To show one of the dishes with satay from Gember & Sereh, Eat in Tilburg.
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Where to eat in Tilburg

Tilburg is a fun city in the south of The Netherlands. It’s a favorite town for people to go shopping, or a city trip. Since Tilburg has the venue 013 where artists come to perform, it’s easy to combine a day out with a concert. In this blog I will list our popular places to eat in Tilburg.

Options to eat in Tilburg

The combination of Tilburg having a university and being placed in Noord-Brabant province, makes for plenty of options to eat in Tilburg. A university in a city means lots of students making for a vibrant night life and plenty of cheap(er) places to eat. Noord-Brabant is a province in the south, known for it’s Burgundian lifestyle, which makes it a paradise for foodies.


To show the flavors for sale at Intermezzo. Eat in Tilburg
Choices of ice cream

A place where they have delicious ice cream, waffles, milkshakes and hot drinks. The ice cream shop has 2 venues in downtown Tilburg. We visited the one on Heuvelring 31.

To show part of the inside of the ice cream shop Intermezzo.
Inside the ice cream shop

They make their own Italian ice cream every day. This way you have fresh ice cream and flavors of the season. There’s plenty of choice in flavors and in the way of serving the ice cream. In a cup, on a cone or as a milkshake. It’s all possible.

To show a cone with Italian ice cream from Intermezzo.
Delicious Italian ice cream

They have places to sit in- and outside and a fun setting. The shop is decorated in bright colors which gives a cheery feeling.

So if you crave Italian ice cream in Tilburg visit Intermezzo.


Heuvelring 31

5038 CJ Tilburg


Grand café Puur

It’s the restaurant which is placed inside the Mercure hotel. But you don’t have to be a guest at the hotel to have dinner here or sit down for a drink.

To show a course of the high tea at Puur. Eat in Tilburg
One course of the savory side of the high tea

We had a lovely high tea here and found the food excellent. There were several courses to the high tea, savory as well as sweet. The presentation was on spot and the flavors good. A nice touche was that you got to pick you’re own petit fours in a large ‘green house’ like display cabinet.

To show a sweet course in the High tea at Puur.
The last course, a sweet one

The ambiance in grand café Puur is great to sit down for a while and read or to have a nice conversation with friends.


Heuvel 37

5038 CP Tilburg

013 711 19 06

Gember & Sereh

To show the front of Gember & Sereh.
Gember & Sereh

We’ve eaten already a few times here over the years. First time I ate here with Paul a long time ago and we always remembered that they had different flavors of satay. Then I “found” it again years later with a friend and since then Paul and I have been back a few times.

To show different kinds of dishes from Gember & Sereh. Eat in Tilburg.
Our table with lots of good Indonesian food

The restaurant serves authentic Indonesian food and also Thai cuisine. They have different satay’s, but also other classics like rendang, pepesan and babi ketjap.

To show a dish: pangsit goreng from gember & sereh.
Pangsit goreng

We’ve loved the food every time we’ve eaten here. Gember & Sereh is one of Paul’s favorite restaurants and we highly recommend this restaurant if you have to eat in Tilburg.


Korte heuvel

5038 CN Tilburg

06 43930890


3 Fantastic places to eat in Tilburg. Two where you can have dinner or lunch and one where they have deliciouys ice cream.

This is the third blog in the “where to eat” series, more will follow. The first one is about the Dordogne and the second one about Granbury

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