Epupa Falls waterfalls thundering down over the rocks on several places over a rather broad cliff
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The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Africa

So in our chase on waterfalls we can’t leave out Africa. I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers what they find the best waterfalls in Africa. They came up with 8 beautiful waterfalls in Africa.

Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they can be added to the list.

Waterfalls in Africa

Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe

Victoria Falls, from the back and side, you only see a small part of the falls. A rainbow over it.
Victoria Falls by Stoked to Travel

Contributed by Claire from Stoked to Travel.

Victoria Falls, straddle two countries in Southern Africa – Zambia and Zimbabwe, and you can easily cross the Victoria Falls Bridge with your passport and see both sides. 

Victoria Falls are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, even though the falls are neither the tallest nor the widest. They do however hold the world record for the largest single sheet waterfall in the world. Visiting either side of the falls in the rainy season will mean getting absolutely soaked from the spray! 

On both sides of the falls are national parks – Mosi Oa Tunya National Park in Zambia and Victoria Falls National Park in Zimbabwe. Both offering entirely different perspectives and experiences of the falls, so if you can visit both, I recommend doing so. Entry to the Zimbabwean side costs USD $30 per person and the Zambian side costs USD $20. From the Zimbabwean side, you can see a longer stretch of the falls and often rainbows too, but on the Zambian side you can follow walking paths right down near the bottom of the falls, so you can look up!

Other things to do at the falls include bungee jumping from the Victoria Falls Bridge, or white water rafting along the Zambezi River. On the Zambian side you can also swim in Devil’s Pool, located at the top of the falls – the ultimate activity for thrill seekers! There’s also amazing wildlife viewing opportunities on both sides, so when you’re done the seeing the falls, make sure to go on safari!

Ouzoud Waterfalls, Morocco

Ouzoud Waterfalls thundering down over the red/orange rocks with some bushes and trees on them in several steps.
Ouzoud Waterfalls by Owl Over The World

Contributed by Bilyana from Owl Over The World.

The Ouzoud Waterfalls in Morocco make a beautiful day trip from Marrakech. The falls are a cascade group of tall waterfalls located near the village of Tanaghmeilt, 150 km away from Marrakech.

The trip to the waterfalls is very scenic and you have the opportunity to see them from many different angles. From the parking lot to the waterfalls, there are a few places where you can swim and from where you can buy refreshments.

When you get to the bottom of the waterfalls, you can take a boat ride underneath the mouth of the waterfalls. This is one of the best things to do in the area. Be aware that by taking this ride, you’ll get very wet.

What else you can do is swim and feed the Barbery monkeys. Monkeys are likely to climb on your head but don’t panic, they aren’t going to hurt you if you don’t threaten them. Most visitors usually buy nuts and fruits to give them. If you do that, you’re surely gonna make new friends!

With its height of 110 meters, Ouzoud Waterfalls are the highest waterfall in North Africa and a must-visit site on every Morocco itinerary.

The waterfall is free to visit, but the best way to do that is by joining an organized tour. Don’t forget to bring comfortable shoes, a swimsuit, and sunscreen!

Akchour Waterfall, Morocco

Akchour Waterfall , 2 small streams dropping down in a pond. Green moss on the rocks and shallow water, which is partly green
Akchour Waterfall by Brainy Backpackers

Contributed by Linn from Brainy Backpackers.

Hiking to the mesmerizing waterfall of Akchour is one of the best things to do in Chefchaouen in northern Morocco. This beautiful 11 km return hike to the main waterfall, the Grand Cascade, is constantly following the vivid river and passing smaller, silky waterfalls, swimming holes, and a myriad of small wood shacks featuring restaurants and shops where you can get anything from snacks, drinks, and delicious warm tagine.

Parts of the trail can be slippery, especially when wet, so make sure you wear good hiking shoes. Some parts, you’ll have to cross the river on wooden bridges and enormous cement blocks placed across the river, but they’re all in a safe condition. Once you get to the Grand Cascade, you can go for a dip on a warm day, or you can relax in one of the little tea shacks. There is a small trail that takes you behind the waterfall too. Going to Akchour waterfall is free, but if you drive your own car, there is a small parking fee. The trail is approximately a 45 minutes’ drive from Chefchaouen and it’s easy to get a Grand Taxi (shared taxi) to take you for a cheaper price than the regular taxis.

Berlin Falls, South Africa

Berlin Falls dropping down at the back in a pool beneath a cliff. Flowers in the foreground
Berlin Falls by In Search of Sarah

Contributed by Sarah from In Search of Sarah.

Berlin Falls is located in Mpumalanga, South Africa, and cascades 260 feet over the edge. It forms part of the stunning Blyde River Canyon and is one of many waterfalls in South Africa that can be found along the Panorama Route.

Berlin Falls gets its name from European miners who ventured to South Africa in the late 1800s during the gold rush. They named each waterfall in the region after their hometowns, or places from their home countries!

Situated approximately 1.5 hours north of Nelspruit and 3 hours from Kruger National Park, This location is a must-visit while on safari. The admission fee for Berlin Falls is only 17 Rand ($1.44 Canadian/$1.11 USD) and also offers a shopping area to pick up locally made goods.

