To show us at one of the restaurants. Eat in The Hague
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Where to eat in The Hague

The Hague is where the government of the Netherlands resides. There’s lots to see and do for a day out  and enough shops to have a fun shopping day. With a day out comes places for lunch and dinner. Here’s a list with places to eat in The Hague. Den Haag is also one of the best cities in the Netherlands to visit, when admiring all there is to see in The Hague, here you can have something to eat.

Why eat in The Hague

Why would you go out to dinner in The Hague? Well they have lots of good options. Whether it’s because you go shopping, on a city trip or going to the theatre in The Hague or Scheveningen, there’s always a reason to eat in The Hague.

Eet-idee Koot

A shop with fresh produce and home cooked meals. Paul got us take away from here and we loved it. It was fresh and delicious.

To show the delicious stuff Paul got from Eet-idee Koot. Eat in The Hague.
Paul’s haul @Eet-idee Koot

They sell salads, fruit bowls and meals that are seasonably prepared like ‘stamppot’ or bami goreng. There’s plenty of choice. There’s no seating arrangment, take away only. You also have to heat it yourself.

For fresh, good take away go to Eet-idee Koot.


Frederik Hendriklaan 234

2585 BM Den Haag


Bakker Bart Turfmarkt

Bakker Bart is a chain which is all over The Netherlands. They sell bread, buns, sandwiches and salads. They provide mostly limited seating, but this one has more seating, lunchroom style. I love their snack buns like the satay bun or ragout bun.

For some delicious fresh topped bread go to Bakker Bart .


Turfmarkt 220

2511 DH Den Haag


Happy Tosti

We stopped here for some breakfast for my friend, so did not have any of the grilled cheese sandwiches. But they looked so fantastic that I still plan to go back for them.

To show what we had at Happy Tosti. Eat in The Hague
Breakfast @Happy Tosti

They call themselves a social lunch restaurant. They employ people with employment restrictions. They served several different grilled cheese sandwiches, yoghurt bowls, power smoothie, panini’s, hot drinks and homemade lemonades.

For good grilled cheese sandwiches go to Happy Tosti.


Korte poten 5

2511 EB Den Haag


De Zwarte Ruiter

On the middle of the square they have built a kiosk with a terrace. It was so good to sit in the sun, have lunch and watch the huzzle of the city.

To show a sandwich we had at Havana Kiosk. Eat in The Hague
Delicious sandwich with goat cheese

Tos how a dish from Havana kiosk.
Pita with falafel

 For a place in the sunshine go to the De Zwarte Ruiter.


Grote Markt 27

2511 BG Den Haag



Well as you can see there are some good places to eat in The Hague, either for breakfast, lunch or dinner. To enjoy more of these Dutch speciality foods why not extend your time in The Netherlands on a working holiday.

We also have guides on restaurants in other cities in The Netherlands like Haarlem or Tilburg.

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