To show another dish from Thrill grill, the Mesoamerican taco thriller.
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Where to eat in Haarlem

Haarlem is a perfect city for a shopping day with friends or for a day out. Plenty of shops, restaurants and museums to be found. So where to eat in Haarlem? With a friend we ate our way around Haarlem and these are 5 restaurants we loved. Haarlem is also one of the best cities in the Netherlands to visit, so there’s more than just good food to be found here.

De wereld van Jansje

It’s a lunchroom and giftshop in one. They have cute sustainable items in the shop part and delicious homemade food to eat. They employ people with an disability.

To show what we had at De wereld van Jansje. Eat in Haarlem
Tea and coffee with cake

I’ve been here twice, once for cake and tea and the other time for lunch. Loved it both times. The food is delicious and I love the ambiance of a lunchroom in a shop. So don’t skip De wereld van Jansje ( on your shopping trip.


Grote Houtstraat 45

2011 SC Haarlem

023 5422752

Thrill Grill

To show the outside of Thrill Grill. A sunscreen with the text "For the love of burgers". Eat in Haarlem.
Thrill Grill

We love the burgers on the menu here. It’s a chain invented by Robert Kranenborg, a famous chef from The Netherlands. They serve a variety of burgers and sides. We had lunch here and loved the flavor of the burgers. Next to meat burgers, they’ve also got vegan burgers.

To show a dish from Thrill Grill, a pulled pork burger
Pulled pork thriller

For a good burger go to Thrill Grill.


Oude Groenmarkt 26-28


Sinar Cinta

Indonesian and Surinamese cuisine are served in this restaurant and takeaway place, 2 flavorful and delicious cuisines. Upon entering the restaurant the food is displayed at the counter. You can pick your own dish and either take it home or sit down.

To show the food from Sinar Cinta. Eat in Haarlem
Good Indonesian food

The food was excellent and I will be visiting this place again.

To show the delicious food from Sinar Cinta.
Satay and a plate of Indonesian food

For good, authentic Indonesian and Surinamese food go to Sinar Cinta.


Kruisweg 53

2011 LA Haarlem

023 711 9000

Popocatepetl The Mexican

To show a dish from the Mexican plate deluxe they serve at Popocatepetl, minced meat quesadilla. Eat in Haarlem
Minced meat quesadilla

We had lunch at this place and had delicious food. We could have stayed here all day long. They serve Mexican cuisine. On the menu are dishes like huevos rancheros, Mexican hotdog, nachos, carne asada and enchiladas.

To show a part of the mexican deluxe plate.
Mexican tataki

For delicious Mexican food go to Popocatepetl.

To show 3 dishes of the mexican plate deluxe. sticky chicken wings, marinated salmon, camarones en avocado
sticky chicken wings, marinated salmon, camarones en avocado


Riviervismarkt 1-3

2011 HJ Haarlem

023 551 1901

Bij Babette

To show the outside of Bij Babette. Eat in Haarlem.
Bij Babette

This is such a fun and cosy place to sit down and have a drink. Preferably with something sweet. Bij Babette is a tearoom. They have numerous options in flavors for tea and serve breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea.

To show the drinks we had at Bij Babette. Home made iced tea and spiced apple winter warmer
Home made iced tea and spiced apple winter warmer

We had tea and cake on the side here. Bij Babette has delicious cake and a good ambiance.

To show some of the ambiance at Bij Babette.
They had different funny texts hanging around about tea


31 Kruisstraat

2011 PW Haarlem


Haarlem has lots of good options for lunch and dinner. Hopefully with these ideas you can also eat your way around Haarlem.

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  • Rhonda Albom

    When I was in Haarlem for a short day, I didn’t have too much time to find a place to eat. The best I could come up with (actually, my teens suggested this) was a chips ( french fries) place on the way to Grote Markt. I like your suggestion much better. The Mexican restaurant would have made everybody happy.

    • Cosette

      The Mexican restaurant was indeed really good, and although fries are good, if you want a little bit more the Mexican restaurant would have been perfect.

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