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2022 Travels in Review

2022 started with a lockdown, but luckily that was the last one. Looking at 2022 in review, we traveled a lot. Lots of daytrips and weekend getaways in the Netherlands. But also some vacations in Europe. So here are all our travels in 2022 month by month.

2022 in Review


Parasailing, Paul is watching the parasailers take of from the beach

We started the new year in Callantsoog, at Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog. The country was still in lockdown at that moment and this continued in the first few months of the year.

Almost at the end of the month we had another weekend getaway, again a Fletcher hotel and near the beach. We stayed at Fletcher Wijk aan Zee, only a dune in between the hotel and the beach. So I went walking on the beach 3 times a day.


Amsterdam Canal, bikes standing against the railing. The canal seen from a bridge.
Amsterdam Canal

On the 5th we went to Amsterdam by train, we had apple pie at Café Winkel 43. We had to check out ourselves were all the popularity of their apple pie came from. It’s truly delicious. Then we went to Game Over?, a secondhand gaming store that Yuri really wanted to visit. On the 6th Paul and I went to the cinema and watched the new Spiderman movie.

The second weekend of February we went again to Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog. Our Valentine’s weekend. This time we could use the swimming pool and eat at the restaurant. We had fun with a walk on the beach and watching movies.

At the end of February Yuri had a vacation from school, so we went to Czechia. We had one stay on the way there at Frankfurt. We stayed again at Landal Marino Lipno, in Lipno and Vltavou. It was our third visit, the others were in 2018 and 2019. Both those times the lake was frozen  over and there was a lot of snow. Sadly, this time the Winter was mild, this meant the lake wasn’t frozen over, so no ice skating and almost no snow. I love snow covered landscapes, sadly there were none.


A beautiful Cesky krumlov
A beautiful Cesky krumlov

We started March at Lipno and Vltavou, and at the end of our stay we went to Ceský Krumlov. Our third visit to this beautiful medieval city. On the way home we stayed one night at a hotel in Helmstadt in Germany.

March is Yuri’s birthday month. This year we stayed one night at Mercure Tilburg in a suite, the weekend before his birthday. We had stayed at this hotel already several times and love its location.

On the 13th and 24th Paul and I drove our regular route along Hollandsche Rading, Loosdrecht, Hilversum and Vinkeveen. Lots of restaurants to sit down at and beautiful nature.

Then came the birthday weekend. On Friday we had cake. With his friends we went lasergaming on Saturday and there was a sleepover. On Sunday family and friends came.

On the 26th Paul and I went to the Rijksmuseum van Volkenkunde (Ethnology or Anthropology) in Leiden. There was a temporary exhibition on Aztecs in the museum. It was a good exhibition and afterwards we enjoyed the cherry blossoms at the courtyard of the museum and lunch in Leiden. On the 27th we went with a friend to the Lentebockfestival in Utrecht. After we had dinner in the city and visited the new large Broese bookstore.

At the last weekend of March my sister and I hosted a high tea for my aunt at our parents home.


Catharijne church, as seen from the grass surrounding it, with the tower on the left
Catharijne church in Brielle

On the first of April we had snow. The 2nd of April Paul and I attended The Amsterdam Coffee Festival. After the festival we sat down at Het Papeneiland for apple pie. It was nice enough weather to sit down on the terrace. We stumbled across some bikes decorated with flowers. Since the flower blooming season had started, we drove The Flower Route a second time. It was still a bit early to see lots of tulips.

The 6th I went again to Amsterdam, this time to go shopping with a friend. I of course showed her Café Winkel 43, since she loves apple pie.

We did a Lentecruise (Spring cruise) on the 9th, which starts and ends in Lisse. It’s a very touristy thing to do, but it was great. After we had lunch at the beach in Katwijk aan Zee. Inside, since it wasn’t really beautiful weather that day. On the 10th we had lunch with a friend in Utrecht.

Yuri had groep 8 kamp from the 11th till the 14th. It was the last year of elementary school for him. On the 12th Paul and I drove our regular round along Hollandsche Rading and Vreeland. Since Yuri was away at camp we could do this on a school day.


