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Where to eat in Scheveningen

Scheveningen is one of the popular beach towns in The Netherlands. The beach is lined with beachclubs in the Spring and Summer, next to that the boulevard has lots of permanent restaurants. So plenty of choice to eat in Scheveningen. In this blog we highlight our favorites, from kiosk’s to sit down restaurants.

Eat on the beach in Scheveningen

I love the beach and sea. Being there is heaven. Furthermore I love sitting inside or on a terrace while looking out at the sea. Scheveningen has lots of places where you can sit down and eat or drink and have that perfect view. Not all the places mentioned are open year round. Only a few places on the beach have a year round concession. Usually they’re open from March till October.


Here are our favorite beachclubs which are right on the beach. They’re open from March till October.

Simonis aan Zee

Simonis is a family-run business, they have several venues, one of them is on the beach in Scheveningen. It’s already the 4th generation and the beachclub is there since 2001.

to show one fish dish: vingoles. Eat in Scheveningen

It’s a fish restaurant where they prepare fresh fish dishes. From “kibbeling” to mussels. Their food is delicious. My friend and I had dinner here, but they serve lunch and drinks as well. There’s an terrace outside reachable from the boulevard and the beach. You can also sit inside, if it’s too cold or too crowded outside.

To show surf and turf, a dish of Simonis aan Zee
Surf and turf

For the best fish in town go to Simonis aan Zee.

To show a dish of Simonis aan zee: braided fish
Braided fish


Strandweg 41

2586 JL Den Haag

OCEANS Beach House

To show a dish from OCEANS: fish salad plate. Eat in Scheveningen
Fish salad plate

My friend and I loved this Beachclub the last time we were in Scheveningen. We sat down for lunch and a drink after a stroll we sat down again, but this time for dinner. Both were fantastic.

To show how relaxed sitting down at OCEANS was
Having a drink at the beach
To show another dish from OCEANS: satay

OCEANS serves for instance local fish, grilled steaks, fruits de mer plates and cocktails. They have a terrace outside which is reachable from the beach and the boulevard. We visited in fall and they had cosy fires on, to keep you warm.

To show a dish from OCEANS: kibbeling

OCEANS serves breakfast, pastry, drinks, lunch, fingerfood and dinner.

To show one of the cocktails: Strawberry daiquiri
Strawberry daiquiri


Strandweg Tent 32

2586 JK Den Haag

070 3502073

To show a perfect dish from OCEANS: mussels

El Niño Beach Club

A beachclub with a Mediterranean atmosphere, the colors of the beachclub are cheery and stand out. They have a terrace which is reachable from the boulevard and beach. When it’s colder they have cosy fires outside or you can sit inside.

El Nino has a playground on the beach in front of the terrace. They serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, drinks, pastry and fingerfood. On Sunday there’s an extensive breakfast buffet and on Thursday there’s an Indonesian buffet.

For a mix of Indonesian, Mexican, fish and Dutch food you’re in the right place at El Nino.


Strand Noord 31 Scheveningen


My friend and I had drinks here on a beautiful, sunny fall day. Nothing beats having a drink, reading, some small talk and seeing the sea.

SummerTime serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, bites, drinks and cake. On the menu are dishes like pulled pork, “poffertjes”, “kroketjes”, fishsoup, vegan falafelburger and “kibbeling”. There’s plenty of choice.

The terrace of SummerTime (summertime-scheveningen.nl) is reachable from the beach and boulevard. When it’s cold they have fires to warm yourself or you can sit inside.


Strand Noord 34

2586 ZZ Scheveningen

070-3555 437

Scheveningen Boulevard

Scheveningen is famous for it’s iconic pier and boulevard. The pier was neglected for many years, but not anymore. It’s restored to glory again and buzzing with people. It’s fun to stroll down the pier, when you’ve done the boulevard. The Boulevard has the more permanent restaurants, that are open year round and don’t have to be broken down in November. Here are our favorites.


To show some of the ice from the Kiosk. Eat in Scheveningen
Chocolate and strawberry soft serve ice cream

On the boulevard are several Kiosk’s. One of them sells coffee, hot chocolate, milkshakes and soft serve ice cream. My friend wanted to go here because when she was younger they used to buy ice cream here on a day out in Scheveningen. Well, their soft serve ice cream is still delicious.

To show a cone with the ice
A cone with banana and strawberry flavor


Strandweg 140

2586 JW Den Haag

070 3547273

J&R Fish ‘n Chips

To show th famous Dutch dish. Eat in Scheveningen
Herring bun

Another one of the Kiosk’s on the boulevard. This one has delicious fish. We had a bun with herring here. A traditional Dutch snack: fresh herring with onion on a bun.

To show a bun with herring and mackarel
Herring bun and mackarel bun


Strandweg Kiosk 2


070 355 4858

The rest of Scheveningen

Not every good restaurant and livelyhood is on the boulevard or the beach in Scheveningen. There’s so much choice all over Scheveningen.

Ijssalon Palazzo

They serve over 30 flavors in this ice cream parlor. We sat on the terrace here and had delicious sundaes.

Furthermore they also sell cones with Italian ice cream and sandwiches. So sitting down for lunch is also an option. Next to Italian ice cream they also sell soft serve ice cream, milkshakes and whipped cream waffles.

The ice cream parlor is serving ice cream with a unique Italian family recipe since 1985. Well, we can say without a doubt that Palazzo sells delicious ice cream.


Palacestreet 30


070 352 1710

La Galleria

On the Kurhaus square, close by the beach is this Italian restaurant. It’s a good place to linger on the terrace with beautiful weather.

To show the ambiance at La Galleria. Eat in Scheveningen
Cheery straw

They’re serving good Italian food and the best Italian wines since 1981. In front of the restaurant is a square where it’s fun to play for kids.

To show one of the cakes of La Galleria
Chocolate cake

We had cocktails, cake and bites here while Yuri played on the square. The atmosphere was relaxed with the hot weather at La Galleria.


Gevers Deynootplein 105

2586 CP Den Haag

070 352 1156

Rodizio Brazilian Grill Scheveningen

A restaurant in Brazilian style, with delicious food. The evening starts with an buffet. After that the gauchos serve meat and fish at your table. They walk around with grilled meat on large skewers and if you want it, slice off a big piece. So delicious.

To show how it works at Rodizio. Eat in Scheveningen
Slicing meat from the skewer

Rodizio is the term used in Brazil fort his kind of serving. The gauchos usually make a show of it. It’s authentic Brazilian food. It’s easy to eat too much here, since it’s so good.

The buffet of Rodizio (rodizio.nl) offers a variety of marinated and grilled veggies, cheeses and other warm dishes.


Gevers Deynootplein 125

2586 CR Scheveningen

070 322 5373


So many good options to eat out in Scheveningen throughout the day. We love going to Scheveningen, one of the popular beachtowns in The Netherlands.

We have more guides on restaurants in The Netherlands like The Hague, Den Bosch, Haarlem, Tilburg and Eindhoven. And more are coming.

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