To show a funny picture from Christmas in Jordan. A camel head with a Santa hat on it.
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Christmas in Jordan

We usually spend Christmas with family in Germany. But in 2015 we did Christmas a little bit different. We were in Jordan, so had whole other surroundings, people and weather. We loved our Christmas in Jordan.

Christianity in Jordan

First some background. Jordan is a country in the Middle East. Neighbouring to Israël, Palestine, Syria, Irak and Saudi-Arabia. Christians have been living in Jordan for centuries. About 6% of the population are Christians, among them Roman Catholics, Syrian-orthodox, Armenian-orthodox, protestants, Copts and Melkite Greek Catholics.

To show a picture that there are Christmas trees in Jordan. A decorated fake Christmas tree in a hotel lobby. A desk behind it and a picture of the king.
A Christmas tree in one of the hotels

Islam is the state religion. There’s no freedom of religion; muslims aren’t allowed to convert to a different faith. Christians are however free to practise their religion.

During our vacation in Jordan we felt safe there as Catholics. No animosity towards us ever.

Christmas Eve

To show Christmas in Jordan, it was cold in Wadi Rum. Cosette is sitting on an outside bench totaly covered in blankets.
Cosette covered in blankets

On Christmas Eve we were in Wadi Rum, the desert. We arrived in jeeps at the camp after visiting the sites driving through the desert. At sunset we enjoyed freshly made tea. It was freezing cold. The thick blankets at the camp were very welcome. Covered in blankets we ate dinner inside a large tent and then we acted out the Christmas story of Jezus’ birth. We had lots of fun with it, it was a perfect Christmas play. We went to bed on time.

A picture to show part of the camp. The sun shine wasn't on that area yet. You see benches in a quare with one side open. Small chairs and tables in the middle. Tents on the side and a rock behind it.
The sitting area at the camp

Christmas Morning

To show a picture from a thing on our tour through Jordan. The shadows of 2 camels with people on them. Red sand and some grass.
Camel ride in Wadi Rum

It was so cold waking up in the desert. The sun wasn’t shining yet, was still behind the rocks. So Christmas in Jordan started cold. We had breakfast at the camp and then mounted camels for a ride through the desert. Sitting on a camel so close to the promised land on Christmas morning was magic. After a little more than an hour we arrived at another camp and left the desert.

A picture to show what we did on Christmas morning. Cosette and Paul on camels with a Christmas hat on their head. The desert behind them.
Us on camels with our Christmas hats

Christmas Day

A picture to show Christmas in Jordan. Yuri is sitting in the sun at a table. He has a plate with fries and bread in front of him. A Christmas hat lying next to him and his cuddle bear.
Lunch in the sun

Christmas in Jordan might have started cold, but ended with warm weather. From Wadi Rum we drove south to Aqaba on the Red Sea. In the afternoon we had lunch on a terrace in the sun. We strolled through Aqaba; went to the souk and the beach. At the beach were glass bottom boats for rent; we made a half hour trip on the Red Sea. That was cool. In the evening we ate at a restaurant together.

To show that we good go the beach. Beach, glass bottom boats on the Red Sea. People walking on the beach. Mountains in the back.
The beach with glass bottom boats and the Red Sea

Boxing Day

A text to show that they try to let people know that they know it's Christmas. A chalk board with the text written on it: Wishing all our guests a very merry Christmas + Happy New Year.
Christmas wish at the resort

Christmas in Jordan also meant swimming in the sea and playing on the beach. On Boxing day we went to a resort for the day and laid on the beach. The men also went swimming and looked at the corals. It was a relaxing way to spend Boxing day. In the evening we drove back to Amman to catch our flight to Istanbul.

To show how the resort looked at the Red Sea in Aqaba.
The resort at the Red Sea

This was our Christmas in Jordan, full of experiences and relaxation. We missed our family, but this was also a perfect way to celebrate Christmas.

A picture to show that you could swim in the sea with Christmas. A picture of the blue water of the Red Sea, with in the upper part some beach. Paul is snorkling in the middle.
Swimming in the Red Sea on Boxing day

To read more about our travels in Jordan, we have a blog about our tour through Jordan and one about Petra. Jordan is a perfect place to include Christmas on one of your road trips. There are more places perfect around the world for Christmas, check out these Christmas markets around the world.

We visited Jordan on a tour from Koning Aap.

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