At Easter we went to Brielle and had a long weekend at Fletcher Hotel de Zalm. On Saturday we went to Museum Den Briel, then to lighthouse De Stenen Baak (the oldest stone lighthouse in the Netherlands) and had ice cream at a farm. On Easter Day Paul and I drove the Tulip Route Holland on Goeree-Overflakkee. That Monday I did a self-guided city walk through Brielle, before we left again. We had lunch at the beach in Katwijk aan Zee, the weather was beautiful, before returning home.

On April 23rd Yuri and I went to Museum Catharijne Convent in Utrecht with the Confirmation group. As part of the preparation to the Confirmation, one of the things they do is visit this museum.

North Netherlands Road Trip

The last week of April we had our first longer road trip. We toured through the North of the Netherlands, and stopped at Huizen, Leeuwarden and Schoorl. At each stop we stayed 2 nights. In Huizen we stayed at Fletcher Nautisch Kwartier, which is a beautiful complex at a lake. We used it as our base to drive the ANWB Zeebodemroute, which had tulip fields on the whole route this time of the year. On our route from Huizen to Leeuwarden we stopped at Boerkok, Museum Schokland and Giethoorn.

In Leeuwarden we stayed at Fletcher Stadhouderlijk Hof, a former city palace. We celebrated Kings Day, during our stay. On our route from Leeuwarden to Schoorl we stopped at the Eise Eisinga Planetarium, which is the oldest, still working, planetarium in the world. We drove on the Afsluitdijk to reach the province of North Holland. A first for Yuri, Paul and I had driven on it before.

Our last stay was at Fletcher Hotel Jan van Scorel. This was a perfect base to drive the ANWB Dijk en Duinroute. That time of year it was filled with tulip fields. On the last day, on our way home, we stopped at the National Cheesemuseum in Alkmaar, then at the smallest candy store in the Netherlands, had lunch in Volendam and strolled around, sat at the terrace at Ottenhome and had dinner with pancakes before returning home again.


The Kiss by Klimmt, projected on a wall
The Kiss by Klimmt

We started the month of May with cake at Carla’s Conditorei in Utrecht. On the 7th Yuri had a birthday party. Paul and I went to Amsterdam and visited the fabulous Fabrique des Lumieres. Art of Hundertwasser and Klimmt is displayed on the walls and floors of the building and it’s really fantastic. We loved it. On Sunday it was Mother’s Day and we went for a round of lunch, cake and a terrace in Utrecht.

On May 15th we had tickets to go to Militracks at Oorlogsmuseum Overloon, but alas in the morning we discovered a break in, in our car, so no trip that day.

We ended May with a long weekend getaway at Fletcher Heidehof in Heerenveen. It was Ascension day on Thursday, so it was a nice long weekend. On Saturday we went to Forum Groningen, were we visited Storyworld and the Game On! 50 Years of Videogames exhibition. On our way home on Sunday we stopped in Giethoorn and visited the museum. We had lunch at Restaurant ‘t Hoogt before returning home.


Castle Borggraaf, as seen from the front and the side
Castle Borggraaf

Our month started well with attending Festival TREK with a friend in Utrecht. It’s a food truck festival with music, which is fun and the food is delicious. On the 4th Yuri had his Confirmation.

A week later we drove the ANWB Zuidelijke Ijssalonroute, which has stops at 4 ice parlors. We had ice cream at all 4. On Sunday Paul and I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. We watched the Nightswatch and other famous paintings. After we had cake at De Drie Graefjes, a place with super delicious cake.

On the 17th we went to Top Gun: Maverick at the cinema. The 19th we had another festival in Utrecht, namely Central Park Festival with Dutch musicians. We enjoyed the music and the ambiance.

22nd of June was a super-hot day, so we had cake at the terrace of Rabarber in Utrecht.

Our last outing of the month was a visit to the Spoorwegmuseum (Railway museum) in Utrecht and then lunch at Kaasbar Utrecht. Which is a cheese bar with a rotating line going round with cheese on it.


The old harbor, a row of colorful houses, with small boats in front of it in the water. People walking on the dock
The old harbor in Honfleur

July started with Yuri’s groep 8-musical, which is something each elementary school does in the last year. The kids did a fantastic job. On the 2nd Paul and I went to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. There was a temporary exhibition that we loved. We had lunch in Amsterdam after our visit. On Sunday we had dinner with the family since my parents celebrated 47 years of marriage.

