• The Lange Jan Tower, as seen through another street in front of it.
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    25 Fun Things to do in Zeeland

    Zeeland is one of the provinces in The Netherlands, which is perfect for a vacation. It consists of islands and peninsulas. There’s so much to see and do here, that we keep coming back. Whether for a weekend getaway or a vacation. Here’s our list of 25 things to do in Zeeland that we have compiled from all our visits over the years. 25 Things to do in Zeeland: Food 1. Eat Kibbeling or a Lekkerbekje. It’s braided fried cod, which is in big pieces (kibbeling) of still in fish form (lekkerbekje). You can eat both dishes all over The Netherlands, but so close to the sea you have the…

  • Lipno nad Vltavou, the Landal park and the frozen lake
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    Lipno nad Vltavou things to do: 7 fun activities in winter time

    Lipno nad Vltavou is a small town in Czechia. It surrounds the Lipno lake and is situated in a mountainous area. In winter time there’s snow and the lake freezes over. We’ve enjoyed a week here in 2018 and in 2019 in winter time. Here’s our Lipno nad Vltavou things to do list in winter time. Lipno nad Vltavou things to do: 7 activities Snowpark Lipno Lyžařsky areál The ultimate winter time activity in Lipno nad Vltavou for a lot of people is skiing. This is the only activity of the things to do in Lipno nad Vltavou that we haven’t done ourselves. All 3 of us don’t enjoy skiing.…

  • An overview of Gullfoss, the 2 traps, green grass field in the front.
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    2 Days in Iceland: Reykjavik, Golden circle and the south coast

    We’ve been to Iceland twice and it’s one of our all-time favorite destinations; for Paul it takes first place for me it’s in the top 5. The first time we made a 10 day road trip, the second time was 2 days in Iceland on a stopover on our way to our epic road trip from New York to Orlando and from Orlando to San Francisco. This epic road trip was the best thing for our family at that moment and Iceland was the perfect start. Here is our perfect itinerary for 2 days in Iceland. Be ready for waterfalls, geysers and otherworldly landscapes. 2 Days in Iceland itinerary This…

  • A foggy New York skyline. As seen from the Staten Island ferry. Part of the Manhattan skyline. Large buildings, water in front and fog behind and on top. The start of the road trip from New York to Orlando.
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    21-day Road Trip from New York to Orlando

    The USA is one of our favorite countries to road trip in, the endless roads and the sense of freedom you get with it. We’ve done several road trips through the USA and in 2015 we made a road trip from New York to Orlando. We took 21 days, with days in NYC in the beginning and days at the end for exploring Orlando. The New York to Orlando driving time non-stop would be 18-20 hours. But only stopping for gas and food would mean that you miss all the beautiful nature and attractions along the way. And there are so many stops worth your time. There are several options…

  • With face masks in the bus, reality while traveling in 2020
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    10 Useful tips for traveling in 2020

    We’ve traveled 3 times this year, once in February, when all the craziness was just starting (no lockdowns in Europe yet). And twice during the rest of the year. In May for a long weekend and this Summer for a road trip. All within The Netherlands. Here are 10 tips we can give you from our experience for traveling in 2020. Traveling in 2020: know the rules Before you take off on your road trip, know the rules specific to the country and/or region you’re visiting. Moreover, keep yourselves to these rules. Every country and in some cases regions have their own set of rules to fight the pandemic. You…

  • Part of the Oosterscheldekering, you see pilars with slides in between and some traffic on the road over it. The sea in the front and the sky above.
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    What to know for a visit to the Delta Works

    The Delta works (Deltawerken) is what has made The Netherlands world famous in the water management world. They’re one of the landmarks of The Netherlands. It’s possible to visit the Delta works in The Netherlands. Below I will share some history, a few facts and how to visit the Delta works Netherlands. The Deltawerken are in the Southwest of The Netherlands. A short history of the Delta Works Watersnoodramp In 1953 the Watersnoodramp (North Sea flood of 1953) happened, which was a combination of high spring tide and a storm tide. This caused extensive flooding in The Netherlands, UK and Belgium. There were 1836 deaths in The Netherlands and lots…

  • Sunset on the Blue Ridge Parkway. The sun goes down with a red and blue sky above the mountains.
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    Blue Ridge Parkway: fireflies and endless mountains

    Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway is like a dream come true. Before we embarked on our road trip through the USA north to south, I hadn’t heard of it before, but I’m so glad I did my research and we drove this National Scenic Byway. The views on the Blue Ridge Mountains are to dream of. Next to the endless views there’s so much to do on and off the parkway, you could spend weeks here. Where is the Blue Ridge Parkway? The Blue Ridge Parkway starts at the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in the south all the way to Shenandoah National Park in the North. This way the…

  • Yuri with some actors on the photo who where having fun at Dickens Festival.
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    Dickens Festival: the perfect Christmas outing

    The Dickens Festival (called Dickens festijn in Dutch) in Deventer, The Netherlands was on my radar to visit for years already. We finally got to visit it in 2018 and loved it. It’s truly a unique experience and something for everyone looking for something spectacular around Christmas time.  Dickens Festival Deventer For 2 days Deventer turns into an 19th century English town from the stories of Charles Dickens. Want to meet Scrooge, Oliver Twist or Mr. Pickwick? It’s possible at the Dickens Christmas festival. Listen to Christmas carol singers or watch orphans moan about their lives. See a living statue or watch Queen Victoria having a tea party. The area…

  • Fortress of Louisbourg one of the Forts in the World

    The Greatest and Best Forts in the World

    Forts are fantastic to visit. They’re full of history and grandeur. When walking towards a fort, I’m always in awe. You usually don’t have to travel far to find a fort or fortress. Since there are numerous forts in the world. India alone has over 1000 forts. Not everything with fort in the name is an actual fort though, like Fort Worth in Texas. The largest town named after a fort. Best Forts in the World: Middle East We start with the forts in the Middle East. A region with lots of strive and history. Masada, Israël Contributed by Cosette from KarsTravels. Masada or Massada is a citadel on a…

  • Sipapu Bridge
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    Natural Bridges National Monument: hiking and a snake

    On a road trip through the southwest USA Paul and I made a stop at Natural Bridges National Monument in Utah. Not one of the large famous parks in the state, such as Arches or Zion, but none the less beautiful and worth a stop. Where is Natural Bridges National Monument? Natural Bridges National Monument is located in the southeast of the state of Utah. On the place where the White Canyon and the Armstrong Canyon meet. It’s located south of Moab and east of the Glen Canyon. Some facts about Natural Bridges National Monument Utah’s first National Monument was founded on 16 April 1908 and is managed by the…