• Cinderella castle at the end of main street usa
    Amusement parks,  USA

    Disney World Orlando Florida: Basic Guide for First-time Visitors

    Disney World Orlando Florida is what dreams are made of. Disney World is large and can be overwhelming, especially for first time visitors. When coming with the right knowledge and a bit of a plan, it can be lots of fun and you will have a fabulous time. We visited in October 2014 and returned in July 2015. Both times we visited with our son, he was 4 and 5 years old on the visits. He loves it, whenever he talks about returning to Disney, he’s talking about Disney World. He says: ‘Mom, I want to go to Disney, the one we have to fly to, not the one we…

  • Dhow Cruise, a boat let up with colorful lights in the dark
    Dubai,  Kids

    Things to do with Kids in Dubai

    When you think of Dubai, the first thing that comes to mind is its glamorous skyscrapers, massive malls and extraordinary man-made islands. After all, most of us know Dubai as a haven for outstanding leisure, shopping and entertainment choices. But beneath its enormous steely high-rise structures lies an astonishing child-friendly destination which offers a roster of exciting options for kids of all age groups. So if you’re looking for amazing things to do with kids in Dubai, this list covers it all. But, Is It Now Safe To Visit Dubai With Kids? With the prestigious Safe Travel stamp and all stringent safety measures against COVID-19 in place, Dubai continues to…

  • Biryani in large pot/plate
    Food,  India

    12 Traditional Foods of Kerala

    The state of Kerala is also known as God’s Own country for its beautiful green landscape & the crisscross of rivulets known as backwaters. It is also popularly known as the Land of Spices, as all the spices that enhance a dish are grown here locally. Used in the traditional foods of Kerala. The cuisine of Kerala is highly influenced by its location- being a state with a large coastline, rice, coconuts & seafood are the staple ingredients used.  Spices like mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida are used to bring out the flavours in the food. You might be able to taste coconut in…

  • Weissensee in Austria, with a perfect reflection of the houses and mountains in the lake. Some snow on the mountain.
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    2020 travels in review

    As for us all, 2020 was completely different than we expected. We had only one trip abroad to Austria. Other than that we stayed in The Netherlands. Luckily we made some beautiful trips in The Netherlands during the Summer. So here are our 2020 travels from month to month. January Just like in 2019 we started the New Year at friends in Almere. We played board games and watched the fireworks. Our first outing was Uden on Ice with my nieces during Christmas break. Later in the month I went shopping with a friend in Uden, while Paul and Yuri had the day for themselves. The last day of the…

  • Wallaman Falls a single drop waterfall from a cliff in the back of the photo
    Oceania,  South Pacific,  Waterfalls

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Oceania

    Since I love waterfalls so much, I can’t stop chasing waterfalls in Asia. So here we are collecting the best waterfalls in Oceania. I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers to name the most beautiful waterfalls in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. They came back with these 21 stunning waterfalls. Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they can be added to the list. Waterfalls in Oceania Sopoaga Falls, Upolu Island, Samoa Contributed by Sinead from Map Made Memories. The impressive Sopoaga Falls lie in the middle of Upolu Island in Samoa, a around one-hour drive from the capital city, Apia. The single drop,…

  • Kuang Si waterfall a beautiful waterfall dropping down over the rocks, on different traps, becoming wider every time it comes further down, with trees on both sides
    Asia,  Waterfalls

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Asia

    From chasing waterfalls in North America to South America and then Africa, we’ve now arrived in Asia. I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers which are the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia and they came up with these 24 Asian waterfalls. Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they can be added to the list. Waterfalls in Asia Kuang Si Waterfall, Laos Contributed by Daniel & Ilona from Top Travel Sights. The Kuang Si waterfall in Laos, near Luang Prabang, is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Asia. With its light blue water and lots of pools to swim in, it is considered one of the highlights of a trip to…

  • Epupa Falls waterfalls thundering down over the rocks on several places over a rather broad cliff
    Africa,  Waterfalls

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in Africa

    So in our chase on waterfalls we can’t leave out Africa. I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers what they find the best waterfalls in Africa. They came up with 8 beautiful waterfalls in Africa. Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they can be added to the list. Waterfalls in Africa Victoria Falls, Zambia/Zimbabwe Contributed by Claire from Stoked to Travel. Victoria Falls, straddle two countries in Southern Africa – Zambia and Zimbabwe, and you can easily cross the Victoria Falls Bridge with your passport and see both sides.  Victoria Falls are considered one of the Seven Wonders of the World, even though the falls are neither…

  • Keks, a sort of bundt cake topped with straweberries on a plate standing in the grass, further back a bowl with strawberries
    Bulgaria,  Food

    21 Amazing Bulgarian Foods to Try On Your Trip

    Bulgarian cuisine is rich and varied. It offers many healthy and indulgent options for people of all tastes. Bulgarian culinary traditions are typical of the Balkan peninsula, featuring many dishes whose alternative versions can exist in the neighboring countries. Historically, Bulgaria‘s territories have been occupied by the Ottomans for five centuries. Naturally, the local cuisine bears some similarities with foods typical of Western Asia. Breakfasts Contrary to the custom in many European countries, Bulgarians like to have savory breakfasts. Banitsa is the most typical breakfast food that is also often prepared for religious holidays and family celebrations. It is an oven-baked pastry dish made with thin dough sheets garnered with…

  • De Woordzoeker, a word search in colorful colors
    Netherlands,  Street Art,  Utrecht

    Street Art Utrecht: larger than life and small works

    It’s so much fun and a great surprise when you turn a corner and there’s a beautiful or funny mural on a wall. Whether it’s a small cute one or a larger than life one. Lately, I’ve been exploring the street art of Utrecht, my hometown. A city in the middle of The Netherlands. There are more than I expected there to be. Let’s dive into street art Utrecht, area by area. Street Art Utrecht Northwest Books: On Amsterdamsestraatweg is this famous piece from JanIsDeMan. It’s 3 book shelfs with books that are favorites of the people in the neighbourhood. The mural went viral after being finished. Otter: A mural…

  • Gocta Falls from a distance, in between green mountains, with an overcast sky
    South America,  Waterfalls

    The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in South America

    After chasing waterfalls in Europe and North America, we’re now pointing our arrows at South America. And there are again some beautiful waterfalls to be found. I’ve asked my fellow travel bloggers to help and here are 8 of the most beautiful waterfalls in South America. Are you still missing some waterfalls? Feel free to comment below and they can be added to the list. Waterfalls in South America Iguazu Falls, Argentina/Brazil Contributed by Disha from Disha Discovers. There are so many incredible waterfalls in South America and Iguazu Falls is one of them. Iguazu Falls is actually comprised of 275 individual waterfalls and they make up the largest waterfall system in…