• Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam with tulips in front. There's a pool of water surrounding the pots with tulips in it. There's a clear blue sky above with one small cloud in it. There are lots of people all around the tulips. The Rijksmuseum is at the back of the photo.

    2023 Travels in Review

    2023 was a fantastic travel year for our family. We ticked off some bucket list experiences on our 2023 travels. Besides bucket list trips we had lots of day trips and weekend getaways in the Netherlands. Some day trips and vacations were in other European countries. So here’s our 2023 in review. 2023 Travels January We started the new year in Ooij, at Fletcher-Restaurant De Gelderse Poort. Our balcony had a good view of the fireworks that started the new year. We arrived home the 2nd day of January and left again on the 6th for a family weekend getaway. Going to Landal Mooi Zutendaal with my parents and sister…