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Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog Perfect for New Year’s Eve

We stayed at Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog for New Year’s Eve. Arriving on the 31st of December and leaving again on the 2nd of January. We booked it at a whim on the evening of the 30th of December. Even though we couldn’t undertake a lot due to the current restrictions, we loved our stay. The hotel has a cozy atmosphere and the staff is warm and helpful.

Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog, as seen from the front, and a bit from the side
Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog
Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog in the evening, seen from a bit further with the parking lot and grass in front of it
Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog in the evening
The entrance to Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog
The entrance to the hotel

Note that not everything mentioned below is currently offered, due to the restrictions. We’ve also got tips for traveling right now. This was not our first and only hotel stay since 2020 (when everything changed), see our review of NH Hotel Schiphol Airport and our Family Vacation on Texel. So we know what we’re talking about.

This is not a sponsored post, we stayed here at our own expense. So all opinions are, as always, our own.

Location of Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog

The hotel is situated near the edge of the dunes. In the North of the province of Noord-Holland is the town of Callantsoog. One of the oldest beach towns of the Netherlands.

The view towards the dunes from outside the hotel,  astreet going further on the right with a car coming towards us. Houses on both sides and on the left first a grass field. Dunes in the back on the whole horizon
The view towards the dunes from outside the hotel

Just 60 minutes driving to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport or 34 minutes to the city of Alkmaar and 92 minutes to Rotterdam The Hague Airport.

Address of this 3 star hotel in the Fletcher group:

Abbestederweg 26

1759 NB Callantsoog

The rooms at Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog

The Fletcher hotel has 62 rooms in total, divided over 5 different types of rooms. All rooms have free wifi (the whole hotel does), a sitting area, a desk, a flatscreen-tv and telephone.

There’s a Double Room with Shower. This room has two twin beds, a sleeping couch, closet and a bathroom with toilet and shower. Costs up from €30.88 per person per night.

Then there’s a Double Room with Balcony. This room has again two twin beds, a shower, toilet and a balcony with table and chairs. Costs up from €38.00 per person per night.

Third they have Double Rooms with Balcony and Dune View. This room offers two twin beds, closet, bathroom with toilet and shower and a balcony with a view on the dunes and two chairs and a table. Costs from up €42.75 per person per night.

For families there’s a Quadruple Room with Shower. The room has 4 twin beds, closet and a bathroom with toilet and shower. These rooms are all on the ground floor. Costs from up €49.88 per person per night.

The Quadruple Room, 4 twin beds on the right and on the left a desk with chair. In the back a dinning room table with 4 chairs
The Quadruple Room

At last the hotel has a Junior Suite. The room has 2 twin beds, a closet, a sleeping couch, a bathroom with a bath and toilet and a balcony with a view on the dunes. Costs up from €64.13 per person per night.

Our Room

We had the family room or Quadruple Room. The room is on the ground floor and has double doors. Convenient when bringing our stuff to the room and loading it in again. We could just park the car in front and unload. During New Year’s Eve we left our room through this door to watch the fireworks. There was also a dining table in our room and two extra chairs. My guess is that this was since you dine in your room with the current restrictions.

Entrance to the room, on the left a closet, a door at the end towards the room with beds. On the left (not visible the bathroom)
Entrance to the room
The Quadruple Room as seen from the window, on the left 4 twin beda, on the far right the door and desk with chair
The Quadruple Room as seen from the window
The bathroom with shower and toilet
The bathroom with shower and toilet

Good to Know

The atmosphere in and the location of the hotel is calm and quiet. The breakfast is included in the room rate, as well as parking. Pets (dogs) are welcome for a fee of €15.00 per day. There’s room service available till 11pm. Check-in is from 3pm till 10pm, check-out is till 11am (lazy day till 1pm). The hotel is 100% non-smoking.

The Restaurant

Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog has a restaurant, a lounge, a bar and a terrace on site. Although we couldn’t have a drink at the bar, we however could look inside. The bar has a parrot, which is fun.

The restaurant, as seen from the breakfast buffet area
The restaurant
The terrace, with a pool table on the right and tables with chairs standing around
The terrace
The lounge/lobby
The lounge/lobby

The restaurant is an à la carte restaurant, which means a menu you can choose from. They have a burger, schnitzel but also a sticky BBQ bun and sole on the menu. So plenty of choice. Right now the restaurant also serves game stew, which is a seasonal dish. The bar and lounge are perfect for a drink and a small bite to eat. You can also book a babyshower borrel or a Fletcher hotel Callantsoog high tea for a babyshower. Lunch is possible from 11am till 5pm and dinner from 5pm till 9pm.

