Lipno nad Vltavou, the Landal park and the frozen lake
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Lipno nad Vltavou things to do: 7 fun activities in winter time

Lipno nad Vltavou is a small town in Czechia. It surrounds the Lipno lake and is situated in a mountainous area. In winter time there’s snow and the lake freezes over. We’ve enjoyed a week here in 2018 and in 2019 in winter time. Here’s our Lipno nad Vltavou things to do list in winter time.

Lipno nad Vltavou things to do: 7 activities

Snowpark Lipno Lyžařsky areál

The ultimate winter time activity in Lipno nad Vltavou for a lot of people is skiing. This is the only activity of the things to do in Lipno nad Vltavou that we haven’t done ourselves. All 3 of us don’t enjoy skiing.

The ski area is on 710 to 900 meters height. There are 4 ski lifts for 13,5 kilometers of ski slope for skiing and snowboarding, with 10,9 kilometers of beginner, 2,1 kilometers of middle and 0,5 kilometers of heavy tracks. It’s a small ski area, which is fun for families. At the end of the first ski lift and at the beginning of the ski area are several restaurants. There’s the Fox park Lipno where kids can get ski lessons.

Ice skating on the lake

Paul learning Yuri how to ice skate. Paul is holding Yuri's hands, walking backwards, while Yuri skates.
Paul learning Yuri how to ice skate
Keeping the track free of snow. A zamboni is riding on the track on the lake. Seen from the shore.
Keeping the track free of snow

This is the number one thing on the Lipno lake, why Yuri wanted to come back the next year. The Lipno lake freezes over during the winter and then they set out several parcours on the ice. One is close to Lipno nad Vltavou. Yuri learned to ice skate here the first winter. We did the whole parcours several times, which is a couple of kilometers long.

The track on the lake. As seen from the treetop walkway
The track on the lake
Yuri ice skating on the lake. Yuri is coming towards me on the photo, ice skating on the lake, which is covered in snow, except for a track. Trees behind the ice.
Yuri ice skating on the lake

Treetop Trail Lipno

An activity on the treetop walkway. Yuri on an adventure track. Covered in snow.
An activity on the treetop walkway

The first treetop walkway in Czechia. The walkway leads to an observation tower with 360° views. The tower is on 40 meters height and the walkway is situated on a mountain, so the views extend far. You can go down the same way you came or with a slide, 52 meters in length. There are educational and physical stops along the walkway. We’ve done the walkway twice and the views are breathtaking.

Treetop walkway from above, as seen from above, looking down towards the ground, inside the tower.
Treetop walkway from above

Swimming at Aquaworld Lipno

The public swimming pool has a whirlpool with a view to the Lipno lake, a sauna, a kiddy pool, a water slide and a track with rapids. Enough things to have a few hours of fun.


Paul and Yuri sledding on the park. Some cabins behind them. Lots of snow.
Paul and Yuri sledding

We love sledding and there’s plenty of room for it in Lipno nad Vltavou. At the ski area is a hill you can sled down from over and over again. When there’s enough snow you can sled on the hilly sides on the Marino Lipno Lake Resort of Landal.

Paul and Yuri sledding on the mountain. A mountaimn covered in snow. Paul has just stopped and Yuri  walking up with his sled again
Paul and Yuri sledding on the mountain

Walking in the snow

Yuri and Paul walking uphill. Some snow on the path, trees behind and next to them
Yuri and Paul walking uphill

There’s plenty of hiking opportunities near Lipno lake Czech Republic, we opted for some shorter distances. We walked up the mountain to the treetop walkway. Which is loads of fun in the snow. We also walked the parcours for ice skating, and you have some beautiful panorama’s in the middle of the lake.

Paul walking on the lake, next to the track. Yuri ice skating in front of him on the track.
Paul walking on the lake

Slideland Bobova Draha Lipno

Paul and Yuri on the bobsled, seen from the ground. The tracks is going over the road and is behind a rounded fence.
Paul and Yuri on the bobsled

There are 2 tracks for bobsledding at the slideland, but only one is open in winter time. The other one is covered in snow then. It’s fun to go up and down part of the mountain in a cart.

Paul and Yuri on the bobsled. The area is covered in snow. You see the track which is guided and in working condition. In front the sled slide, which is partly covered in snow
Paul and Yuri on the bobsled

Where to stay

Both times we stayed in an apartment at Landal Marina Lipno. We had a fantastic view on the lake. It’s close to the lake as well as the ski area. The park offers animation activities, like making your own pizza or a lantern procession.

Where to eat

We enjoyed sitting down and having lunch, dinner or a pastry at Restaurace Marina Lipno, H&M Steak Restaurant, Marina café and Restaurant-Karolína. Marina café has the most delicious cakes and ice cream.


So these are our Lipno nad Vltavou things to do in winter activities, which we highly recommend you check out. We just have to visit in Summer so that we can see what to do in Lipno nad Vltavou when there’s no snow. For other fun activities in the winter check out our blog about winter walks in Götzens. Prague isn’t that far and would be perfect to further explore Czechia. Prague is one of the best places to have a magical Christmas in Europe.

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