• Dolomites, the mountains, in the middle a valley with a town, surrounded by the mountains covered with trees and grass, but mostly trees. In the back rocks not covered and a clear blue sky
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    The Ultimate Trieste and Dolomites Road Trip: 4 Days in Italy

    Italy is a beautiful country and the Northeast of the country shouldn’t be missed. A Dolomites road trip is the ultimate vacation, especially when you add Trieste to it. We drove this route as part of our longer 6 week European road trip. We love going on road trips and Italy is perfect for this. Trieste Dolomites Road Trip Day 1: Arrive at Trieste Day 2: Drive from Trieste to Sistiana (19 kilometers/12 miles, about half an hour) Day 3: Drive from Sistiana to Bolzano (283 kilometers/176 miles, about 5.5 hours) Day 4: Going home Day to Day Itinerary This 4 day Italian road trip covers a beautiful area of…