pastries with a cozy atmosphere. The coffee place is definitely a must-visit in Hanoi for coffee lovers. You might want to try the banana latte and if you are not a banana lover I’m sure you’ll find another special drink that will give you that memorable sip of coffee.

Ristr8to, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Ristr8to by She Wanders Abroad, a coffee with a skellet as a cup
Ristr8to by She Wanders Abroad

Contributed by Krisztina from She Wanders Abroad.

If you’re visiting Northern Thailand and you love coffee, you absolutely need to pop into Ristr8to! It’s not only one of the best cafes in Chiang Mai but it’s also one of the most unique coffee places in the world you will ever visit.

The first Ristr8to coffee shop was opened in 2011 on the famous Nimmanhaemin Road in Chiang Mai. It quickly became one of the favorite places of digital nomads, locals and tourists alike and although you can still visit this very first shop in Chiang Mai, now you have the option to choose between 3 different locations in the city (Ristr8to Original, Doppio Ristr8to and Ristr8to Lab).

Their mission is to learn everything there is to know about specialty coffee so the baristas often visit the world’s greatest coffee cities to gain more knowledge. Moreover, they often participate in Latte Art Championships and they scored the champion title on 3 occasions already! So you can rest assured that not only your coffee will taste amazing, it will definitely be pleasing to your eye as well.

Ristr8to offers a wide range of different coffee based drinks, starting from classics like Cappuccino or Caffé Latte to many special mixtures like a Dirty White Russian or a Shaken Irish Coffee.

Café Ðinh, Hanoi, Vietnam

Cafe Dinh by The Wandering daughter, a cup of coffee with beautiful latte art
Cafe Dinh by The Wandering daughter

Contributed by Astrid from The Wandering Daughter.

Located on the second floor of a nondescript building in Hanoi’s Old Quarter, Café Ðinh may not look like a phenomenal coffee shop. But for fans of Vietnam’s signature coffee drink, cà phê trứng, also known as egg coffee, Café Ðinh is the place to go.

Cà phê trứng was created in the 1940’s during the milk shortage in Vietnam. A man named Nguyen Van Giang figured out how to create foam for cappuccinos by whipping together egg yolk and condensed milk.

At Café Ðinh, coffee lovers can enjoy a cup of cà phê trứng while enjoying the view of Hoàn Kiếm Lake from the café’s balcony. Small tables with equally small stools fill the interior of the café, so travelers can sip their coffee shoulder to shoulder with the locals.

For those who aren’t sure about trying egg coffee, they can try another popular Vietnamese coffee drink, cà phê nâu, which is essentially black coffee with sweetened condensed milk. Café Ðinh is located at Ðinh Tiên Hoàng Street, not far from Hoàn Kiếm Lake. 

Cafe de Laos, Luang Prabang, Laos

Cafe de Laos by World Travel Connector, a woman making coffee with a special press
Cafe de Laos by World Travel Connector

Contributed by Milijana from World Travel Connector.

Gorgeous and historic Luang Prabang in Laos is adorned with a unique architectural blend of traditional Lao architecture and French colonial architecture. In fact, the whole town has been accredited as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1995.

Beautiful Luang Prabang was the religious, royal, and cultural capital of the ancient Lao kingdom of Lan Xang on the Silk Route, and in the 19th century got annexed to French Indochina. At that time French colonialists introduced coffee to Laos and planted the first coffee plantations in Laos.

Cafe de Laos coffee shop in the center of stunning Luang Prabang represents the finest example of the unique mix of the Lao-French heritage. The coffee shop is set in a French colonial-style building and decorated with old-world colonial and authentic Laotian décor. In addition, it offers a great coffee selection made from different varieties of coffee beans, but primarily from locally sourced organic coffee beans. There’s a huge choice of coffee types at Cafe de Laos to choose from: authentic Laotian black coffee, traditional Laos coffee with condensed milk, iced mocha, iced cappuccino, even Italian espresso … or fabulous siphon coffee. Actually, Cafe de Laos is the only cafe in Luang Prabang that serves siphon coffee. Even more, superb siphon coffee served in Cafe de Laos is widely praised by the guests. 

To sum up, Cafe de Laos Coffee Shop in Luang Prabang is a must-go place for coffee lovers! 

So this is our round up of the best coffee shops in the world

Sure to fuel your wanderlust!

Do check before visiting these places if they’re open, or only serve take away, right now.

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