To show me at one of the restaurants. Eat in Eindhoven
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Where to eat in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is one of the cities I first went to with friends when we had the age to go shopping on our own. I’ve been here so many times and loved it every time. Here’s a list of good experiences to eat in Eindhoven.

Options to eat in Eindhoven

Eindhoven is home to Philips, the world leader originated here and there’s also a museum here from and about Philips. There’s an vibrant industrial scene. Eindhoven also has a university which means lots of cheaper restaurants. The city is placed in the south and has an burgundian ambiance, which is common for the south. All this combined makes sure there are lots of good places to eat in Eindhoven.

Street Food Eindhoven

Tos show the delicious Pulled Pork Fries.
Pulled Pork Fries

This relaxed place is where Paul and I had lunch on a day in the city. They serve homemade milkshakes, snacks, fries, sandwiches, salads and all day breakfast. We loved the fries and snack we had here.

To show one of the delicious dishes from Street Food. Eat in Eindhoven
Fish and chips

For good ambiance and food go to Street Food Eindhoven.

To show the delicious freakshake.


Catharinaplein 17

5611 DE Eindhoven


Bakkertje Bol

A pastry chain in Noord-Brabant, they’ve got 2 venues in Eindhoven. Drool worthy counters with all the fresh baked bread and goodies. They serve juices, sandwiches, bread, pastry and hot drinks.

To show one of the displays of Bakkertje Bol. Eat in Eindhoven
Deliciousness from Bakkertje Bol

For good homemade pastries go to Bakkertje Bol.


18 septemberplein 15

5611 AL Eindhoven


Zoet & Zout

They’re smack in the middle of the center of Eindhoven. In a corner of the market square with a view on the merry-go-round. I had cake with tea here with a friend on a rainy day.

To show the outside of Zoet & Zout. Eat in Eindhoven
Zoet & Zout on a rainy day

The restaurant serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and cake. They have lots of options on their menu and a few dishes that change monthly.

To show where we sat and what we had at Zoet & zout
Cake on the terrace

If you’re searching for a restaurant with an option for every moment of the day then you can’t go wrong with Zoet & Zout.

To show a piece of cake from Zoet & Zout
Delicious cake


Nieuwstraat 40

5611 DB Eindhoven

Meneer Frits

Meneer Frits is an restaurant and grand cafe, situated next tot he concert building. We went here for lunch and loved it. They serve lunch, dinner, snacks and coffee. On the menu are grilled cheese, sandwiches, kroketten and soup.

To show what we ate for lunch @meneer frits
‘Kroketten’ trio

We had a trio of kroketten here and they were good. For a good lunch go to Meneer Frits.


Heuvel Galerie 140

5611 DK Eindhoven



Such a fun city for a shopping day and enough places to eat well in Eindhoven. We have more city guides on restaurants on the blog covering Tilburg, The Hague and Haarlem.

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