• On the left a large screen with the game Pac Man on it. In front on the right Yuri and Paul playing the game with a console.
    City,  Kids,  Netherlands,  Utrecht

    8 Things to do in Utrecht with kids

    Utrecht is a fun city to live in, I’ve been living here for more than 20 years and loved the city since I moved here for attending university. We decided to raise our son here and have no regrets. There’s plenty to do with kids. When they’re toddlers and preschoolers. I name just a few of the fun things to do in Utrecht with kids. Both Yuri and us enjoyed these 8 things immensely. Utrecht is one of the best cities in the Netherlands to visit, so if you’re visiting with young kids, check out this list. 1.Spoorwegmuseum One of our all-time favorites to do in Utrecht with kids is…

  • Yuri climbing up a ladder, surrounded with camouflage. Part of the adventure path for children.
    Dordogne,  France,  Kids

    7 Things to Do in the Dordogne with Kids

    Last Updated: April 20th 2024. My very first blogpost on the KarsTravels site! So I start with one about France. We visited the Dordogne region in France in Spring time. The weather isn’t as hot as it can be in Summer and there are plenty of things to do and see. So let me highlight 7 of our favorite outings to go on with kids in the Dordogne, from chateaus to boatrides. Dordoge with Kids: a List of Fun Things to Do 1. Rocher des Aigles The first fun outing to go on with kids in the Dordogne is Rocher des Aigles. Rocher des Aigles is a small zoo with…