The Lange Jan Tower, as seen through another street in front of it.
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25 Fun Things to do in Zeeland

Zeeland is one of the provinces in The Netherlands, which is perfect for a vacation. It consists of islands and peninsulas. There’s so much to see and do here, that we keep coming back. Whether for a weekend getaway or a vacation or on road trips. Here’s our list of 25 things to do in Zeeland that we have compiled from all our visits over the years.

25 Things to do in Zeeland: Food

  • 1. Eat Kibbeling or a Lekkerbekje. It’s braided fried cod, which is in big pieces (kibbeling) of still in fish form (lekkerbekje). You can eat both dishes all over The Netherlands, but so close to the sea you have the freshest fish.
  • 2. Eat a Zeeuwse bolus. A typical local delicacy, a sweet sugar rich bun. Sometimes cinnamon is added. When in Zeeland try this pastry at one of the many bakeries.

Best Things to do in Zeeland: Beach

The beach with people enjoying the great weather
The beach with people enjoying the great weather
  • 3. Go to the Beach. Zeeland has many beautiful beaches on its coastline. So go there for lying on the beach, building a sandcastle or to fly a kite. When the weather is less nice, go for a long beach walk.
  • 4. Swim in the North Sea. When on the beach, going for a swim in the Sea is easy. Watch out which color flag is flying on that particular beach, to see if it’s safe to go in the water.
  • 5. Sit down at a beach club. There are numerous beach clubs on the beaches in Zeeland. Pick one, sit down and have a drink or two. Eat something and watch the sun set in the sea. Not all beach clubs are there all year long. Some are broken down from October till February.
  • 6. Hike along the Dunes. From on top of the dunes you have beautiful vistas on the beach and sea. On some are paths, follow these for a great hike.
The beach with a beachclub, dune vegitation in front of the photo, the beach on lower level and the sea to the left. Dunes behind the beach.
The beach with a beachclub
Path on the dunes. On the left an light house and after that the beach and sea. People biking on the path.
The beach, a lighthouse and biking on the dunes


  • 7. Visit Gyrocopter Aviation in Arnemuiden. Admire the gyrocopters in the hangar.
  • 8. Visit the Wings to Victory Museum in Arnemuiden. Tells the story about the air war above the southwest of The Netherlands during the Second World War.
  • 9. Visit the Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee. Tells the story of the city of Zierikzee. Situated in the old city hall.
  • 10.Visit the Zeeuws maritime muZEEum in Vlissingen. About the maritime history of Zeeland and Vlissingen.
  • 11. Visit the Zeeuws museum in Middelburg. Situated in an old abbey, it tells the history of Zeeland.
Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee. A part of the exhibition, a chest in front, behind a canoe with a statue person in it, further behind sailing ships. All behind glass.
Stadhuismuseum Zierikzee

What to do in Zeeland: Tours

Rondvaartboot voor Oosterschelde Nationaal Park, boot die aan de kade ligt, twee mensen gaan net aan boord.
Rondvaartboot voor Oosterschelde Nationaal Park
  • 12. Explore Zierikzee on a self-guided city walk. Zierikzee is a beautiful city with a harbor and beautiful old buildings.
  • 13. Go on a boat tour on the Oosterschelde National Park. The Oosterschelde is an estuary and is bordered by the Zeelandbrug and the Oosterscheldekering.
  • 14. Make a city-walk through Middelburg. The Capitol of the province of Zeeland and a beautiful city.
  • 15. A tour through Fort Rammekens. The oldest sea fort of Western Europe in the town of Ritthem.
  • 16. Hike the wallenroute in Retranchement. A beautiful route over the ramparts that were built during the 16th century.
  • 17. A tour through the city-hall of Middelburg. An late-gothic style building from the 15th century.
  • 18. A boat tour in Middelburg. See the historical city of Middelburg from a different angle, from the water.
Cosette and Yuri walking on the wallenroute. They're walking on an uphill area on a path, going straight ahead, on both sides of the path is grass and further away bushes. On the left a creek in between the grass.
Cosette and Yuri walking on the wallenroute

Things to do in Zeeland NL: Attractions

Waterslide at Neeltje Jans, afun thing around the Delta works
Waterslide at Neeltje Jans
  • 19. Deltapark Neeltje Jans. A theme park where you can learn all about the Delta works, the disaster of 1953, sea animals and enjoy the waterpark.
  • 20. Victoria Doolhof in Eede. Almost in Belgium, but there’s a labyrinth of 8000 m².
  • 21. The Arsenaal in Vlissingen. A sea aquarium and pirates park.
  • 22. Climb the Lange Jan tower in Middelburg. Part of the city-hall, you can climb up and enjoy the view on Middelburg.
Part of the Victoria labyrint, green hedges and some play areas in between
Part of the Victoria labyrint

What to do in Zeeland Holland: Other

Part of the Oosterscheldekering, you see pilars with slides in between and some traffic on the road over it. The sea in the front and the sky above.
Part of the Oosterscheldekering
  • 23. Drive over the Delta Works. You can drive over the Brouwersdam or the Oosterscheldekering.
  • 24. Zeelandbrug. Drive over the Zeelandbrug, and go under it on a boat tour.
  • 25. The smallest street in The Netherlands in Middelburg. Visit this small street.
Zeelandbrug, as seen from the water, while going under it.

Where to stay

We stayed at and enjoyed Droompark Schoneveld in Breskens. 5 Minutes from the beach and with a small swimming pool it’s a fun, family friendly place to rent a holiday cabin.

Roompot Vakantiepark Aquadelta in Bruinisse is also family friendly, close to a small beach and a harbor. There’s a swimming pool, animation team, VR experience and an indoor playground. When staying at the apartments be prepared for noise until late in the evening.

Slot Moermond in Renesse is your chance to stay at an castle and be close to the beach.

Where to eat

We’ve had lunch at Strandpaviljoen Corazon and Beachclub Perry’s on the beach in Renesse. At the Zeeuwse hemel in Zierikzee, which has a beautiful garden to sit down in. Loods tien in Breskens is our all-time favorite beachclub. De Kreeke and ‘t Krekeltje in Eede is perfect with families. ‘t Krekeltje has pancakes and an indoor playground. De Kreeke has delicious food and trampolines in the garden.

The garden at De Zeeuwse Hemel, Yuri and Cosette sitting at a table under plants, behind them lower the rest of the garden with more tables with people sitting at them
The garden at De Zeeuwse Hemel

Hope you can enjoy these 25 things to do in Zeeland

Looking for other attractions in the South of the Netherlands? Check out our blog about the Hertog Jan Brewery or for the something in the North of the Netherlands, check out cycling on Texel or in the middle? Drive the Tulip Route Flevoland.

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