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Where to eat in Utrecht

My hometown, Utrecht. A beautiful city I love and lived in for the last 21 years. We’ve been out for dinner so many times here, that a list of places to eat in Utrecht isn’t difficult to make. Just don’t expect it to be short!

Options to eat in Utrecht

Utrecht being a city with a university, science park and several colleges makes for a lively restaurant scene, with inexpensive options to eat. The restaurants on this list vary from cheap eats to more expensive. I’ve divided them up in sections of Utrecht. When exploring the restaurants in Utrecht, combine it with a street art tour in Utrecht.


The neighbourhood I’m calling home since 2004. It feels like living in a village, while still being part of and close to the city. There are several options with good food in Lunetten.

Mister Shi

A wok restaurant with an all you can eat buffet. They also have a snackbar, where you can get take away chinese, fries and snacks.

To show the starter at Mister Shi. Eat in Utrecht
lamb as a starter

We like to go to the all you can eat buffet (2,5 hours) from Mister Shi and pick our choice for stir fry. You give the veggies, meat and/or fish and pick a sauce and they stir fry it for you. You can choose from over 30 options for stir fry. Next to that there’s a buffet with lots of options to choose from like babi pangang, foo yong hai, lychees, etc.

To show how a part of the buffet of Mister Shi looks.
Stir fry buffet


Amerongseberg 89

3524 LN Utrecht

Eethuis Kolintang

Delicious Indonesian and Surinamese food on offer at Kolintang. It’s a small Asian market with a few tables to sit down at. You can order dishes like soto ajam, roti, gado gado amd satay.

 To show part of the counter at Kolintang. Eat in Utrechtr
Part of the counter

We love the food of Kolintang and the owner Frans is friendly and gives a welcome feeling to the place. Further more in the spring and summer they sell Italian icecream.

To show a dish from Kolintang, in this case a soup.
Delicious soup


Hondsrug 6

3524 BP Utrecht


Delicious Greek homemade food. Aphrodite has a small seating area and they have take away. Moussaka on Monday. They serve different gyros dishes and other Greek food. They’re relatively new in Lunetten.

To show the moussaka and gyros from Aphrodite. Eat in Utrecht
Gyros and moussaka


Zevenwouden 216

3524 CX Utrecht



To show the lasagna from PizzArt

PizzArt makes delicious authentic Italian pizzas. Next to a lot of options in pizzas they can also make them with a glutenfree crust. Further more they sell salads and dessert.

To show a pizza from PizzArt
Pizza with egg and bacon


Zevenwouden 236

3524 CX Utrecht


Sushi & Meer…

In the Summer and Spring Sushi and meer sells Italian icecream. All year round they sell delicious sushi. For take away or to eat in the small seating area.


Hondsrug 8

3524 BP Utrecht



To show a grilled cheese they sell at Lunetwerkcafe
Grilled cheese

A social place to hang out, meet local people, have breakfast, lunch or coffee. Play board games together or just talk it’s the social meeting ground for the neighbourhood. They guide people to participate in the work place. Lunetwerkcafe has half year trajects.

To show the applepie and tea at Lunetwerkcafe
Applepie and tea


Zevenwouden 238

3524 CX Utrecht

+31 6 33615424

Chinese Bistro Lunetten

To show a dish from the Chinese
Babi Panggang and duck

A standard Chinese restaurant, they have a seating area and take out. We’ve been here so many times, when Yuri was young we went monthly. We simply love Chinese food. We liked the previous owners. Since a few years there are new owners, and they prepare everything themselves.

To show a rice table at the Chinese
Rice table


Zevenwouden 212

3524 CX Utrecht


Downtown there are so many places to eat in Utrecht. The center of Utrecht is dotted with all sorts of restaurants and other places to get food. I’ve divided downtown into different streets. But first a few lose restaurants downtown.


To show A wall inside F.A.K. Eat in Utrecht
A wall inside F.A.K.

French Asian Cuisine is the long name for the restaurant, short is F.A.K.. They have bites, which you can order. It works with rounds, the way a sushi restaurants works. The food is a mix of Asian and French cuisine, for example surf & turf sushi or trump gamba’s (gambas with cotton candy). We loved the food and liked the vibe in the modern styled restaurant.

