To show one of our lunches. Eat in the Dordogne
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Where to Eat in the Dordogne with Kids

Last Updated: May 3th 2024.

France is a country known for its excellent food. From haute cuisine to croissants, they have it all. The Dordogne region is no exception to this. But with all the choices, where can you best eat in the Dordogne? Which places are suited for kids? Read on for the restaurants where we ate together with our son and our experiences at those places.

Restaurant Maleville/Hostellerie Maleville

To show the perfect location of the restaurant. Eat in the Dordogne
Restaurant Maleville on the Dordogne river.

Our top place to eat in the Dordogne is Hostellerie Maleville in Beynac. Your kid(s) do have to be able to sit at a table for a while, but you get excellent food. It’s a hotel with a restaurant and they have a terrace overlooking the Dordogne river. The view was perfect: on one side the Dordogne river, on the other side the town of Beynac.

To show one of the starters.

The restaurant was at the foot of the hill where Beynac is built against and on. The setting of the restaurant is in one word: perfect. They offer 3 course dinners, not just for adults, but also for kids. Yuri ate duck for the first time and fell in love with it. He loved it so much he wanted to go back here every day. The cuisine is French, and the quality of the food is excellent. We all loved the duck very much. It was by far the best restaurant of our whole week in the Dordogne and we talked about it for a long time afterwards.

To show the duck we loved so much as a dish.
The famous duck.

The waitress who helped us was a bit grumpy. When we entered I accidently knocked some glasses, and well she obviously didn’t like that and was blunt with me for a while. Towards the end it went better. But as they say this is typically French.

To show one of the delicious dessets.
Delicious dessert.


Restaurant Maleville


24220 Beynac-et-Cazenac

Le Palais des Glaces

To show the view from the terrace. Eat in the Dordogne
Cave dwellings visible from the terrace.
To show the outside of the cafe.
Le Palais des Glaces.

This is a perfect place to go to with kids. But what else is there to expect of a restaurant/café that sells crepes, ice cream and waffles. We went here with friends. They have a terrace. The restaurant is in the middle of town, on the main road. We could see cave dwellings in the rocks and on the other side some more of the town and trees.

To show how the ice was served.
An ice coupe.

Their ice cream was super good. The crepes and waffles where also of good quality. But if there’s one thing the French can do well, it’s making super thin, delicious crepes. The terrace was fully covered and that is great with the sun, but also for the rain we just had. We sat here for a while and had a good time.

To show how the crepe was served.

Sadly, this place has permanently closed down.


33 Avenue de la Préhistoire

24620 les Eyzies-de-Tayac-Sireuil

Restaurant Moulin de la Pique

To show the setting of the restaurant. Eat in the Dordogne
The setting of the restaurant.

We stayed on camping Moulin de la Pique and on site there was a restaurant. We ate here twice. On the second day of our stay we had dinner here and loved it. The quality was good, as well as the service. The setting is beautiful on the second floor of an historic building. We had high windows from which we looked down on the grounds. There was a play area for kids.

To show one of the main dishes, the spare ribs.
Spare ribs.

The second time we had a pizza party from the campsite, which was outside. Good pizzas and good company.

To show how the pizza buffet looked
Pizza buffet.
To show what was on the buffet.
A plate from the buffet.


RCN Le Moulin de la Pique


24170 Pays-de-Belvès

Hotel Restaurant le Bellaroc

To show the setting of the restaurant. Eat in the Dordogne.
Hotel de Bellaroc.
To show the view from the terrace.
View from the terrace.

Another good place to eat in the Dordogne is located in popular Rocamadour. It’s a hotel with a restaurant and a terrace. They serve French cuisine. We sat on the terrace since we had beautiful, warm weather. The terrace had beautiful views. We loved eating here and the quality was good.

To show one of the dishes
Burger with fries.


Restaurant Le Bellaroc

Le Château

46500 Rocamadour

Restaurant de Pays les Tilleuls

To show the setting of the restaurant. Eat in the Dordogne.
The terrace of the restaurant.

This restaurant was on the grounds of Chateau Castelnaud. It’s a tourist place, but luckily not in a bad way. We sat on the terrace and looked down on a man making artisan goods. The restaurant served French cuisine and we had crepes and icecream here.

To show one of the crepes.
A crepe with chocolate.


Le Bourg

24250 Castelnaud-la-Chappelle

Restaurant le Donjon

To show the outside of the restaurant. Eat in the Dordogne.
Restaurant le Donjon.

This restaurant is in Beynac, it’s a place just for tourists, no locals to be found here. We ate here, liked it, but it just wasn’t as good as the other places we ate at in the Dordogne. Pricy for what you get, but that’s to expect if it’s smack in the middle of a touristic area.

To show a dish from the restaurant.
The duck.

The setting was great, the terrace was on one of the medieval streets of Beynac, close to the castle of Beynac.


Rue du Château

24220 Beynac-et-Cazenac

To show the terrace. Eat in the Dordogne.
The terrace.

Great Places to Eat in the Dordogne with Kids

These are the places you can eat in the Dordogne with kids and have good food. I hope that we have inspired you to go to France and eat at these places in the Dordogne. All with one purpose and that’s to have a good time and make memories.

We have more blogs about the Dordogne, you can read that here.

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  • Emilia Taneva

    You’ve got really cool places on YOUR TOP LIST for people who have little ones! France is such a beautiful country with so many amazing places to visit, and I’m so glad you were able to share your top picks for restaurants in Dordogne. We will definitely have to try them out when we visit France again!

  • Josy A

    France is soooo good for food, but it is fab to find the best spots for little munchers too! Crepes is always a good shout! 🙂

    My sister lives in the Dordogne region. If you go back when your kids are a little older, she taught me the best way to find the best restaurant in smaller towns/villages, is to see where the gendarme go to eat. Apparently, they know the most tasty/good value lunches! 😉

  • Caroline

    Awesome! My sister in law and her family go to France yearly for holidays. I’m sure her little boy will enjoy these recommendations. To be honest, I think I might try it myself! I don’t think I’ve heard of this region of France so thank you for highlighting it, the crepes & desserts look to die for…

  • Lucia

    I love exploring the different cuisines with my family in every country we visit. The photos here are pretty tempting and the kids would be spoilt for choice! Hoping to indulge ourselves in the cuisine in Dordogne soon.

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