Right now you can only have breakfast, lunch or dinner in your room. Which you have to pick up yourself at the restaurant. This is due to the current restrictions.

What We Ate

On both evenings we had a 2-course dinner in our room. You could choose between a main and a dessert or an entrée and main. On New Year’s Eve I had the game stew and French toast with chocolate mousse. Paul had a mackerel salad and Angus steak. Yuri had sole with risotto and a brownie. On the second evening both Yuri and I had split pea soup. Paul and Yuri had as a main the farmers schnitzel and I the BBQ sticky bun.

Game stew, macakarel salad and fries, the stew is served in a bowl standing on a large white plate with veggies and mashed potatoes, fries in a small bowl with an even smaller white bowl with mayonnaise standing on it, the mackarel salad served on a light blue smaller plate, all standing on a serving platter
Game stew, macakarel salad and fries
Angus steak and French toast with chocolate mousse, the Angus served on a large white plate and the French toast on a blueish smaller plate, standing on a serving platter
Angus steak and French toast with chocolate mousse
Sole with risotto and brownie, the risotto in a deep plate, the brownie on a black plate standing on a serving platter
Sole with risotto and brownie
Twice the split pea soup and the mackarel salad, served in bowls and on a plate
Twice the split pea soup and the mackarel salad
Twice the farmers schnitzel and once the BBQ sticky bun, all served on large white plates, one still standing on a serving platter with 3 cups with mayonnaise on it
Twice the farmers schnitzel and once the BBQ sticky bun

During the day I ordered us a Baileys hot chocolate, Baileys coffee and a hot chocolate at the reception. We enjoyed these in our room.

Baileys coffee and Baileys hot chocolate, still standing on a black round serving platter. Both drinks in tall glasses topped with whipped cream and a straw in it, Standing on square white plates with a long spoon and a cookie on the side
Baileys coffee and Baileys hot chocolate
Baileys Hot Chocolate, in a tall glass with whipped cream on top and a straw in it. Standing on a square white plate with a long spoon and a cookie next to it
Baileys Hot Chocolate

The Breakfast

The hotel offers a breakfast buffet, free of charge when you book a room. It’s served from 7am till 11am, on Saturday and Sunday from 8am till 11am. Right now you pick what you want from the buffet and bring it back to your room. You can go as many times as you want to. When finished you bring back the dishes to the restaurant yourself. There’s a separate area reserved for the breakfast buffet at the restaurant.

There’s a selection of different types of bread, buns and croissants. Hot items like scrambled eggs and pancakes. There’s a yogurt/cereal bar and a cold cuts section with different slices of cheese and meat. In small packages they had butter, hagelslag and peanut butter. At the coffee/tea bar they also had fresh ginger and mint. Which Paul loves in his tea. There was also orange juice, multi juice, milk and chocolate milk available.

Hot and cold items, hot items on the right above burners, the cold items on the left n baskets and a cooling tray
Hot and cold items
Bread and in the back tea, coffee and juices, bread in the middle, coffee/tea corner on the left, juices on the right next top the cereal bar
Bread and in the back tea, coffee and juices
Choice of cheeses and meats, cheese on the right and meat on the left
Choice of cheeses and meats
Pancakes! Yuri taking pancakes at the buffet, they're served in a warm holding tray. Yuri is lifting the lid off
My breakfast
My breakfast
Paul's breakfast
Paul’s breakfast
Yuri's breakfast
Yuri’s breakfast

Other Facilities

There’s someone present at the reception from 7am till 11pm and on Saturday and Sunday from 8am till 11pm.

There’s a sauna, indoor pool, a squash room, fitness area, multifunctional conference rooms, a pool table, table soccer and an outside soccer field. We sadly couldn’t use any of this during our stay. But my sister said the pool was great, when she stayed here with her family in the Summer.

The sauna costs €10.00 per person, for which you have private use of it, use of a towel and a bottle of water.

They have their own parking lot with an electrical hook-up for cars. The parking is free of charge.

The hotel with the parking lot in front, as seen from a bit farther
The hotel with the parking lot in front

Wake-up call and baggage storage is available. There’s a covered bike storage facility at the end of the parking lot.