To show one of the small dishes at Fak, the Trump gamba's
Trump gamba’s
To show a sushi dish from F.A.K.


Drieharingstraat 16

3511 BJ Utrecht

030-231 7503


Wanted to go here already so long, but every time I passed mockamore I didn’t have the time or had just eaten. But in January a friend and I finally sat down and we loved it. So much that it’s now one my favorite coffee shops in the world.

To show what we had at Mockamore: Midnight Chai, applepie and New York cheesecake
Midnight Chai, applepie and New York cheesecake

They serve delicious pastries and breakfast/lunch. On the menu is a mix of healthy dishes and comfort food. Coffee, tea and hot choco specials, freakshakes, juices, smoothies, breakfast bowls, pancakes cakes, salads, bagels and grilled cheese sandwiches. We loved their Midnight chai and the New York cheesecake.

To show the New York cheesecake at Mockamore
New York cheesecake


Steenweg 37

3511 JZ Utrecht

Lewis Book Cafe

Lewis Book Cafe is a quiet place to sit down for some tea, a high tea, lunch or breakfast. We like the ambiance with armchairs and regular tables to sit at.

To show the ambiance at Lewis Book Cafe
Drinking tea at Lewis Book Cafe

Quirky little detail is that an ebook is being played on the toilet. Makes for a fun toilet experience.

To show the tea we had at Lewis Book Cafe


Achter Clarenburg 39

3511 JH Utrecht


Dapp Frietwinkel

To show the entrance to Dapp frietwinkel
Dapp frietwinkel

They started with a bike, selling organic fries on the Friday market. In 2014 Dapp started a shop selling organic fries. Next to the homemade fries they also sell vegan ‘kroket’, ‘frikandel’ and other organic snacks and drinks.

To show the fries from Dapp
To show something funny about Dapp
Sign outside of Dapp


Vinkenburgstraat 10

3512 AB Utrecht


Tapasbar El Mundo

Delicious tapas in the middle of Utrecht. El Mundo is a lively restaurant, where you can order all different sorts of tapas, like albóndigas or tortilla de patatas, and eat until your;re stuffed.  


Voorstraat 18

3512 AN Utrecht


Mr. Jack’s

A Greek-Italian restaurant with cheap eats. We used to go here as students. We liked to order the Mr. Jack’s gyrospizza. Or we would order a 5 euro pizza and one drink and have a cheap dinner.

Mr. Jack’s has next to pizzas also Greek plates, filettos, pasta and desserts. Don’t expect high quality here. It’s cheap, so that’s in line with the quality.


Voorstraat 61

3512 AK Utrecht


Firma Pickles Burgers & Wines

Firma Pickles has a variety of burgers on the menu. Next to that they’re also a wine bar. Your burger can be served with a good glass of wine. They not only sell standard burgers, but exquisite ones and you can add more toppings if you want to.


Drieharingstraat 1-3

3511 BH Utrecht


La Fontana

La Fontana has been serving delicious pizzas since 1979. They’re an Italian restaurant, which not only serves pizzas, but also pasta, salads, antipasti, desserts and meat and fish specialities.


Lange Viestraat 1

3511 BK Utrecht


Bistrot Utrecht Centraal

There are lot’s of options for a quick bite at the train station. Bistrot is one where you can take a little bit more time.

To show Paul and Yuri in the armchairs at Bistrot Utrecht Centraal. Eat in Utrecht
Paul and Yuri in the armchairs at Bistrot

In the restaurant you order at the cash register and then find yourself a seat. It’s a self-service restaurant.


Stationshal 305

3511 CE Utrecht


Belgisch Biercafe Olivier

A Belgian beer pub in an old church building from 1860. They’ve tried to hold on to as many features of the church as possible.

Olivier serves next to lots of different beer also a mix of Belgian and Dutch food for lunch, dinner or fingerfood. The pub is usually crowded, since it’s a popular place.


