• Hallgrimskirkja, The outside of the church with the statue of Leif Erikson in front

    Hallgrímskirkja: a beautiful church in Iceland

    A remarkable building in Reykjavik in Iceland is the Hallgrímskirkja. People either love the architecture or dislike it. I personally belong to the group of people who loves the architecture of Hallgrímskirkja church, and a visit should definitely be part of 2 days in Iceland. Read further for some background on the church and need to know information for a visit. Background Hallgrímskirkja The name of the church derives from Hallgrímur Pétursson, a clergyman and famous poet. He’s regarded as the greatest hymnwriter of Iceland. The name of the church literally means the church of Hallgrímur. The architect of the building is Guõjón Samúelsson. Building started in 1945 and was…