• De Woordzoeker, a word search in colorful colors
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    Street Art Utrecht: larger than life and small works

    It’s so much fun and a great surprise when you turn a corner and there’s a beautiful or funny mural on a wall. Whether it’s a small cute one or a larger than life one. Lately, I’ve been exploring the street art of Utrecht, my hometown. A city in the middle of The Netherlands. There are more than I expected there to be. Let’s dive into street art Utrecht, area by area. Street Art Utrecht Northwest Books: On Amsterdamsestraatweg is this famous piece from JanIsDeMan. It’s 3 book shelfs with books that are favorites of the people in the neighbourhood. The mural went viral after being finished. Otter: A mural…

  • Dressed up for Queensday in Orange, inside my parents house
    Kingsday,  Netherlands

    Kingsday: My favorite Dutch National day

    Each year we celebrate Kingsday or ‘Koningsdag’ in  The Netherlands on April 27th. It’s a Dutch national day which I love and look forward to each year. Everybody is cheerful and there’s so much to do and see all day. History of Kingsday Since 2014 we celebrate Kingsday. Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2014 and her son became the King. King Willem-Alexander changed the date from April 30th to April 27th. His Birthday and he changed the name from Queensday to Kingsday. April 30th had been the date since 1949, which was the Birthday of Queen Juliana. Queen Beatrix didn’t change the date when she rose to the throne. Out of…

  • To show an overview of Amsterdam. Best cities for shopping
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    Best cities for shopping in The Netherlands

    3 to 4 times a year I go shopping with a friend, we pick a city somewhere in The Netherlands and arrive there by train. We started this in 2013. My son was saying to me “When are you not here?”, not because he had enough of me, but because he thought that on a day with just his dad he could have screen time all day long (luckily that didn’t come true). My friend and I have one city we go to each year, Maastricht, and then a number of cities that rotate. Next to these I have added some cities where I used to go shopping with friends…

  • To show me at Yoghurt Barn
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    Where to eat in Utrecht

    My hometown, Utrecht. A beautiful city I love and lived in for the last 21 years. We’ve been out for dinner so many times here, that a list of places to eat in Utrecht isn’t difficult to make. Just don’t expect it to be short! Options to eat in Utrecht Utrecht being a city with a university, science park and several colleges makes for a lively restaurant scene, with inexpensive options to eat. The restaurants on this list vary from cheap eats to more expensive. I’ve divided them up in sections of Utrecht. When exploring the restaurants in Utrecht, combine it with a street art tour in Utrecht. Lunetten The…

  • On the left a large screen with the game Pac Man on it. In front on the right Yuri and Paul playing the game with a console.
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    8 Things to do in Utrecht with kids

    Utrecht is a fun city to live in, I’ve been living here for more than 20 years and loved the city since I moved here for attending university. We decided to raise our son here and have no regrets. There’s plenty to do with kids. When they’re toddlers and preschoolers. I name just a few of the fun things to do in Utrecht with kids. Both Yuri and us enjoyed these 8 things immensely. Utrecht is one of the best cities in the Netherlands to visit, so if you’re visiting with young kids, check out this list. 1.Spoorwegmuseum One of our all-time favorites to do in Utrecht with kids is…