De Woordzoeker, a word search in colorful colors
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Street Art Utrecht: larger than life and small works

It’s so much fun and a great surprise when you turn a corner and there’s a beautiful or funny mural on a wall. Whether it’s a small cute one or a larger than life one. Lately, I’ve been exploring the street art of Utrecht, my hometown. A city in the middle of The Netherlands. There are more than I expected there to be. Let’s dive into street art Utrecht, area by area.

Street Art Utrecht


The Bookcase with all the books the neighbourhood loves, 3 shelves.
The Bookcase

Books: On Amsterdamsestraatweg is this famous piece from JanIsDeMan. It’s 3 book shelfs with books that are favorites of the people in the neighbourhood. The mural went viral after being finished.

Otter: A mural of an otter at the entrance of the Otterstraat, made by De Verfdokter. A famous Dutch street artist.

Map of Utrecht: On 1e Daalsedijk is a mural on the side of a house. A street map of Utrecht is painted on it.

Daalsepark image, painted on a wall in blue with white letters
Daalsepark image

Daalsepark: The street name sign is painted on a wall in this park.

One of the trains on the side of a house, a green train, with a blue sky above
One of the trains on the side of a house
Train coming out of the docks, a green, red and white train
Train coming out of the docks
A train coming towards us, on the tracks in the grass with a tree on both sides
A train coming towards us
Another one of the trains on 1e Daalsedijk
Another one of the trains on 1e Daalsedijk

Trains: In Goudsbloemstraat and other streets in the Tweede Daalsebuurt, trains have been painted by De Verfdokter. In these small houses the train employees used to live here.

A fairytale: A writer lives in this house on Lagenoord. The mural is inspired by one of her tales.

Saying from Albert Einstein: Look up on the Boorstraat and see this saying by Albert Einstein.

Utrecht: On Monicahof JanIsDeMan has painted the word Utrecht in a cool perspective.

Concrete sheep in the middle of a park
Concrete sheep

Concrete sheep: In the Daalsepark are some really cute sheep painted on concrete bumps.

Ice Bear: An ice bear on the Aardbeistraat (strawberry street).

Kids drawings: JanIsDeMan painted on the side of a house in the Esdoornstraat. He’s used drawings from kids in the neighbourhood. JanIsDeMan has already provided a lot of beautiful street art in Utrecht. In a lot of them he incorporates the neighbourhood.

Welcome on the straatweg
Welcome on the straatweg

Welcome to the straatweg: On the side of the house number 59, on Amsterdamsestraatweg, by JanIsDeMan. Several familiar and historical facades. Among them the Watertower, church tower, Dom tower, the old cinema, the bookcase mural ad the yellow bridge.

Sleeping Mars from Caravaggio
Sleeping Mars

Sleeping Mars: A painting from Caravaggio on the Westplein. It’s made by De Strakke Hand, a collective that makes art across Utrecht. Centraal Museum had an exhibition on Caravaggio and they ordered 3 murals in Utrecht with his paintings.


The Flute Player: On the Dorbeendreef, the second painting from Caravaggio. Some 30 meters high.

Ons mooie stadsie (our beautiful city): On the Loevenhoutsedijk, made by JanIsDeMan and De Verfdokter. An ode to the city of Utrecht.


The Lute Player: The third painting from Caravaggio. It’s on the Attleeplantsoen and over 14 meters high.


KBTR, a gnome on a cormorant

KBTR: The most famous graffiti figure in all of Utrecht is the Utrechtse Kabouter (gnome). The KBTR can be found all over Utrecht. Here he is on the Aalscholverhof.

Sun Shine Some Where, a mural with these words and pink, blue, green  and purple colors
Sun Shine Some Where

Sun Shine Some Where: On the Wulpstraat is this modern, upbeat painting.

Snowy mural with a mill, a small creek with logs drifting on it, and a farm
Snowy mural

Snowy scene: An old mural on the Kozakkenweg. A snowy landscape with a mill and all.


KBTR on the side of a skate track

KBTR: On the side of a skate track in Tolsteegplantsoen.

De Woordzoeker, a word search in colorful colors
De Woordzoeker

Woordzoeker (word search): The most recent street art painting by JanIsDeMan on the side of Graafschap 47.

Mirror Mirror. A woman dipping her finger in a pool, seeing her older self
Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror: A reflective painting on the side of a nursing home on the Baden-Powellweg.


Ducdalf with ships: The oldest mural in Utrecht. It’s from 1978 made by Anne P. Boer. In the Adelaarstraat.

The Balcony: Hans van der Plas painted this in 1980 on the Adelaarstraat.

Poems: All over the area Wittevrouwen you can find poems on houses.

Grutto (black-tailed godwit): A painting with black-tailed godwits in the Grietstraat. A design by Lisette Jansen.

Flying cat: On Hopakker 7 a painting from a cat with rockets made by Philipp Jordan.

Outsider art mural: On Lauwerecht 55, made by Derk Wessel. He has down-syndrome. The first outsider art in Utrecht.

Trains: The complete skatetrack has been made into a train track, by JanIsDeMan. The skatepool at Griftpark.

Grand Depart de Tour de France, the eiffle tower hovering over Utrecht
Grand Depart de Tour de France

Grand Depart: The Grand Depart of the Tour de France was in Utrecht in 2015. Several street art paintings where made for this.

Downtown/Inner City

Half Nijntje (Miffy): On the Jeruzalemstraat a Miffy is coming out of a house.

Pyke Koch: A painting by De Strakke Hand on the Asch van Wijckskade. A man in a red dress, a painting from Pyke Koch. The Centraal Museum had an exhibition on Pyke Koch.

3 paintings, hanging on the waill outside. 3 vertical ones.
3 paintings

3 Paintings: Look up in the Lange Smeestraat, where 3 paintings are hanging on the wall.

A.V.M., a carriage with 2 white horses in front on the painting

A.V.M.: On the Donker Gaard is this painting with a carriage.

Mural for opening of Maxima Hospital
Mural for opening of Maxima Hospital

Maxima Hospital: On Bleekstraat is this mural for the opening of the Maxima Hospital.

Several art works under the train station
Several art works under the train station

Several paintings: Under the trainstation several paintings in accordance with the neighbourhood.

Really small street art: On the Herenstraat you have to look really good for this small work of art.


Zoetemelk & Janssen: Made by Daniel Rozendaal in the series “Têtes de la Course” for the start of the Tour de France. Zoetemelk and Janssen are 2 famous Dutch cyclists.


A cat and a pheasant, on bunkers in a field from a farm
A cat and a pheasant
Swallows and a bunny , on the shed and a bunker of a farm
Swallows and bunnies

Not in Utrecht officially, but so cute. These animals on bunkers at a farm by JanIsDeMan.

As you can see there’s plenty of street art Utrecht to be found

So next time you’re in Utrecht, as a stop on one of your road trips, go on a street art tour Utrecht to admire the paintings. When you want somewhere to eat in Utrecht, or other things to do with kids, there are plenty of options. It’s also one of the best cities for shopping in The Netherlands.

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