To show the terrace of Salon de Roosekrans. Eat in Den Bosch
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Where to eat in Den Bosch

A city I found boring as a teenager, I rather went to Eindhoven. Now I don’t understand anymore why I found it boring. It’s such a fun city to shop and stroll around in! Here are a few good places to eat in Den Bosch.

Options to eat in Den Bosch

Den Bosch has so many options to have a good meal. Furthermore the famous pastry “Bossche bol” originated here. With so many options in one city, where best to go? Well, with a friend I have tried out all the places in the blog over the years.

Yoghurt Barn

To show 2 different yoghurt specials. Eat in Den Bosch
Yoghurt specials with tony chocolonely and lemon meringue

It’s a chain in The Netherlands and I love them. I’ve been twice to the one in Den Bosch. We went for some fresh drinks and yoghurt in between. However they’re also perfect for breakfast, lunch or a high tea.

To show the delicious drinks they have at Yoghurt Barn
Mint tea and a milkshake

For delicious yoghurt products go to Yoghurt Barn.

To show frozen yoghurt special
Frozen yoghurt lemon meringue


Orthenstraat 7

073 8900 278

Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot

The place for the true “Bossche bol”. There are many places that sell chocolate bolls, but this is the one with the real “Bossche bol”. Jan de Groot senior invented the “Bossche bol” way back. They sell “Bossche bollen” in their pastry shop and lunchroom, but also to a number of other places in Den Bosch.

To show the famous Bossche bol from Jan de Groot. Eat in Den Bosch
Bossche bol and croissant

My friend wanted to eat the real one, so we did. I’m not a fan of whipped cream so I had a croissant. Both were delicious.

For the real deal and the best “Bossche bollen” pay a visit to Banketbakkerij Jan de Groot. Bossche bollen aren’t the only thing they sell.


Stationsweg 24

5211 TW Den Bosch

Brownies & Downies

A chain which employs people with Down syndrome. The one in Den Bosch serves lunch and snacks. Their motto is ‘pure is perfect’, they see their workers as pure and they work with fresh products which they consider as pure. They served sandwiches, soups, salads, cakes, pancakes and brownies.

I just love their products and that they give people a chance who don’t get that much of a chance with other companies. So go visit Brownies & Downies.


Hinthamerstraat 57

5211 ME Den Bosch

Brasserie Top

A restaurant in the middle of Den Bosch, a family restaurant which was started by the grandparents. Two of their sons took over and now one of their daughters runs the show.

To show one of the dishes of Brasserie Top: chicken ragout. Eat in Den Bosch
Chicken ragout

They have an excellent menu card with lots of choice. Perfect for lunch, dinner or cake with coffee. From ‘kroketten’ to sandwiches to tournedos, there’s plenty of choice.

To show one of the sandwiches from Brasserie Top: Brie sandwich
Sandwich with brie

Brasserie Top also serves the famous “Bossche bol” from De Groot.


Markt 42

5211 JX Den Bosch

073 613 7616

Salon de Roosekrans

To show tea and the Bossche koek. Eat in Den Bosch
Bossche koek

They have 2 venues and give workshops to make chocolate or “Bossche bollen”. Their signature pastry is the “Bossche koek”. They have the original recipes of 2 pastry chefs and make and sell their own versions of “Bossche koek”. These recipes go back to 1794, talk about historic recipes!

To show a mini Bossche bol
Mini Bossche bol with mint tea

We had “Bossche koek” and a “Bossche bol” here. Both are delicious. For pastries Salon de Roosekrans is a top choice. They have a lovely terrace.


Hinthamerstraat 40

5211 MP Den Bosch

Café In de Klein Werelt

A cosy cafe with a terrace in the middle of Den Bosch. The cafe is a building which dates back to the 13th century. They serve coffee, tea and hot cocoa.

To show a Brabants sausage roll
Brabants sausage roll

For a great terrace sit down at cafe In de Kleine Werelt .


Markt 10, 12, 16

5211 JX Den Bosch


So these are 6 great places to eat in Den Bosch. A lovely old city which has some famous pastry like “Bossche bol” and “Bossche koek”.

We have more where to eat blogs about the Dordogne, Granbury, Tilburg, Haarlem, The Hague and Eindhoven.

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