Paul, Yuri and Cosette. A family picture on a shrimp boat. To visualise About us

About Us

The inspirators behind KarsTravels are Cosette, Paul and Yuri. We love to travel and explore and have been doing this since we met 20 years ago.

Picture of Cosette drinking a strawberry daiquiri one of the inspirators behind KarsTravels

Our favorite way of traveling is through a roadtrip. Our first roadtrip was a 14 day roundtrip of Iceland. We were hooked after that and more roadtrips through Northern America and Europe followed.

Picture of Paul the oter inspirator behind KarsTravels.

Having our Son Yuri in 2010 didn’t stop us in our travels, in fact we started traveling even more. A roadtrip, getaway or a holiday rental means to us time for the 3 of us.

Picture of Yuri

On this blog you’ll find ideas for roadtrips from a week to up to 6 weeks. Exploring cities and regions from North America and Europe. We’re fond of nature, culture, museums and everything historical. You’ll find information on holiday parks, hotels and camping on KarsTravels.

Further more if you want to work with us, you can contact us through our Contact page.

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