To show the ambiance at Lewis Book Cafe
Coffee Places,  Europe

Favorite Coffee places in Europe

When traveling finding good places to sit down, where you can drink and eat something are vital. Best is when these are venues where you love to come over and over again. Where you still dream about months later, whether this is because the coffee is so good, delicious food, it has a perfect view or the ambiance of the place. I’ve asked a few of my fellow travel bloggers what their favorite coffee places in Europe are. They came up with these fantastic places all over Europe. I’ve added a few of my own to the list.

Coffee places in Europe

Lewis Book Cafe, Utrecht, The Netherlands

To show the tea we had at Lewis Book Cafe. Coffee places in Europe

When I think of my favorite coffee places in Europe, Lewis Book Cafe in my hometown comes to mind. It’s in the city center and I love to sit down here.

The ambiance is great with some comfy armchairs to sit in, books in several places and great coffee and tea. They want you to feel at home and do their utmost to make sure this happens. Their motto is ‘You take care of others, we take care of you’. C.S. Lewis is the inspiration behind the name of the cafe. The bookcafe offers a high tea without having to reserve for it.  

Funny detail: audiobooks are played in the restrooms. So while there you can listen to Winnie the Pooh or other great classics.

42 Raw, Copenhagen, Denmark

42Raw by Hello Manpreet Coffee places in Europe
42Raw by Hello Manpreet

Contributed by Manpreet from Hello Manpreet.

As vegans on a day trip to Copenhagen, we had 42Raw on our must visit list. This great cute little coffee shop focusses on clean, wholesome, raw foods. Their menu is fantastic with an array of dishes to suit any appetite. We were surprised at how busy it was, but after tasting their drinks and food, we quickly realised why. You MUST get their raw chocolate chip cookie. We eat homemade cookies in every café we visit and theirs is definitely the best cookie we have come across (judgement based on cookies eaten in 24 other countries 🙂 )

We tried their popular pancakes and they were divine!

All their hot drinks are served with homemade almond or oat milk and as a drink we would certainly recommend their Golden Latte.

Overall, this would be the one café we would definitely visit again if we had the chance to visit Denmark. Even if it is for that cookie, it is worth it. The staff were so friendly in helping us choose what to try and the buzz inside the café was amazing.

The Secret Garden, Mijas Pueblo, Spain

The Secret Garden by Andalucia In My Pocket
The Secret Garden by Andalucia In My Pocket

Contributed by Joanna from Andalucia In My Pocket.

Mijas Pueblo is one of those charming white villages of Andalucia, where every corner of every street offers a new photogenic view. There are so many cute cafes and restaurants in the village, one more beautiful than the other. The Secret Garden is one of those Instagrammable places in Mijas Pueblo that offers both delicious coffee and beautiful views.

Located on one of the main streets in Mijas Pueblo, the Secret Garden doesn’t look much from the outside. Just a white house, the same as all the others on the street. However, it hides a gorgeous garden in the back. You need to pass through two different rooms to find it. A cute hallway decorated with colourful flowerpots leads to the entrance to the garden. Here, it’s like you’ve stepped in a different world. Orange trees decorated with fairy lights, beautiful flowers, barrels as tables, there is even a resident cat!

As summers in the South of Spain tend to be very hot, the Secret Garden is a wonderful place to go and hide from the high temperatures. In most summer afternoons they organise Argentinian barbecues, so it is worth coming here for dinner as well, not just for your morning coffee. 

Robligio, Florence, Italy

Robiglio by It's all in Italy
Robiglio by It’s all in Italy

Contributed by Matt from It’s all in Italy.

Robiglio is a favorite coffee stop of mine here in Florence, not just for the amazing coffee but for the ambience.

It’s no secret that Italians love coffee.

As a foreigner living in Florence, it’s part of my overall Italian experience to be immersed in an environment where Italians are drinking coffee and engaging with friends (or strangers?), the room filled with people competing for conversation and the odd burst of laughter.

And Robiglio is one of those places in Florence that locals stop in each morning for a coffee and a chat.

Whether it’s a cappuccino or Americano, I mix it up for a change in taste and experience.

Robiglio was setup in 1928 by a baker and pastry chef, Pietro Robiglio, originally from Milan. With several locations around Florence, as well as great coffee, their range of pastries is life-changing. (see photo)

If you’re visiting Florence on vacation and would like an authentic Italian coffee experience, drop in to one of the many Robiglio cafes/restaurants for a quick pick-me-up or stay a while and soak up the atmosphere.

La Maison Rose, Paris, France

La Maison Rose by World in Paris
La Maison Rose by World in Paris

Contributed by Elisa from World in Paris

La Maison Rose is one of the cutest cafes in Paris, the kind of place you will want to stop for your favorite coffee, and a sweet treat. This pink little house is located in rue de l’Abrevoir, one of the most famous streets of Montmartre and also the most picturesque. Both rue de l’Abrevoir and La Maison Rose are must-stops of any Montmartre walking tour!