Achter Clarenburg 6A

3511 JJ Utrecht



A lively square with restaurants and some shops all around. In Summer the pubs have terraces on the square, and there are several festivals each year on the square. Lot’s of students to be found on the terraces here.

Yoghurt Barn Neude

To show the breakfast at New Year's Day
New Year’s Day breakfast

The first time I went to a Yoghurt Barn was here in Utrecht, later on I went to others. But I’ve been tot his one several times and loved it every time.

To show The delicious yoghurt at Yoghurt Barn
The delicious yoghurt at Yoghurt Barn

We’ve had the high tea here, breakfast on New Year’s Day and we’ve just sat down for some delicious yogurt special.


Vinkenburgstraat 15

3512 AA Utrecht

Le Journal

Le Journal is on the Neude since 1993. Their name references to the news and in the middle of the establishment is a reading table with Dutch and foreign magazines and newspapers. They don’t play music so you can read well or have a good conversation with a friend.

To show the Grilled cheese sandwich at Le Journal
Grilled cheese sandwich

Le Journal serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks. They serve regular Dutch pub food.

To show the club sandwich
Club sandwich


Neude 32-34

3512 AG Utrecht

030-236 48 39


A family restaurant, in 1985 Kostas and Anna Banoutsos started restaurant Mykonos, serving Greek cuisine. Stavros, Angelos and Giorgos have taken over a few years back.

Mykonos serves traditional Greek dishes like gyros, moussaka, suflaki and kalamari. Almost always crowded and lively. We like their food and have been several times since we moved to Utrecht.


Drakenburgstraat 3

3512 AC Utrecht

030-234 0960

Hoog Catharijne

A mall from the seventies which is being completely renewed. There are lots of shops, but also restaurants, especially in the new part. Here’s a mix of new and old restaurants in Hoog Catharijne.


To show Mado. Eat in Utrecht

A Turkish restaurant for breakfast, lunch and coffee with cake. All over the world the chain has over 250 venues. Mado stands for maras dondurma, a kind of sticky icecream.

To show part of the buffet
Part of the buffet

Until 2 pm you can have an all you can eat breakfast or lunch buffet. We liked the buffet with Turkish dishes and Turkish tea.

To show more of the buffet at Mado
Fresh vegetables at the buffet


Catharijne Esplanade 7

3511 WP Utrecht


Leon serves naturally fast food, mediterranean style. Their filosofy is that they want to serve food that both tastes good and does you good. They started the chain of fastfood restaurants in London.

To show what we had at Leon
Apple pork chili and a chicken burger

Love their apple pork chilli, wraps and chicken burger.


Catharijne Esplanade 8

3511 WC Utrecht


Hagenouw Eten & Drinken

To show what we had: 'Twaalf uurtje'
‘Twaalf uurtje’

Hagenouw is a local restaurant with an regular Dutch menu like satay, schnitzel, ‘kroketten’and fried eggs on toast. Loved having lunch here with my son. Good food for a reasonable price.

To show 'Kroketten' with fries
‘Kroketten’ with fries


Godebaldkwartier 255

3511 DR Utrecht


The Burger Federation

To show the kids burger at The Burger Federation. Eat in Utrecht
The kids burger

A burger restaurant that serves a variety of burgers, including the ‘Hoge Utrecht’ burger (High Utrecht burger). We loved their burgers.

To show one of the burgers of The Burger Federation
A delicious burger


Hollandse Toren 2

3511 BN Utrecht

To show one of the burgers with sweet potato fries and sauces at The Burger Federation
A burger and sweet potato fries

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis serves Flemmish fries and they’re delicious. You can pick from a lot of sauces to go with your fries. The fries are served in a paper cone available in 3 sizes; Schanulleke, Urbanus and Obelix. Schanulleke is usually large enough for us.

To show tow sorts of fries with different sauces from Manneken Pis. Eat in Utrecht
Fries with Zaanse mayonnaise and with green peppersauce


Stationsplein 6


TGI Fridays

To show burger and fries from TGI Fridays
Burger and fries

An American chain restaurant in front of Hoog Catharijne, just outside of the trainstation. They serve delicious American burgers, extreme shakes, spare ribs, nachos and much more. We loved the American food, brought back memories of our roadtrips through the States.

