Rows of tulip field in red
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The Flower Route: a Road Trip with Tulip fields.

Last Updated: 24 February 2024.

The Netherlands is known around the world for its beautiful tulips. In Spring, fields of flowers align the fields in the west of the Netherlands. There are several tulip routes throughout the country. We have driven the flower route by car, now 3 years in a row, in the province of Zuid-Holland. A beautiful route with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. However, the route offers more than just flower fields. There are museums and beach towns along the route.

Tulip field in red
Tulip field

The Flower Route

We followed the route set out by the ANWB, which you can find here in Dutch. There’s a map provided on the site. The following towns are included:

  • Oegstgeest
  • Rijnsburg
  • Katwijk aan Zee
  • Noordwijk
  • Noordwijkerhout
  • Hillegom
  • Lisse
  • Sassenheim
  • Voorhout
  • Oegstgeest
Hyacinth field in different colors
Hyacinth field

Itinerary town by town

Flower fields are along the route, however less in the beginning of the trip. This itinerary won’t mention where exactly you can see the tulips, only the other attractions along the route. Don’t worry you won’t miss the flower fields, they’re easy to spot. However the flower fields are on different places every couple of years.

Tulip field in red
Tulip field


The first town you come across on this flower field road trip is Rijnsburg. It’s the second flower center of the Netherlands, the first being Aalsmeer. The auction is already in use since 1917. There’s the Museum Spinoza-huis and Museum Oud Rijnsburg. For some history on the town and on Spinoza. In August Rijnsburg hosts the Flower Parade. On the second Saturday floats pull through Rijnsburg, Katwijk and Noordwijk.

Daffodil field in yellow
Daffodil field

Katwijk aan Zee

The first beach town on the flower route Netherlands that we come across. Katwijk aan Zee has a beautiful beach with boulevard. Stroll over the boulevard and play on the beach. Enough for hours of fun. Katwijk has a Sufi-temple situated in the dunes, with a golden colored dome.

The beach at Katwijk aan Zee
The beach at Katwijk aan Zee
Sufi-temple in the dunes
Sufi-temple in the dunes


Another beach town on the bulb field road trip. The beautiful dune area with long beaches stretches from Katwijk to here and on. Noordwijk has its own boulevard which is perfect for strolling on or sitting on a bench and watching the sea.

Dunes near Katwijk aan Zee
Dunes near Katwijk aan Zee

But that’s not all Noordwijk has to offer. There’s the Space Expo, the first large continuous space exposition in Europe. Noordwijk-Binnen has a protected village view with buildings dating from the Middle Ages. Museum Noordwijk is a regional museum. The Museum of Comic Art is between the shops and has exhibits on comics.

After Noordwijk the tulip fields start in abundance. The fields are low lying compared to the rest of the country side. The dry sandy soil was removed between the dunes and the polder in the Middle Ages. This made for perfect soil for the flowers later on in the 19th Century.

Hyacinth field: blue, white, yellow and purple
Hyacinth field


The last of the beach towns on the road trip. There’s the forestry Hollands Duin which covers 650 hectares (1606 acres) of dune area.

Hyacinth field in white, purple and blue
Hyacinth field


Hillegom is a town that still has some buildings left from the Middle Ages.

Daffodil field in yellow with paul and Cosette in front
Daffodil field


Lisse has the world famous Keukenhof, that welcomes a million visitors each Spring. It’s a flower display which shines each year in April and May. Visitors from all over the world come to admire all the flowers, among them tulips.

Daffodil field near Keukenhof in yellow
Daffodil field near Keukenhof

In February the Lenteflora is being hosted in Lisse, the opening of the flower season. It’s a free flower show already being organized since 1933.

Lisse has Museum The Black Tulip on the history and development of the bulbs and the area.

Hyacinth field in pink, purple and blue with me on the right in front
Hyacinth field


Voorhout has the Teylingen ruin, a castle dating from the 13th Century. There’s not much left of the castle.

Red tulips up close
Red tulips


The highlight for many during the flower season is the ‘Bloemencorso van de Bollenstreek’. It’s on the last or second last Saturday in April. The float goes through Noordwijk, Voorhout, Sassenheim, Lisse, Hillegom, Bennebroek, Heemstede and Haarlem. Which is really wanderful to see.

Red tulip field with blue sky with clouds in it above
Red tulip field


The town where a famous Dutch writer, Jan Wolkers, grew up.

Hyacinth field in pink, purple and blue and daffodils in the back
Hyacinth field

Hiring a car

We drove the road trip all 3 times with our own car. But when doing the trip after arriving on Schiphol Airport, you can easily hire a car for the day on the airport. It’s about €110,- a day. We have excellent experiences with Alamo and Hertz.

Where to eat

Along the route are plenty of options for a bite to eat or to sit down for a refreshment, whether it be a restaurant or beach club. When looking for some place to have lunch or dinner, before or after driving the flower route, The Hague is perfect. Check out where to eat in The Hague

Where to stay

From the many hotels, bed and breakfast’s and campgrounds along the road trip, we have good experiences with Hotel Noordzee at Katwijk aan Zee and Vakantiepark Koningshof at Rijnsburg. A little further from the route but still ideal is NH Hotel Schiphol Airport, Corendon Village Hotel Amsterdam, Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Carlton or camping Polderflora, a fun campsite in the Netherlands with kids.

When to visit

The tulip fields bloom around the end of March until the half of May.

Hyacinth field in blue
Hyacinth field

The weather can be perfect with 16 to 20 degrees Celsius (60 to 68 Fahrenheit), or can be cold below 10 degrees Celsius (below 50 Fahrenheit). Its Spring time, the sun can shine, but don’t be surprised when you have an overcast sky, rain or even some snow.

The flower route is beautiful

And deserves to be one of 50 Drives of a Lifetime by National Geographic.

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