Dressed up for Queensday in Orange, inside my parents house
Kingsday,  Netherlands

Kingsday: My favorite Dutch National day

Each year we celebrate Kingsday or ‘Koningsdag’ in  The Netherlands on April 27th. It’s a Dutch national day which I love and look forward to each year. Everybody is cheerful and there’s so much to do and see all day.

History of Kingsday

Since 2014 we celebrate Kingsday. Queen Beatrix abdicated in 2014 and her son became the King. King Willem-Alexander changed the date from April 30th to April 27th. His Birthday and he changed the name from Queensday to Kingsday.

April 30th had been the date since 1949, which was the Birthday of Queen Juliana. Queen Beatrix didn’t change the date when she rose to the throne. Out of respect for her mother and since her Birthday in January was less suited for outside activities.

How do we celebrate Kingsday?

Celebrations start on Kingsday Eve ‘Koningsnacht’, the evening before Kingsday. The festivities continue on the next day. There are jumble sales, people lay their plaid somewhere and sell all the stuff they want to get rid of. It’s fun to browse the jumble sales, and see what people are trying to sell. Further more there are festivals and parties all over the country with music, dancing and drinking.

On the 27th there are also games from grandparents time, like bite-the-cake (‘koekhappen’), nail shitting (‘spijker poepen’) and sack racing (‘zaklopen’). Each year the King visits a town or city with his family, with lots of festivities surrounding that.

On the jumble sales in Uden on Kingsday
On the jumble sales in Uden

On each jumble sale there are also performances from kids on musical instruments, people who sell their baked items and shows by local clubs. During Kingsday everyone dresses up in orange (and a bit of red, white and blue), since orange is the color of our Royal House.

Dressing up in Orange in 2020
Dressing up in Orange in 2020

Where have I celebrated Kingsday?

Well, I grew up in Uden and celebrated every Queensday there until I moved to Utrecht. After that I celebrated Queensday in Nijkerk, Utrecht or Uden with Paul. I’ve worked on Kingsday in Utrecht, Amsterdam and Rotterdam. We’ve also been away on Kingsday, so we’ve celebrated it on Alcatraz island, in San Sebastien, on the beach in the Vendee and Legoland.

Kingsday in a cafe in France
Kingsday in a cafe in France

The last few years we’ve celebrated Kingsday mostly in Uden, sitting at the jumble sale with a plaid full of stuff. I love sitting there, chatting to other people. Yuri and Paul always find something while browsing the jumble sale.

Selling stuff in Uden on Kingsday
Selling stuff in Uden

Before Yuri was there and when I still had to work on Queensday we loved to stroll on the streets on Queensday Eve and see what everyone had for sale. The streets in Utrecht were always crowded.


So that’s why I love the Netherlands national day: dressing up in orange, everyone is cheerful and there are jumble sales.

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