Then there were 2 days with fun things to do with school and saying goodbye to elementary school. On Monday I accompanied Yuri and his class when they went swimming. On Tuesday they had a picnic and went bowling. In the evening there was party and the final goodbye. So on the 6th Yuri’s Summer break started, 3 days earlier then the other kids.

Summer Break

On July 8th Paul and I attended the Aviko workshop on a farm in Zeewolde. It was fun cooking and eating together with a group of strangers. That Saturday we had our yearly outing to the Efteling with Paul’s parents. The Efteling is a famous theme park in the South of the Netherlands.

In the first whole week of Summer break Yuri went to the Zomerfestijn with friends, from Monday till Thursday. On that Thursday we had dinner at TGI with a friend. The 17th we went to the kermis (carnival) in Uden and Yuri had a sleepover with his cousin at my parents.

A week later we embarked upon our Summer road trip, this time we did a Northern France road trip. First stop was Villeneuve d’Ascq, which we used as a base to explore Lille. Second stop was Pont-L’Évêque, which is close to Honfleur. On the way from the second to the third stop we tasted Calvados and cheese in Livarot and Camembert. Third stop was Les Barils, were we had fun at Center Parcs in the Aqua Mundo.


The lillypad lake at Giverny
The lillypad lake at Giverny

The first half of August we were still on our beautiful road trip. We stopped at the mesmerizing Giverny on our way to Parc Astérix. Parc Astérix was our 4th stop and we loved this theme park, which is just North of Paris. We spend 1.5 days in it and loved the rides and shows.

The 5th stop in Northern France was not far from Parc Astérix, namely Noyon. We used it as a base to explore Noyon and visit the Mémorial de L’Armistice, dedicated to the First World War. On our drive from Noyon to Bezannes we stopped at Abbaye d’Ourscamp and the Caverne du Dragon. The last being a quarry with a museum on the First and Second World War.

Our 6th stop was Bezannes, we used it as a base to visit Reims and its beautiful cathedral. However we didn’t just stick to Northern France, because our seventh stop was Ringsheim in Germany. The city is not far from the border with France. On Paul’s birthday we went to Europa Park, a large theme park. The day after we went to Rulantica, a water park. We had lots of fun at both parks.

We drove home in two days, stopping at Luxembourg city, our 8th and last stop on our road trip.

After the Road Trip

The weekend after arriving home from our road trip, we drove our regular round again along Hollandsche Rading and Hilversum. Stopping at Woods35 and others. On Sunday we had lunch near the Dom Tower in Utrecht and went to Domunder, a first visit for Paul, my second.

On the 25th Yuri started high school, a whole new period for all of us. He had a first years camp on the 30th and 31st. Prompting us to drive our regular round through Hollandsche Rading , Hilversum and Vreeland in the evening and enjoying the Sun on terraces.


A food truck at Asian Food Festival, selling sushi
A food truck at Asian Food Festival

Yuri came home from camp on the first. On the second we attented the Asian Food & Sushi festival in Utrecht with a friend. That Saturday I went shopping in Amsterdam and sat down at some terraces to read and drink something.

Our annual weekend in Losser, stayng at B&B De Hooimoat, was from 9 till 11 September. Tuckerville did go through this year and we loved the artists at this festival. On Sunday we drove home via Ootmarsum and Manderveen for lunch and berry picking.

A week later we had another fantastic festival, this time WTF, the Whisky Tasting Festival. Paul and I had fun and tasted some great whisky’s. Sunday afternoon I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam. I love exploring it room by room.

The last weekend of September we had lunch in Uden with a friend and stopped for some cake in Nieuwegein. On Sunday we did our annual apple picking at Nieuw Slagmaat. It’s a fruit farm close to our home.


Einstein at the Museum der Illusionen
Einstein at the Museum der Illusionen

October started with a busy Saturday, we first stopped at Bakery de Tureluur in Zeewolde. Then on to Leeuwarden, to visit Grendel Games. Yuri wants to become a game developer, so seeing a game studio from the inside was fantastic. Then on to Nijkerk to visit Paul’s parents and in the evening we had a birthday in Beek. So a lot of miles that day.

On the 5th I went shopping with a friend in Haarlem. Haarlem is a beautiful, older city.

