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What to do during lockdown

Like a lot of families around the world right now, we’re in a lockdown. In The Netherlands there’s a soft lockdown. We still can go outside for groceries, a short walk, a motorbike ride, to help someone who can’t go outside or to work if you have an essential job. Group formation is forbidden, more than 2 people together is forbidden except when you form a household. Luckily we can still go outside in moderation. Sadly I have a cold and Yuri the flu, so we have to stay inside. Here’s what to do during the lockdown.

What we’re doing during the lockdown

Although things we can do and where we can go are limited, this doens’t mean we can’t do anything. Here’s what to do during the lockdown. What we as a family have done so far.


Since we so far still can go outside, here are some things you can do while keeping your distance from others.

(Small) kids are still allowed to play outside with other kids. Yuri has played outside by himself with a paper plane. Since he’s sick now, he’s just inside or in our garden.

To show Yuri playing outside when he still could. to do during lockdown
Yuri playing outside

Paul is the only one who really has been able to go outside. He’s been on a few motorbike rides, a bike ride and gone for a short walk. The weather is beautiful here in The Netherlands, Spring has sprung. So these things were perfect for him to have some fresh air, while maintaining 6 feet distance from others. Another perfect thing to do when you can go outside is search for street art in your hometown, it’s so much fun.

To show Paul on his motorbike.
Motorbike ride

Luckily we have a garden, so we can sit outside and enjoy some sun. There’s a blue tit making it’s nest in our garden, he/she comes here every year, this is so much fun to watch.


Since we’re not having our regular bike rides, walks and for Yuri playing outside and on school we’re excercising a lot less. So we’re now playing JustDance and Wii Fit +. It’s fun to compete against eachother and keep on moving.

To show Yuri playing Wii fit. to do during lockdown
Yuri playing Wii fit

Further more I walk up and down the stairs for half an hour each day, cheaper than the gym and a great excercise.

To show us excercising
Yuri walking up and down the stairs while reading

The last thing with plenty of moving around the house we’re going to do once Yuri is feeling better is a nerf gun fight.

Family time

To show us playing Mario Party. to do during lockdown
Playing Mario Party

Next to 3 meals together every day we have built in some family time each day. Time that we’re doing something together. So far we’ve played Mario Party on the Switch. Yuri and I baked a cake together and a bananabread.

To show us making a banananbread.
Making a bananabread

We’ve played board games, always something we love and now we have ample time. The ‘Oom Dagobert spel’ was won by me, similar to Monopoly, with Uncle Scrooge McDuck. We’ve also played Settlers of Catan and Yuri won this. Now we’re gonna play ‘Het Stenen Tijdperk spel’ a strategic game about the stone age.

To show us playing a board game
Playing the Uncle Scrooge McDuck game


Since we can’t visit family and friends in person safely right now, we’re keeping in touch in other ways.

We’re making phone calls with our parents once or twice a day. We’ve Facetimed with Paul’s parents when Yuri unwrapped his Birthday presents from them. So they could still see the joy on his face when he opened them.

Yuri has been playing Fortnite online with a friend. He’s stayed in touch with a few friends through WhatsApp and Facetime.

With friends and family we’re also using WhatsApp to check in with them. See if they’re still allright. Sending pics of what we’re doing and sharing memes.


Other than that we’re having school and work from home. The household still needs to be done. We’re in higher decluttering mode than before. There’s time to read, for crafts and armchair travel. Since we can’t travel right now, I’m reading about it. Once it’s safe to travel again, we’ll be ready.

To show Yuri reading a book. to do during lockdown
Reading a book


I hope this blog has given you some new ideas on what to do during the lockdown. Stay home, stay safe.

For some armchair travel reading try our blogs about Frankfurt, Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Jordan or Götzens. When we didn’t need to stay home, Disney during Covid.

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