To show the Strawberry and Gooseberry cake
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Where to eat in Maastricht

Maastricht is one of my favorite cities in The Netherlands. My friend and I go shopping here almost every year. We’ve planned our outing to Maastricht for this year already, lets hope we don’t have to postpone. Here’s all the places to eat in Maastricht. When in Maastricht in November or December, reserve some time for a visit to Valkenburg, with it’s beautiful Christmas markets.

Options to eat in Maastricht

There are so many restaurants to pick from in Maastricht. My friend and I have already tried out a lot of them, but there are many more. A few we’ve been to several times. Buvette ’t Piepenhoes is our standard stop every time. Down below I will list our favorite restaurants to eat in Maastricht divided into neighbourhoods.


This is the neighbourhood roughly from the trainstation to the river Meuse. When going for a day of shopping you’ll always pass through the Stationsstraat and Wycker Brugstraat. There are already lots of shops and restaurants beckoning you to come in or sit down.

Bistrot Bar ’t Wycker Cabinet

My friend and I always start our shopping day with some tea. At Wycker Cabinet they make good mint tea and ice tea. The ambiance is industrial and fun.

To show the Mint tea and ice tea we had at Wycker cabinet. Eat in Maastricht
Mint tea and ice tea

They’re open from 9/10 am till 1.45/2.45 in the night. Cabinet serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake, apero and drinks. It’s Maastrichter authentic burgundian atmosphere with a French cuisine mixed with mediterranean and timely influences.

To show the ambiance of Wycker cabinet in 2017
Wycker cabinet


Wyckerbrugstraat 29b

6221 EB Maastricht

+31 (0)43 351 0591

SAP Bagel & Juice Bar

A lovely bar close to the trainstation, we sat down here for some tea and breakfast. They have lovely sandwiches, pancakes, salads, bowls and sweets. SAP is perfect for breakfast, brunch, lunch, cake or some tea. On the menu are also vegan and glutenfree options.

To show my bagel sandwich at SAP. Eat in Maastricht


Stationsstraat 8

6221 BP Maastricht

De Poshoorn

To show Funny text outside De Poshoorn. Eat in Maastricht
Funny text outside De Poshoorn

We sat down here for afternoon drinks. There terrace is perfect. Poshoorn is open from 9 am till 1 am. Perfect for breakfast, lunch, dinner, cake and drinks. There menu is diverse, lot’s of options. We ended our shopping day here with some ice tea and spritz.

To show the drinks we had in 2019
Spritz and ice tea


Stationsstraat 47

6221 BN Maastricht



From Wyck you can cross the St. Servaasbridge, the country’s oldest pedestrian overpass. Then you’re in the downtown area. The old town has lots of shops, beautiful old and new buildings and plenty of restaurants.

Buvette ‘t Piepenhoes

To show the Gooseberry cake
Gooseberry cake
To show the Strawberry cake
Strawberry cake

Our all time favorite place to sit down and have their ‘kruisbessenschuim’ (gooseberry cake) and ‘aardbeienschuim’ (strawberry cake). We’ve had lunch or dinner here also, but every time we’re in Maastricht we sit down and have to have their cake.

To show me having gooseberry cake
Gooseberry cake

Coming off the St. Servaasbridge, it’s right there. When the weather is beautiful, there’s and terrace next to the river Meuse. The inside is small, but cosy.

To show my lunch in 2016
Trio of kroketten
To show the lunch my friend had in 2016
asparagus kroketten

Piepenhoes is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cake and drinks in between are also possible. The cuisine is a mix of French, Dutch, ‘Limburgs’ and Belgian dishes. From ‘kroketten’to ‘zuurvlees’ and French onionsoup, they have it.

To show the famous Gooseberry cake
Gooseberry cake

’t Piepenhoes building started as an cigar shop, in 1985 this shop ended and the building was turned into Buvette ’t Piepenhoes.

To show dinner at 't Piepenhoes. Eat in Maastricht
Dinner @’t Piepenhoes


Maastrichter brugstraat 2

6211 ET Maastricht


Teazone Maastricht

To show the entrance to Teazone. Eat in Maastricht

It’s a tea shop and you can also sit down with tea or take a high tea. We had a high tea here and loved it. Cast iron pots of tea and all sorts of deliciousness were being served.

To show the Cast iron tea pots
Cast iron tea pots

Teazone is cosy and has a friendly staff. They serve and sell a large variety of different flavors of tea. The staff can also provide you with plenty of knowledge and advice about which flavor of tea to pick.

To show the First course: gazpacho in the high tea
First course: gazpacho
To show the Second course: savory bites
Second course: savory bites
Third course: Scones
Third course: Scones
To show the Last course: Sweet bites
Last course: Sweet bites


Koestraat 9

6211 HR Maastricht

0031 43 852 44 32

To show the ambiance inside
Ambiance inside

Spice of India

To show me and my friend.
My friend and I @Spice of India

Oh, they’ve got such delicious Indian food here. Loved the ambiance with colorful drawings on the wall and friendly, helpful staff.

To show our Chicken Kashmiri and Lamb Roghan Josh
Chicken Kashmiri and Lamb Roghan Josh

Spice of India serves different tandoori’s, birgyani’s and chicken, lamb and fish dishes. Next tot his I loved their kulfi and mango lassi. I’m not a fan of spicy dishes, so I had a mild flavored dish.