To show a Kids Oreo Milkshake from TGI Fridays
Kids Oreo Milkshake


Stationsplein 18

3511 ED Utrecht

030-207 4020


Another American chain, this time an icecream parlor. The one in Utrecht was the first one in The Netherlands.

To show a freakshake from Baskin-Robbins. Eat in Utrecht

Baskin-Robbins sells delicious flavours icecream. I love them. Further more they have cookies, waffles, brownies, crêpes, stacks, churros and croissants on the menu. They can turn the icecream in milkshakes and freakshakes.


Vredenburgpassage 13

3511 WD Utrecht

088-377 8899

Comptoir Libanais

Another British chain, but this time it’s Libanese food they have on the menu. Love their mezzes. Had a mezze plate for lunch with a friend.

To show the mezze plate from Comptoir Libanais. Eat in Utrecht
Mezze plate

Every restaurant has a shop next to it, where they sell all kinds of Middle Eastern products.

To show a drink from Comptoir Libanais
Mint Ice Tea

Address: Catharijne Esplanade 49

3511 WK Utrecht

+316 11274543


Two lively squares and a street with a lot of restaurants, pubs, some shops and entertainment. A place that’s busy from breakfast till late at night.


To show a lunch item from Se7en, the Mexican style club sandwich
Club sandwich Mexican style

Inspiration for the menu at Se7en comes from the countries where the seven world wonders are. India, Brasil, Peru, China, Mexico, Italy and Jordan. The menu is a nice variation of dishes.

To show One of the seven wonders dishes . Eat in Utrecht
One of the seven wonders dishes

Fun fact is that you can order half dishes for dinner. You can half one whole dish, or two half dishes and this way try out more from the menu. We always opt for the half dishes and this way have lots of flavors to eat.

To show two half dishes, that make one main course at Se7en
Two half dishes


Mariaplaats 7

3511 LH Utrecht

030 231 8084

Bagels & Beans

To show the Mushroomcroquettes bagel from Bagels & Beans. Eat in Utrecht
Mushroomcroquettes bagel

Bagels & Beans is a Dutch chain that serves bagels. They started in 1996 in Amsterdam when the bagel was really popular in the USA. They sell healthy, sustainable and delicious food and drinks. I love their bagels!

To show the Everything Bagel Chicken Chutney
Everything Bagel Chicken Chutney


Mariaplaats 48

3511 LM Utrecht


An espressobar and Swedish lunchroom that opened in 2004. Broodnodig mostly sells organic products, even their drinks are organic. The bread, cakes and cookies are all made in their own bakery.

To show the Delicious drinks at Broodnodig. Eat in Utrecht
Delicious drinks at Broodnodig


Mariaplaats 49

3511 LM Utrecht

030-231 1531


A small street in downtown Utrecht with lots of restaurants, pastry shops and other shops. I just love strolling through this street and do some window shopping.

Hop & Stork

To show Chocolate drinks with goodies at Hop & Stork
Chocolate drinks with goodies

A pastry shop, specialised in chocolate. I’ve been here twice and love their products. Delicious chocolate and cakes.

To show one of the small cakes from Hop & Stork. Eat in Utrecht
Chocolate cake

The counter of Hop & Stork with its cakes and chocolates is a true feast for the eyes. They also give workshops. A fun place to sit down and have a pastry or lunch in the middle of the city.

To show one of the small cakes at Hop & Stork
Small cake


Lijnmarkt 1

3511 KE Utrecht

030 662 8832

Bond en Smolders

Bond en Smolders has a drool worthy  counter and window display. Beautiful cakes and pastries are displayed and you just stop and stare at the window display. The pastries taste as good as they look!

To show the cakes from Bond en Smolders. Eat in Utrecht
Small delicious cakes

Next to cakes, pastries and chocolates, they also bake loafs of bread. Further more you can sit down for lunch with a grilled cheese or sandwich.