Then finally we were able to go to our family in Germany again for a weekend. Paul’s sister lives close to Hamburg. On Saturday we all went to the Museum der Illusionen in Hamburg. Which was fun.

In the weekend of the 15th and 16th Yuri had a sleepover  at a friend in Heusden. On Saturday I went to the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, since I was home alone. That Sunday we sat on several terraces in Heusden, since there was really sunny weather.

Fall Break

On the 22nd Yuri’s Fall break started. Paul and I drove the North Veluwe Road Trip, with Fall colors, so some leaf peeping for us in the Netherlands. That Sunday we went to Moca in Noordwijk. There was a Donald Duck exhibition at the Museum of Comic Art. We ended the day with dinner at Café Moeke.

From Monday till Friday we rented a cabin at Center Parcs De Limburgse Peel in the village of America.

The 29th Paul and I went to Amsterdam for Paul’s birthday gift. We had cake at De Drie Graefjes and dinner on the Rembrandtplein. Then we attended a show of stand-up comedien Roué Verveer at De Kleine Komedie.

On Sunday the 30th we had a Halloween lunch in Nieuwegein and visited the Halloween experience at Motion Imagine Experience in Eindhoven. Which was fun.


Christmas market at the Kolner Dom
Christmas market at the Kolner Dom

In November again we had something fun planned in every weekend. The first weekend we had dinner with a friend at TGI in Utrecht and had a baking day with Yuri and my nieces in Uden.

The second weekend we kicked off the Christmas season with a visit to Christmas Village Scheveningen. A large Christmas store near the sea and harbor in Scheveningen.

On the 3th weekend we went to the Christmas markets in Cologne, Germany. We had a weekend getaway in Cologne, staying at a hotel and getting there by train. We went to two different Christmas markets and to the chocolate museum.

The last weekend we had a weekend getaway in Uden, staying at Fletcher De Vrije Teugel. My sister got married that weekend and Paul and I celebrated 18 years of marriage.


Amsterdam Christmas market and ice skating rink by night
Amsterdam Christmas market and ice skating rink by night

December brought more Christmas events to bring us in the Christmas spirit. But we started with celebrating Sinterklaas with my parents at a pancake restaurant. On the 11th we had a Christmas decorating and a drink with our street. The 13th I went to Maastricht with a friend to go shopping and to visit the Christmas market in Maastricht.

On the 17th we went to Amsterdams Winterparadijs, a fun Christmas event with slides, food and other winter activities. Monday the 19th I went to Amsterdam again, this time to visit the temporary exhibition Clara & De Onderkruipsels in the Rijksmuseum. Then with a friend I strolled over the Christmas market on the Museumplein and then had lunch at Loetje with the same friend. So in 2022 I got to visit 3 Christmas markets (!).

The 20th we celebrated my birthday with cake and Indonesian/Surinamese food. Christmas’ Eve we spent at my parents. On Christmas Day we had breakfast at my parents-in-law and then drove to my sister-in-law in Germany. On the 27th we drove home again.

We baked oliebollen at Paul’s parents on the 30th. We celebrated New Year’s Eve at Fletcher De Gelderse Poort.

2022 in Review

So that was a lot of fun visits and trips in 2022. The museums were heavily present this year. Let’s see what 2023 will bring in travels.

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  • Kitti

    It’s so cool to look back on all the places you visited at the end of the year isn’t it? You definitely made the most of travel in 2022 and gave me some ideas for my own plans. Hope you’ll get to visit just as many places in 2023.

  • Michelle

    Wow, you had an amazing year! I’ve been to Amsterdam once and loved riding bikes through town. It’s amazing how many people ride for transportation. I wish we were there for the Tulip festival. Hopefully, next time.

  • Linda (LD Holland)

    We love to look back at our travel year and see all the great spots we visited. It looks like you had a great travel year and visited some great spots each month. Good to mix in local spots with bigger trips.

  • Kitti

    We don’t realise how many places we’ve been to until we look back. It’s great that you managed to visit a different place or area each month. Looking forward to your 2023 recap. Thanks for sharing.

  • kmf

    What an inspirational look back on your travels! Lots of great ideas for daytrips and weekend getaways in the Netherlands and other European destinations.

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