To show the mango lassi
Mango lassi


Achter het vleeshuis 27

6211 GR Maastricht

+31 (0)43 321 63 75

To show the kulfi we had in 2017. Eat in Maastricht

Familia restaurant

An restaurant in a small, cosy street in the center of Maastricht. It’s fun to sit down on the terrace here and have some drinks and fingerfood and just enjoy life.

To show the cheese plate we had. Eat in Maastricht
Cheese plate

Familia serves Italian and Argentinian cuisine. From pasta to burgers and meat, it’s being served at Familia.


Heggenstraat 3

6211 GW Maastricht

(+31) 43-3521717

Clichée Streetfood and Bar Maastricht

Clichée is a bar where you can sit down and enjoy the Dutch Design around you, some streetfood and cocktails. They serve an all day brunch. We sat down here to escape the rain and have a drink.

To show the homemade lemonade we had at clichee. Eat in Maastricht
Homemade lemonade


Koestraat 2-6

6211 HR Maastricht

043 310 10 20


Vrijthof is a busy and sociable square in downtown Maastricht. It gets a separate paragraph since on this square alone are already so many choices in restaurants. They all have vibrant terraces on the square. If there’s no place to sit down on one terrace then you just move to the one next door to it.

Azië Tapas

They serve sushi and we loved it. You can have sushi for lunch or dinner. Further more they serve coffee with cake and traditional lunch dishes. The sushi is on an all you can eat base.

Azië Tapas has good sushi, and we’ve eaten sushi at quite a few places (not in Japan, so can’t compare it to their sushi). We just have to visit Japan and the rest of Asia to compare the food and chase waterfalls in Asia.


Vrijthof 11

6211 LC Maastricht


Grand café Nieuw bruin

An pub with terrace and a menu with typical Dutch pub food, nothing wrong with that. I love ‘kroketten’, ’12 uurtje’ and satay.

To show happy hour in 2016. Eat in Maastricht
Happy hour

We sat down at Nieuw bruin for some afternoon drinks.


Vrijthof 5

6211 LC Maastricht


To show a classic local dish
Maastrichts zuurvlees

Basilica has a weekly changing menu and prepares their food with fresh artisinal products. We sat down for lunch here and liked it.

To show the burger I had for lunch at Basilica. Eat in Maastricht
Burger time


Vrijthof 15a

+31 (0)43 321 3936

Brasserie Vrijthof 9

Vrijthof 9 has a menu which is a mix of French and Italian cuisine. They serve food from 9 am till 11 pm. From breakfast to pasta they serve it.


Vrijthof 9

6211 LC Maastricht

Brasserie Monopole

Monopole is a vibrant restaurant which serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee. They serve sandwiches, soups, spare ribs and ‘zuurvlees’ a typical Maastrichts dish.

To show our drinks at Brasserie Monopole. Eat in Maastricht
Hot chocolate with rum and a coffee with Baileys


Vrijthof 3

6211 LC Maastricht

043-321 40 90


Another hotspot in downtown Maastricht, also a busy square like Vrijthof. Lot’s of restaurants with terraces to sit down on, centered around the town hall.

Eetcafé Jour de Fête

To show the club sandwich I had for lunch
Club sandwich
To show the Croque monsieur my friend had for lunch
Croque monsieur

We’ve already sat down here quite a few times for lunch, tea or drinks. We like their terrace and sitting down there during our shopping spree. They serve ‘arretjescake’ with their tea/coffee, one of my friend favorite local pastries.

To show the famous local pastry arretjescake
To show me having Hot chocolate and mint tea with my friend
Hot chocolate and mint tea

Jour de Fête serves local and international dishes from ‘Maastrichts zuurvlees’ to Flemmish fries and ‘Limburgse vlaai’ (cake).

The sandwich I had for lunch at Jour de Fete. Eat in Maastricht
Sandwich for lunch
French onionsoup


Markt 32

6211 CR Maastricht

+31 (0)43 325 69 32

De la Bourse Maastricht

De la Bourse has an international menu with lots of choice. Nachos, spare-ribs, onionsoup and more. You can also share a plate with several options from the menu.

To show the View on the town hall. Eat in Maastricht
View on the town hall


Markt 37

6211 CK

+31 43 321 8112


A Turkish restaurant where we had a plate of streetfood which we loved. They make a good shisha.

To show the turkish fingerfood we had at Capadokia. Eat in Maastricht
Turkish fingerfood


Markt 7

6211 CH

043 325 5332


An neighbourhood build mostly after the second world war. It’s a little further way from the center of the city, but there’s still a good choice of restaurants.

De Branding

To show the ambiance at De Branding. Eat in Maastricht
Umbrellas at de Branding
To show the main course I had in 2015
Fried rice with a fried egg and satay

A good Indonesian restaurant, we had dinner here a few years ago and loved it. They’ve moved since then from the Koestraat to Proosdijweg.

To show the entree I had at De Branding
To show the main course my friend hat.
Fried rice with lots of extra’s
To show the fried bananas I had in 2015
Fried bananas


Proosdijweg 60

6214 RN

043 321 7806


As you can see there are lots of good restaurants to eat in Maastricht. Whether you’re looking for breakfast, lunch, dinner, tea or drinks.

For cityguides on other cities in The Netherlands like The Hague, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Tilburg, Scheveningen and Eindhoven. And more are coming.

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