Nativity scene inside the cave
Christmas,  Maastricht,  Netherlands

Christmas market Valkenburg: caves and food

Valkenburg is a small town way down in the utmost Southern part of The Netherlands, next to big brother Maastricht. Maastricht is one of the top cities of The Netherlands. When eating your way around Maastricht, it’s easy to make a visit to Christmas market Valkenburg. Valkenburg during Christmas time is magical, with its Christmas markets in caves, a festive parade and culinary walking routes.

Christmas market Valkenburg: caves

Valkenburg has several marl caves, which can be visited. In November and December there’s a Christmas market in the caves of Valkenburg.


The nativity scene, outside the caves. With the marl behind it.
The nativity scene

The Fluweelengrot (Velvet cave) are the corridors under the castle ruin. Each year the biggest indoor Christmas event in The Netherlands is held here. Some 125.000 visitors come to the cave each year for the Christmas market. The fairytale like surroundings are perfect for the Christmas stalls and nativity scene.

In 2020 there’s no Christmas market in the Fluweelengrot.

Gemeente grot

Another nativity scene, baby Jezus, Maria, Jozef and a sheppard.
Another nativity scene

Another marl cave with Christmas decorations, settings and stalls. Enjoy the oldest, largest and most visited underground Christmas market in Europe.

The Christmas market in the Gemeente grot has been cancelled in 2020.


A sheppard and his sheep
A sheppard and his sheep

Famous for the 25 meters long Christmas story in miniature. Next to that there are life-sized marl sculptures on display and unique Christmas villages.

In 2020 it’s open from November 19th till January 3th 2021, from 10am-4pm. Closed on January 1st. Book your tickets online.

Winter Wonderland

A Christmas Angel, with light in it. Blowing a trumpet
A Christmas Angel

New in 2020! The story of Christmas displayed in the underground marl passages of the Wilhelmina cave. But this isn’t the only thing to do at Winter Wonderland. Take a ride on the cable-lift, and admire the largest illuminated Christmas tree in the province of Limburg. Make a slide on a toboggan run and/or play golf at the adventure mini golf course.

Opening times in 2020 are from November 21st till January 3th 2021. Monday to Friday from 11am-5pm, on Saturday and Sunday from 10am-6pm. Closed on Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve. Book your tickets online.

Christmas Fairytales Parade

Christmas Parade, 5 people, among them 2 kids, dressed in white clothes walking in the middle of the street. People standing on the side.
Christmas Parade

When it’s dark a parade of festively dressed up people make a route through the streets of Valkenburg. It was fun to see the Christmas parade Valkenburg. The parade is on Wednesday and Saturday evening around 7 pm.

This year all the parades have been cancelled.

Christmas Parade, a bunch of girls dressed up as santa's. People watching on the side.
Christmas Parade

Route D’Amuse

A culinary walking route through Valkenburg with the highlights of the town, like the castle ruin. En route you stop at 7 restaurants for 7 ‘amuse bouche’ with an accompanying drink. We had a lot of fun following this route, sampling the food and visiting sights and Christmas markets along the way.

Since the restaurants are closed right now, it’s not clear if there can be a Route D’Amuse.

Other Christmas things

Valkenburg at night, a lit up christmas tree, the church is lit from below
Valkenburg at night

Kerststad Valkenburg (Christmastown Valkenburg) has more to offer then the Christmas markets, culinary walks and Christmas parade. There are 5 winter walks through Valkenburg. The downtown streets are decorated with thousands of lights and decorations. If this doesn’t bring you in a festive mood, I don’t know what will.

Where to stay

Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant Valkenburg, Fletcher Hotel-Restaurant De Burghoeve or Landal Kasteeldomein De Cauberg are perfect as a base to explore Valkenburg. These Christmas markets are perfect to include on road trips.

Christmas market Valkenburg is a must visit event for November and December

It will immediately bring you in a festive mood. For a totally different Christmas experience, see a Christmas in Jordan. The Christmas markets in Hamburg are also a perfect Christmas outing.

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