To show Mint tea and Ice Tea from Bond en Smolders
Mint tea and Ice Tea


Lijnmarkt 9

030-231 0913

De Witte Ballons

The Witte Ballons (White baloons) is seated in an historic, listed building. French cuisine with fish, meat and vegetarian choices. A small terrace at the front, but a larger one at the back of the building.

To show the fish plate from De Witte Ballons. Eat in Utrecht
Fish plate


Lijnmarkt 12

3511 KH Utrecht

030-231 1056

I love cupcakes

To show the sign of the shop with the Dom Tower and clear blue sky i the back. Eat in Utrecht
Shop with the Dom tower in the back

Technically I love cupcakes is not on the Lijnmarkt, it’s just around the corner. We had a cupcake here and loved them. But cupcakes isn’t all they sell. They also offer cakes, macarons, cookies and brownies. Next to that they have glutenfree, vegan, lactose free and sugar free products.

To show the stand outside at I love cupcakes.
All those cupcakes
To show one of the cupcakes at I love cupcakes


Zadelstraat 4

3511 LT Utrecht

06 4850 4023


The most famous canal in Utrecht. It’s 2 kilometers long and divides downtown from south to north. When they dug the canal they threw sand on the docks, that’s why the street is so much higher than the canal. They made vaulted cellars which stood in connection with the buildings above on the street. Now these make for nice places for restaurants. Here’s a large list of restaurants in the cellars and above on the street.


To show the club sandwich from PK. Eat in Utrecht
Club sandwich

We’ve come here since before it was PK, back then it was called King Arthur. We love their club sandwiches, satay or the ‘kroket’ special. Love their terrace on the Oudegracht.

To show Yuri and me having lunch at PK
Lunch together with Yuri
To show Italian bun with 'kroketten'
Italian bun with ‘kroketten’


Oudegracht 101-103

3511 AE Utrecht

030 202 4412

El Borne

To show the tapas: Chicken wings and patatas bravas. Eat in Utrecht
Chicken wings and patatas bravas

El Borne serves Spanish cuisine, from a 3 course dinner to tapas. I love tapas and paella.

To show one of the desserts from El Borne
Creme Brulee


Oudegracht aan de Werf 127

3511 AL Utrecht

030 662 6674


To show The entrance to Toastable. Eat in Utrecht
The entrance to Toastable

Toastable is a new concept in The Netherlands and we love it. They serve a variety of grilled cheese sandwiches, favorites of ours are The Legend and The Unit. For breakfast they have crosti’s, which are grilled cheese croissants. You can get breakfast and lunch at Toastable.

To show a toasti and Paul at Toastable
Paul with a toasti the fajita
To show one of the grilled cheese sandwiches up close: pulled pork toasti
Pulled pork toasti


Oudegracht 122

3511 AW Utrecht


Broodje Mario

Broodje Mario (Mario bun) is legendary in Utrecht. It’s the first thing most students get acquinted with. Broodje Mario is their signature dish, it’s not the only thing they have on offer, but it’s the most popular item.

It’s a large, freshly baked bun layered with cheese, salami, chorizo, raw vegetable salad and a green, not too spicy pepper. The recipe has been the same since 1977.


Oudegracht 130-132

3511 AX Utrecht


To show the schweinshaxe at Kartoffel. Eat in Utrecht

Kartoffel serves German cuisine, so they have schnitzel, bratwurst, currywurst and schweinshaxe. A friend introduced us here, and we’ve been back a few times.

To show the Schnitzel with peppersauce at Kartoffel.
Schnitzel with peppersauce
To show the Halbes Hahnchen from Kartoffel.
Halbes Hahnchen


Oudegracht aan de Werf 145

3511 AL Utrecht

030 2381338

India Port

To show the delicious mango lassi from India Port. Eat in Utrecht
Mango lassi

India Port already serves authentic Indian cuisine for 25 years. They serve dishes like Rogan Josh, Butter Chicken and Saag Paneer. We simply love their food, and keep coming back.

