• Nativity scene inside the cave
    Christmas,  Maastricht,  Netherlands

    Christmas market Valkenburg: caves and food

    Valkenburg is a small town way down in the utmost Southern part of The Netherlands, next to big brother Maastricht. Maastricht is one of the top cities of The Netherlands. When eating your way around Maastricht, it’s easy to make a visit to Christmas market Valkenburg. Valkenburg during Christmas time is magical, with its Christmas markets in caves, a festive parade and culinary walking routes. Christmas market Valkenburg: caves Valkenburg has several marl caves, which can be visited. In November and December there’s a Christmas market in the caves of Valkenburg. Fluweelengrot The Fluweelengrot (Velvet cave) are the corridors under the castle ruin. Each year the biggest indoor Christmas event…