La Maison Rose has an interesting history. It was at the turn of the 20th century that Laure Gargallo, painter’s wife, model for Picasso and friend of many bohemian artists living in Montmartre, bought the house, painted it pink and opened a small family canteen there for her artist friends. It was thanks to a painting by Maurice Utrillo – “La Petite Maison Rose”, probably dating from the 1900s – that the Maison Rose became famous and the world first became interested in the building.

Today, La Maison Rose is always surrounded by Instagrammers looking for the perfect shot. One needs to arrive quite early in the morning to take a picture without crowds!

Of course, things change inside. There’s not much space but a warm welcome is guaranteed. Apart from coffee, tea, and soft drinks, La Maison Rose offers appetizers and small dishes made with seasonal produce and respecting the environment: no plastic bottles or straws, no cans, and no industrial drinks.

Bar Ducale, Venice, Italy

Bar Ducale by Our Escape Clause
Bar Ducale by Our Escape Claus

Contributed by Kate from Our Escape Clause.

In certain corners of Venice–especially those within close reach of Piazza San Marco and/or the Rialto Bridge–the traditional Italian coffee bar can seem difficult to find… especially if you’re looking for non-inflated prices!

At Bar Ducale, however, 1 Euro shots of espresso are standard, the cornetti are delicious, and the atmosphere perfect, from the clink of the cups to the buzz of tramezzini, espresso, and cornetti being ordered in Italian.

Best of all, Bar Ducale is located practically around the corner from Piazza San Marco, making it easy to access for visitors to Venice who are looking for a bar with affordable prices and delicious coffee.

The interior of Bar Ducale, like so many of the best places to enjoy coffee in Italy, is small and cramped. When the crowd is at its peak, you may have to wait a moment to get inside, and you won’t find tables here, either–standing against the marble countertop, as the locals do, is the only option.

None of this detracts from the charm on Bar Ducale–on the contrary, it only makes this coffee bar in Venice even more fun to visit.

Gran Caffe Gambrinus, Naples, Italy

Gran Caffe Grambinus from Our Escape Clause
Gran Caffe Grambinus from Our Escape Claus

Contributed by Kate from Our Escape Clause.

Located across from the famous Piazza del Plebiscito in Naples, Gran Caffe Gambrinus is one of the most famous coffee shops in Italy, with a long and interesting history to go along with its delicious coffees and pastries.

Founded in 1860, Gran Caffe Gambrinus is enormous and beautiful, featuring an elegant coffee bar, plenty of tables situated under a highly decorated ceiling, and even an attached pastry shop and ice cream parlor!

The cafe is much larger than the average coffee bar in Italy, but these days, it has never had a problem filling itself with delighted patrons seeking to enjoy a coffee, afternoon snack, or Italian breakfast.

During the Belle Epoque in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, Gran Caffe Gambrinus became a gathering place for writers and intellectuals from across Europe, including for familiar names like Oscar Wilde, Gabriele d’Annunzio, and Ernest Hemingway.

This intellectual reputation became a liability, though, with the rise of fascism in Italy, and in 1938 the cafe was forcibly closed.

It wasn’t until the 1970s that efforts began to return Gran Caffe Gambrinus to its former glory, but that mission is now a complete success: sipping a coffee in the opulent surroundings of Gran Caffe Gambrinus today, perhaps accompanied with a classic Neapolitan sfogliatella, is an unmissable experience when visiting Naples.

Maiatza, San Sebastian, Spain

Maiatza. Coffee places in Europe

We stumpled upon this cafe/restaurant by accident, it was located next to our appartement in the old town of San Sebastian. We went for take out in the evening and breakfast in the morning. Their food is so good! The counter is already alluring with all the sweets displayed on it. The brownies are delicious.

In the evening the place was packed, you could still stand there and order, but there was a lively atmosphere. In the morning it was a lot quieter, but still friendly staff and a delicious breakfast with lots of options.

A perfect stop on a France Spain Portugal road trip!

Olatua, Biarritz, France

The view from Olatua. Coffee places in Europe
The view from Olatua

A tapasbar next to the L’Aquarium de Biarritz. The aquarium is housed in an Art-Deco building from 1933. You can enter the tapasbar from the museum or from the street side. It’s situated uphill, we were walking down towards the entrance of the museum when we spotted this little gem.

It’s a tapasbar with a view on the ocean and Rocher de la Vierge. You can sit down to have a quiche Lorraine with some coffee and enjoy the waves crashing into the rocks. Their quiche Lorriane is delicious and the view is perfect.


Those were all our favorite coffee places in Europe. When around, seek these out, sit down and enjoy! In favorite coffee shops in the world, are some more coffee places in Europe, worth a visit.

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