To show how they serve some of the hot dishes.
The plate is still hot while they serve it
To show a dish from India Port


Oudegracht aan de Werf 144

3511 AZ Utrecht

030 233 2666

Restaurant Saffraan

To show a starter: red lentilsoup from Saffraan. Eat in Utrecht
Red lentilsoup

Saffraan serves Oriental cuisine. Their dishes come from Northern Africa, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and Iran. Dishes like Izgara Köfte, lambtajine, şiş kebab and mezzes. My friend and I liked their food when we had dinner here.

To show another starter: chicken wings from Saffraan
Chicken wings


Oudegracht aan de werf 146

3511 AZ Utrecht

030 231 0114

American Steakhouse Broadway

Broadway has been serving spareribs and steaks for 30 years. Their baby back ribs are legendary and is the thing we always go for. Paul usually eats here at least once a year with his friends from university.

To show the cheesecake from Broadway. Eat in Utrecht


Oudegracht aan de Werf 139

3511 AL Utrecht

030 2312643

Winkel van Sinkel

Winkel van Sinkel is a legendary restaurant seated in an historic, listed building. They serve cake and pastries from Dudok Patisserie. A good place for lunch, dinner or drinks.


Oudegracht 158

3511 AZ Utrecht

030 230 3030

Beers & Barrels

Beers & Barrels has tap tables where you can pour your own lager with friends. Further more they serve lunch, dinner and fingerfood. It’s a lively place, with lots of groups of students. They serve dishes like a 1 meter sausage, pulled pork nachos and blue corn tortilla.


Oudegracht aan de Werf 125

030-636 87 44


Eating out in a real castle in the middle of the city. That’s reality at Oudaen. The city castle was build in 1280. Since 1968 it’s a listed building. Since 1986 the castle is designed for hospitality. It changed hands a number of times. In 2017 the owners of neighbouring PK took over. They transformed it into Oudaen 2.0. Oudaen brews it’s own lager in the cellars. A special place for lunch or dinner.


Oudegracht 99

3511 AE Utrecht

030 202 0800

De Muntkelder

De Muntkelder serves a variety of pancakes. They serve the traditional Dutch pancakes wit hall sorts of toppings. Apple/raisin pancake, bacon/cheese/onion pancake or pulled pork pancake are some of the options.


Oudegracht aan de Werf 112

3511 AW Utrecht

030 231 6773

Venezia ijs

Venezia is in business selling Italian icecream since 1928. Guido De Lorenzo opened the first Italian icecream parlor in The Netherlands. His son founded the parlor at Oudegracht in 1971. His daughter took over in 2003 and started the ice truck on the Jansbrug across from the icecream parlor.

They sell 32 different flavors of icecream. It’s delicious.


Oudegracht 105

3511 AE Utrecht

030 231 9135


Mahanakorn is already serving Thai food for 25 years in Utrecht. On the menu are dishes like Tom Kha Kai, Kai Phad Khing and Phad Thai.


Oudegracht aan de Werf 140

3511 Al Utrecht

030 2333545

Den Draeck

We haven’t been to Den Draeck in a long time. We loved their food, but their staff and the food arriving was really slow. They serve satay, a burger and steaks among other things.


Oudegracht 114

3511 AW Utrecht

030 232 1999


Quignon serves food at the Oudegracht since 2002 in a laid back atmosphere. They serve lunch, dinner and drinks. Options on the menu are a grilled black Angus burger, vegan club sandwich and applepie.


Oudegracht 134

3511 AX Utrecht

030 225 7062

Ledig Erf

An historic street with a cinema and restaurants with lively terraces on it. The street was already in use in the Middle Ages, it was then just outside of the city walls. Close tot he city center right now, reachable after a nice walk down the Oudegracht. In this list some of the restaurants aren’t on Ledig Erf, but in streets adjoining Ledig Erf.

De Beren Utrecht-Centrum

To show the pulled prok nachos from De Beren. Eat in Utrecht
Pulled pork nachos

De Beren is a chain in The Netherlands, we’ve been to several and love them. Luckily there’s one now in downtown Utrecht. It’s a kid friendly place. We love their spareribs, berenburger classic, nachos, satay and kidsmeal.

