• Macarons from la Maison du Chocolat, in a plastic holder, 4 different ones. A bag behind it from the store. Paris macaron walking tour
    Food,  France

    A self-guided Paris macaron walking tour

    Paris is a fabulous city with so many activities that you can come back again and again and do something different each time. We’ve visited Paris several times, the latest visit was in 2019. That time we undertook a Paris macaron walking tour. Next to visiting the Eiffel tower and Disneyland Paris, this was the highlight of our visit to Paris. Macarons have become extremely popular the last few years, and with good reason. Paris is the place to sample macarons. There are several guided tours to take in Paris on which you get to taste macarons. We however did a self-guided macaron tour, which we loved. Macarons Before we…

  • Rows of tulip field in red
    Netherlands,  roadtrip,  Tulips

    The Flower Route: a Road Trip with Tulip fields.

    The Netherlands is known around the world for its beautiful tulips. In Spring, fields of flowers align the fields in the west of the Netherlands. There are several tulip routes throughout the country. Last Sunday we drove the flower route by car, in the province of Zuid-Holland. A beautiful route with daffodils, tulips and hyacinths. However, the route offers more than just flower fields. There are museums and beach towns along the route. The Flower Route We followed the route set out by the ANWB, which you can find here in Dutch. There’s a map provided on the site. The following towns are included: Oegstgeest Rijnsburg Katwijk aan Zee Noordwijk…

  • Dunes at the National Park Duinen van Texel
    Netherlands,  Texel

    Cycling on Texel: routes and renting

    Texel is a beautiful island in the Northwestern part of the Netherlands. It’s a favorite vacation destination for people from the Netherlands and Germany. We’ve visited a few times over the years, just the two of us, but also as a family vacation. Cycling is the easiest way to explore Texel. The island is 463,2 km² (178,9 square miles), so cycling around Texel is easy. It’s our favorite way to spend our time on the island as a family. Cycling on Texel: How to get there Texel is an island, you have to take a ferry from Den Helder. There’s no bridge, the ferry from Den Helder is the only…

  • Lounge/reception space, a stylish couch and chairs in a light space
    Hotel review,  Netherlands

    A pleasant stay at NH Hotel Schiphol Airport

    We stayed at NH Hotel Schiphol Airport in November and again a few weeks ago. Despite the restrictions we liked our stay. The hotel is only 6 kilometers (3.73 miles) from Schiphol Airport and 20 kilometers (12.43 miles) from the city center of Amsterdam. So a perfect base for exploring Amsterdam and its surroundings. Note that not everything mentioned is now offered, due to the current restrictions. See here our tips for traveling right now. This is not a sponsored post, we stayed here at our own expense. So all opinions are, as always, our own. The room(s) at NH Hotel Schiphol Airport NH Hotel Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has 419…

  • Hallgrimskirkja, The outside of the church with the statue of Leif Erikson in front

    Hallgrímskirkja: a beautiful church in Iceland

    A remarkable building in Reykjavik in Iceland is the Hallgrímskirkja. People either love the architecture or dislike it. I personally belong to the group of people who loves the architecture of Hallgrímskirkja church, and a visit should definitely be part of 2 days in Iceland. Read further for some background on the church and need to know information for a visit. Background Hallgrímskirkja The name of the church derives from Hallgrímur Pétursson, a clergyman and famous poet. He’s regarded as the greatest hymnwriter of Iceland. The name of the church literally means the church of Hallgrímur. The architect of the building is Guõjón Samúelsson. Building started in 1945 and was…

  • An empty Gullfoss in 2006, an overview of Gullfoss, seeing the 2 traps. Brown (not yet gree) grass with a bit of snow in the front
    Iceland,  Waterfalls

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Iceland

    After chasing waterfalls all over the world, like waterfalls in Africa, we’re now turning our eyes to the beautiful Iceland. With some 10.000 waterfalls in Iceland, there’s plenty of chasing to be done. With the help of my fellow travel bloggers I’ve made a collection of 21 waterfalls of Iceland worth your time. From the famous waterfalls in Iceland to the less famous ones. A few are waterfalls in Iceland on the Golden Circle, others require an hour hike and a long drive. With 2 days in Iceland you can already see a few of these falls. Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they…

  • Gradska Kafana by Adventures with Luda, someone is holding a cup of coffee in the foreground. Sitting on a terrace, overlooking the sea.
    Coffee Places,  Food

    Favorite Coffee Shops in the World

    One thing I love about traveling, is discovering ‘hidden gems’. Places where you can grab a coffee and something to eat and which just seem perfect. They either have a perfect view, good coffee, delicious food or the ambiance makes you not want to leave. Coffee shops in the world where you return to again and again or can’t stop thinking about once back home. Over the years I’ve collected a few myself. I’ve also asked my fellow travel bloggers and made a collection of favorite coffee places in Europe. Now I’ve collected the best coffee shops from around the world and there are so many! I have a lot…

  • Cinderella castle at the end of main street usa
    Amusement parks,  USA

    Disney World Orlando Florida: Basic Guide for First-time Visitors

    Disney World Orlando Florida is what dreams are made of. Disney World is large and can be overwhelming, especially for first time visitors. When coming with the right knowledge and a bit of a plan, it can be lots of fun and you will have a fabulous time. We visited in October 2014 and returned in July 2015. Both times we visited with our son, he was 4 and 5 years old on the visits. He loves it, whenever he talks about returning to Disney, he’s talking about Disney World. He says: ‘Mom, I want to go to Disney, the one we have to fly to, not the one we…

  • Dhow Cruise, a boat let up with colorful lights in the dark
    Dubai,  Kids

    Things to do with Kids in Dubai

    When you think of Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is its glamorous skyscrapers, massive malls and extraordinary man-made islands. After all, most of us know Dubai as a haven for outstanding leisure, shopping and entertainment choices. But beneath its enormous steely high-rise structures lies an astonishing child-friendly destination which offers a roster of exciting options for kids of all age groups. So if you’re looking for amazing things to do with kids in Dubai, this list covers it all. You can make your own guide or plan 4 Days in Dubai. But, Is It Now Safe To Visit Dubai With Kids? With the prestigious Safe Travel stamp…

  • Biryani in large pot/plate
    Food,  India

    12 Traditional Foods of Kerala

    The state of Kerala is also known as God’s Own country for its beautiful green landscape & the crisscross of rivulets known as backwaters. It is also popularly known as the Land of Spices, as all the spices that enhance a dish are grown here locally. Used in the traditional foods of Kerala. The cuisine of Kerala is highly influenced by its location- being a state with a large coastline, rice, coconuts & seafood are the staple ingredients used.  Spices like mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida are used to bring out the flavours in the food. You might be able to taste coconut in…