To show something of the Fort Worth stockyards. Fort Worth with kids.
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What to do in Fort Worth with kids

Fort Worth in Texas is a fun city to visit with kids, there’s plenty to do, so getting bored isn’t an option. This blog gives a list of things to do in Fort Worth with kids. We visited Fort Worth a few times while staying with friends who lived an hour away. We stayed at a small town called Tolar. Which is a perfect base for exploring Texas. Going the other way hiking in Austin is perfect.

Fort Worth with kids

Fort Worth is a city in Texas, it’s adjacent to Dallas. It’s the 5th in population, coming after Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. It’s the 13th largest city in the USA. The city was established in 1849, and has historically been a center of the longhorn cattle trade. There’s plenty of history and culture to discover in this town known as “Where the West begins” and as “Crossroads of Cowboys & Culture”. So plenty to do in Fort Worth with kids.

Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

To show the entrance to the museum. Fort Worth with kids.
Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

Such a fun museum, we had a blast here. Yuri was 5 at the time we visited and didn’t understand English yet, but that didn’t withold him from having a good time.

To show a fun play thing from the museum.
A fun slide

The Fort Worth Museum of Science and History is our number one for Fort Worth with kids. Our son as well as us adults had a good time and when we visit Fort Worth again we will go again to this museum. The museum is designed by famed architect Ricardo Legorreta of Mexico. There are 5 museums close to eachother here, and the science museum is adjacent to the Cowgirl Museum and Hall of Fame.

Noble Planetarium

The Noble Planetarium is part of the museum and there are shows to watch. When we were there Big Bird’s adventure was turning. We loved the show, designed specifically for kids.


To show how fun experimenting at the museum is.
Letting things fly

In the museum are lots of things for kids to do. It’s a hands on kind of museum. They can test things, do experiments on their own or you can join in, because who says only the kids should have all the fun.

To show how fun the water area is.  Fort Worth with kids.
Playing with water pipes

There was a courtyard in which you could play and experiment with water. There was a waterpump, always a favorite for Yuri. He could build things with pipes in the water play area.

To show how fun the water area is.
Playing with water


1600 Gendy St

Fort Worth

TX 76107

Fort Worth Stockyards National Historic District

To show the entrance to the stock yards. Fort Worth with kids.
Entrance to the stock yards

This was so much fun, to get an idea of the Old West. There’s a cattle drive twice-daily at 11.30 am and 4 pm. The longhorns are driven through main street by cowboys. Was fun to watch this from the back of the car or the sidewalk. It’s a short show. Next tot hat reenactors walk around on the streets portraying how it was in the Wild West days. There’s a lot to see in the streets, souvenirshops to have a look around and restaurants.

To show the longhorn catte drive.
Longhorn cattle drive

We made a picture of Yuri sitting on a longhorn. He’s smiling, but Yuri found it scary.

To show a picture of what there's to do at the stock yards, in this instance Yuri sitting on a longhorn.
Yuri on a longhorn

When we visited there was a heatwave in Texas (40 degrees celsius + temperatures) and luckily they had fans with spray aligning the streets.

Gunfighters show

Next to all there’s to do on main street, in a separate hall there’s an gunfighters show. They shoot with blanks, which still gives a lot of noise. To stand up in the front you have to be really early, we weren’t. So we didn’t see it that properly. Luckily they talk loud, so we could still follow the show. They put up quiete a performance. Paul loved it.

To show the re-enactors walking on the streets.
Re-enactors from the gunfighters show

Sadly I didn’t see or hear much of it since Yuri was scared, because of the loud shots. So I walked away with him from the show. There were lots of kids listening tot he show, but since Yuri couldn’t understand what they were saying and wasn’t prepared on loud shots he didn’t like it.

Cowtown Coliseum

On the stockyards there’s also the coliseum where they perform rodeo shows. We had been to a rodeo before and loved it. This was a fun one again, more smooth and rehearsed I would say than the one in Cody, Wyoming.

To show a part of the rodeo show at the coliseum.
The show at the coliseum

The show consisted of cowboys and a cowgirl showing all sorts of tricks they could do on and with horses and cows. It was entertaining.

To show a part of the rodeo show, in this instance a cowboy standing on a horse.
Cowboy standing on a horse


131 E. Exchange Ave

Fort Worth

TX 76164-8212

More things to do in Fort Worth

Above I described two fun things to do in Fort Worth with kids. However there’s more that’s worth checking out. Which we didn’t get around to on our trip since we had to travel further.

Here are some other ideas for Fort Worth:

Fort Worth Zoo;

Kimbell Art Museum;

SeaQuest Fort Worth;

Cowboys Stadium;

Fort Worth watergardens;

Log Cabin Village

We visited Fort Worth as part of our 6 week roadtrip through the States. We would love to return some day. If so we will add more to this blog.

Want to read about other fun things to do with kids? Read our blogs on Gorges du Verdon or Utrecht.

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  • Rob+Ann @TravelLatte(.net)

    We love Fort Worth! But then, we’re biased – we live there. 🙂 There is a lot to explore around the Stockyards. Hopefully, Yuri got to “get lost” in the Cowpen Maze – and for mom and dad, there are some really cute shops there. A couple other fun family places are right in downtown Fort Worth – the Water Gardens and Sundance Square. Lots to explore! Glad you enjoyed your time here!

    • Cosette

      There’s definitly enough for a second visit to Fort Worth. We did the shops on the stockyards, but we missed the Cowpen Maze. I know it was super hot when we visited, there was a heatwave.

  • Margie

    We are planning a stop in Fort Worth this summer, so thank you for sharing this. We were planning on doing the Stockyards, but that Science Museum you mentioned sounds great.

    • Cosette

      Fort Worth is definitly worthy of a stop, the stockyards are great, but the Science museum was our son’s favorite.

  • Emma

    Never mind kids, looks like there’s enough to keto even my always-on-the-go self busy. The stockyards historic district looks really cool

    • Cosette

      Yes, there’s plenty to do if you come without kids. The stockyards is cool and the grown ups also enjoyed the Museum of Science and History.

  • Ann

    Thanks for sharing such a detailed post! Looks like an awesome place to explore, especially for kids. The museum science and history is definitely up my alley!

    • Cosette

      Yes, our friends said the museum was great and they were right. Enough to do in Fort Worth for one or more days.

  • Taylor

    I still have yet to visit the Fort Worth and Dallas areas. It looks like there is a lot to do there and that it offers a lot for families with kids. 🙂

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