To show spareribs from De Beren
To show the berenburger for kids
Berenburger for kids


Ledig Erf 36

3582 EA Utrecht



To show the inside of BROEI< the ambiance. Eat in Utrecht
Inside BROEI

BROEI has food that turns around vegetables. We love the eclectic ambiance they have created and the organic drinks they serve. You can sit down for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just to drink something.

To show the organic drinks at BROEI.
Espresso and a organic ice tea


Oosterkade 24

3582 AV Utrecht

030 7370005


They’re an organic eatery and bakery. KEEK is short for ‘Kunst En Eerlijke Koffie’(art and honest coffee). They started in 2008 and produce everything themselves from fresh, organic produce.

To show the cakes at KEEK. Eat in Utrecht
Cakes at KEEK

The first time I came here was with a friend, who wanted to eat wheat free, for lunch. Since then I’ve returned with Paul for cake and tea.

To show the homemade drinks at KEEK
Ice tea and ginger tea


Twijnstraat 23

3511 ZG Utrecht

030 233 3299

Meneer Smakers Burgerbar Ledig Erf

To show one of the burgers from Meneer Smakers. Eat in Utrecht
Chicken burger

The slogan of Meneer Smakers is ‘Best Burgers in Town’. All their burgers have names like aunt Truus, sister Fleur, uncle Huib and so on. They serve a large variety of burgers, including vegan options. Further more they have sandwiches and salads. We liked their burgers.

To show one of the burgers from Meneer Smakers
Delicious burger


Twijnstraat 62


Stach’s mission is to make it easier for you, they serve everything you need for 24/7, healthy food as well as guilthy pleasures. They have giant macarons! Had to take these home for my 2 men.

To show the giant macarons from Stach. Eat in Utrecht
Giant macarons


Twijnstraat 1

030 737 0061


Stael is opened from 8 am till 7 pm for breakfast, lunch and later on. They’re situated on Twijnstraat, the oldest shopping street in Utrecht. An historical building, that used to be the forge. They serve high teas.


Twijnstraat 9

3511 ZG Utrecht

030 878 0723

Outside downtown

Restaurants are not only in the center of Utrecht, they’re located all over the city. So venter out and sit down at one of these places to eat in Utrecht.

Restaurant Het Oude Tolhuys

to show the Savory tray from the high tea at Het Oude Tolhuys. Eat in Utrecht
Savory tray from the high tea

A restaurants in the woods. Het Oude Tolhuys has a lovely terrace, which is perfect for tea and reading a book. We had a high tea once for Paul’s Birthday, we’ve been here for Mothers day and just because. We love this restaurant in the forest.

To show the sweets part of the high tea at Het Oude Tolhuys
Sweets tray at the high tea


Weg naar Rhijnauwen 13-15

3584 AD Utrecht

030 251 1215

De Beren Eetcafés Foodspot Utrecht

To show the satay at De Beren. Eat in Utrecht
Satay with fries

There’s more than one De Beren in Utrecht. This one isn’t downtown, but almost in Vleuten. It’s in a foodcourt with other restaurants.

To show the cheese plate from De Beren
Cheese plate


Proostwering 80j

3543 AJ Utrecht

010 243 7191


We’ve sat on a the terrace of Anafora a few times, while Yuri played with a friend in the adjoining playground ‘Boschspeeltuin’. It was lovely to sit on the crowded terrace. We love coming here and have a drink and bite and a large playground for Yuri to run around at.


Uilenboslaan 1

3451 GB Utrecht

030 677 1005

Van Ostade

To show the eton mess from Van Ostade. Eat in Utrecht
Eton Mess

Van Ostade is a restaurant with delicious food and a fine terrace. We’ve sat here a few times and loved our time here. Top dishes were the Eton Mess and the chicken sandwich.

To show the Chicken thigh fillet sandwich at Van Ostade.
Chicken thigh fillet sandwich


Adriaen van Ostadelaan 65

3583 AB Utrecht

030 737 1252


As you can see there are plenty of good choices to eat in Utrecht. For eating meat or the opposite vegetables, cheap or more expensive, it’s all there.

For other cityguides about where to eat in The Netherlands like The Hague, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Tilburg, Scheveningen, Maastricht and Eindhoven.

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