As a bonus for visitors, the highest waterfall in the region, Lisbon Falls, is located a few minutes down the road. It tumbles 308 feet over the red cliffs. It’s also located close to God’s Window. One of the best viewing areas in South Africa, and arguably the entire continent. The spectacular beauty in the Mpumalanga region should not be missed on your trip to South Africa. 

Epupa Falls, Namibia

Epupa Falls waterfalls thundering down over the rocks on several places over a rather broad cliff
Epupa Falls by Stingy Nomads

Contributed by Alya & Campbell from Stingy Nomads.

Epupa Falls in the north of Namibia close to the border with Angola is one of the country’s hidden gems. It’s a great place to include in your Namibia itinerary. This group of majestic waterfalls comes as a surprise for tourists used to sand dunes and the arid desert of Namibia. Epupa Falls is a series of big waterfalls created by the Kunene River. In the Herero language, Epupa means “foam” referring to the foam created by the falling water.

The area around the falls is truly impressive; dramatic drops, massive baobab trees along the riverbank, and stunning waterfalls. Sunset is the best time for visiting the falls and taking photos. There are a couple of lodges and campsites next to Epupa with breathtaking views over the river and the falls. Staying at Epupa Falls is an incredible experience. Falling asleep and waking up with the sound of the roaring falls under big fig trees and baobabs is unforgettable. 

The area around Epupa Falls is inhabited by the Himba people, one of the Namibian tribes. A visit to the Ovahimba Village is a very interesting cultural experience. One can see the traditional Himba village, learn about their way of building huts, hunting, making food, etc. 

Chamarel Waterfall, Mauritius

Chamarel Waterfall at the back a waterfall drops down of a cliff in a clearing in between green forest
Chamarel Waterfall by Meander Wander

Contributed by Rachita from Meander Wander.

One of the best things to do in Mauritius is to visit the Chamarel Waterfall. Which is the highest waterfall in Mauritius. It is a 100-meter high cascading waterfall which looks quite majestic and can be admired from several viewpoints in the Chamarel National Park. You can also hike to the bottom of the Chamarel waterfall. But you will need good shoes as the path down can be a little slippery and tricky to navigate. But trust me, the views of the waterfall from the bottom of the fall are worth the climb. You truly understand the height of the waterfall and can even take a dip in the cold, waterfall water pool.

Once you have spent some quality time at the waterfall, you can head to the Seven Colored Earth, Tortoise Park, and the Curious Corner of Chamarel. In the Tortoise Park, you can spend time with the Aldabra Giant Tortoises. At the Seven Colored Earth, you can admire the unique VIBGYOR colored soil which was formed due to past volcanic eruptions. Since this waterfall is located in the Chamarel National Park. You need to take an entry ticket to reach here. That costs 200 Mauritian Rupee and includes your entrance to the Seven Colored Earth and other attractions as well.

Kilasia Waterfall, Tanzania

Kilasia in the back is thundering down in a gorge into the riverm which is surrounded by forest
Kilasia by The World in My Pocket

Contributed by Joanna from The World in My Pocket.

Kilasia is one of the few spectacular waterfalls on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, in Tanzania. To reach the waterfall, you must follow a path through the rainforest, going down to the river. The path is quite slippery, especially if it rained recently. You can either admire the waterfall from the side of the river or, jump on one of the rocks inside it. Depending on the level of the river, you might even be able to swim. But during my visit the water was very turbulent.

The source of the water coming down the waterfall is the glacier on top of Kilimanjaro. Which makes it extremely fresh but also ice cold. Around the waterfall there is plenty of wildlife (monkeys, tropical birds and reptiles), but also lush vegetation. The waterfall is on the land of the Chagga, the largest tribe in Tanzania. After the visit to the waterfall you can visit the underground museum in the village. Where you will see how the Chagga lived and hid when the Maasai invaded their land.

You can visit Kilasia Waterfall combined with a coffee tour from Moshi, or on your own. By taking the public dala dala and then paying the local village fee of 1,000 Tanzanian shillings.

Webuye falls, Kenya

Webuye Falls with green trees/island in on the flatter tracks of the river. It thunders down several times in the river
Webuye Falls from Story At Every Corner

Contributed by Jyoti from Story At Every Corner.

Webuye falls, also known as Broderick falls is located in the small town of “Webuye, near Kakamega in Bongoma district in western Kenya”. It’s a hidden gem that rarely comes up as a tourist attraction. It is crucial for the local economy. The waterfall has a lot of power because of the volume and speed at which these rivers travel and merge at this spot. At the merger of the two rivers is a hydroelectric plant. It generates sufficient power for the community and the largest paper manufacturing facility of Kenya. 

Growing up it was our favorite picnic spot. There are some basic hiking paths from the parking lot at the hydroelectric plant that lead up to lovely secluded primitive picnic spots. It’s just what families need to enjoy the beautiful scenery with the roaring waterfall that never pauses. 

So that’s our round up of beautiful waterfalls in Africa

From Morocco to South Africa and from Namibia to Mauritius there are some amazing waterfalls in Africa. We’ve chased waterfalls in Europe, North America and South America and now we’ve covered African waterfalls. Up next are waterfalls in Asia and then Oceania, let’s see what more beautiful waterfalls the world has to offer! Waterfalls are perfect to include as stops in road trips.

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