They offer e-bike and e-chopper rental e-bikes are €25.00 per day per bike. E-choppers are €35.00 per 3 hours or €49.00 per day per chopper. The e-choppers have an action radius of 50 kilometers. We haven’t rented the e-choppers here, but did at another Fletcher hotel and loved riding with them.

New Year’s Eve

We celebrated New Year’s Eve here, which was fun. They had a small gathering in the lobby at 9pm with champagne and oliebollen. They normally have this at 12am in the bar, but that was not an option right now. Everyone kept social distance from each other, but we already toasted on 2022. There was lemonade for the kids. Oliebollen are a Dutch tradition to eat at New Year’s Eve. Paul and I found this a small, informal extra the hotel offered for New Year’s.

We don’t own a dog, but there were a lot of people visiting the hotel with their dog. The bangs from the fireworks can be scary for animals and it’s quieter in this area with fireworks, so ideal for people with dogs.

We stayed in our room the rest of the evening, reading for me, Yuri was gaming and Paul watched the Oudejaarsconference. During this show, a stand-up comedian wraps up the highlights and lows of the year, another Dutch tradition.  

At 12am we wished each other a happy new year and went outside to watch the fireworks. Despite the fireworks ban, there was still a lot of fireworks. We had a perfect view on the fireworks above Den Helder.

Happy New Year! , us 3 being happy
Happy New Year!
Fireworks near the hotel but a lot further back

In the Area

There’s plenty to see and do in the area of the hotel, for as well an active or a quieter vacation. Callantsoog is one of the oldest beach towns in the Netherlands. The beach is just one kilometer away from the hotel, which is about 10 minutes walking. You can see the dunes from the hotel and the beach and sea are behind it. The beach at Callantsoog are considered one of the cleanest in the Netherlands.

The beach at Callantsoog, with more people walking on it
Callantsoog beach
The beach as seen from on top of the dunes, people walking down the path on to the beach and people walking on the beach, the sea in the back
The beach as seen from on top of the dunes
The sea as seen from the dunes, grass at the bottom of the picture, the sea above it and then a clouded sky
The sea as seen from the dunes
Another beautiful sea view, the grass on the dunes below, above it the sea and above that the clowded sky, on the left a orange building sticking out above the dunes
Another beautiful sea view
The sea up close, beach on the bottom half of the photo behind it the sea rolling in and above sky
The sea up close

We walked to the beach and made a short stroll on it on New Year’s Day. It was perfect weather, warm for that time of the year. People were still doing the Nieuwjaarsduik. That’s a ‘dive’in the sea at 12pm on New Year’s Day. We didn’t participate, sounds too cold for me. But this is another Dutch tradition. Lots of people were on the beach making a stroll.

Our walk on the beach, Paul on the left, Yuri on the right, and in front of us more people walking on the beach
Our walk on the beach

A walk on the beach isn’t the only thing you can do. Beachvolleybal, horseback riding, wind surfing and kite surfing are also possible.

Other Things than the Beach

Other thing to do in Callantsoog is the Juttersmuseum (beach combing museum) Callantsoog. Just 2 kilometers away from the hotel.

Callantsoog, as seen from the dunes
A different view on Callantsoog, as seen from the dunes
A different view on Callantsoog

Themepark De Goudvis is 8 kilometers away from the hotel, ideal for families. Nature reserve Zwanenwater is ideal for lovers of flora and fauna.

Being active is easy near the hotel. The area is beautiful for a bike or e-chopper ride, or a long hike. In Spring tulips and flowers bloom everywhere in the area. Not that far away is Golfclub Ooghduyne.

Den Helder (19 minutes driving) and Alkmaar (34 minutes driving) are perfect cities to visit. At Den Helder is the Marinemuseum and Alkmaar is famous for its cheesemarket. The Stedelijk Museum is also worth your time in Alkmaar.

Other fun things to do near the hotel is to visit a flower bulb grower, going behind the scenes at one is an option. Pay a visit to Sculpture Garden De Booghaard, visitor center Eendenkooi or the exposition farm Tante Jaantje. Sea Aquarium Bergen aan Zee is 41 minutes away by car.

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport is an hour by car and Rotterdam The Hague Airport is an hour and a half by car.

In Short a Stay at Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog is an Excellent Experience

It’s perfect if you want to celebrate a quieter New Year’s Eve, or are a fan of the beach. In Spring it’s ideal as a base for exploring the tulip and flower fields on road trips. Another hotel close to the beach is Fletcher Hotel Restaurant Zeeduin.

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