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Go on a road trip at least once in your life

After one you’re hooked on road trips for life

Here at KarsTravels we believe everyone should go on a road trip at least once in their life. Find out that after your first trip you’re hooked. We were. This travel blog is focused on road trips, family travel (just take them along on your road trip), hotel reviews, where to eat, national parks and cultural experiences. Read our stories and get inspired to travel.

Road Trip

To show a mountain lake
A mountain lake

Get itineraries for road trips through Europe and the USA. We’ve made several and have been taking road trips for the last 14 years, here we share our experiences and the routes we took. Find tips on what to take with you on road trips, where to go and how to save money. We took road trips before our son was born and didn’t stop after. Find out why road trips are perfect with kids.

Family Travel

Yuri and Paul on top of the rock
Yuri and Paul on top of the rock

We’re firm believers that your travels shouldn’t stop once the kids arrive. In fact get on the road with them as much as you can. See attractions through their eyes and enjoy the small and big moments together with them. Read why traveling with kids is important. We have 10 years of experience in family travel and love to share it with you. Get tips on how to travel with kids, where to go with kids and what’s fun to do. We give guidance on how old kids have to be to travel and if you should fly with them. What is perfect in traveling for which age.

Hotel Reviews

To show our room at Inis Style hotel in Paris. Stopover hotels South
Our room at the Ibis Style Antony

Read our hotel reviews. They’re our experiences at different hotels in Europe and the USA. We write about our experiences as a couple at hotels and as a family. Next to hotel reviews we share our findings on vacation rentals, bed and breakfasts, appartments and campsites.

Where to eat

To show the eton mess from Van Ostade. Eat in Utrecht
Eton Mess

No road trip our vacation is complete without sampling the local cuisine, have a picnic or visit a terrace. Read our guides on restaurants and food in different cities and regions. The best, the ones for foodies, the places to eat nearby when you’re new in town. Where we like to go to with friends, as a family or as a couple. Further more where and what to eat in road trips, from local cuisine to picnics by the car.

National Parks

Black bear crossing the road
Black bear crossing the road

National Parks are our favorite points to stop at road trips, next to beaches and terraces. Come explore National Parks with us in the USA, Canada and Europe. There are so many and nature keeps surprising us with her beauty.

Cultural Experiences

To show something popular from The Netherlands near the campsites. The windmills from Kinderdijk in a row. The river flowing in front of them. Campsites in The Netherlands.

Whether we’re talking about experiences close to home or cultural experiences abroad, we love them. Museums, festivals, talks with locals all make your road trip extra special, it’s the cherry on top of the cake.


  • Anja

    The food looks great – I love these plastic baslets with the red and white paper – very uncommon in Europe, they bring back memories of great fried food in the Southwestern US…

  • Jeanne Dee

    Great photos and I could not agree with you more!! I still remember with great affection the road trips we took as a family when I grew up in the fifties in our station wagon reading burma shave in summer camping and waking up in warm sunny florida every winter leaving the cold and snow behind in Michigan ( as my dad drove through the night). Our happiest memories with our child were road trips around the world. I’ve even taken my cat on road trips! lol

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