A hotelroom at Van der Valk Hotel Tiel, with a double bed, 2 chairs next to the window with a small table in between
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A night at Van der Valk hotel Tiel

Since Paul’s office hosted a party at the Van der Valk hotel Tiel, we decided to stay the night. It turned out to be a good decision, we loved our stay here and are going back with Yuri (some day).

The Party

The party was great, good food. There was lots of choice and the ambiance was good. The food was displayed market style. Each “market stall” had a different theme which corresponded with the food available. So there was Italian, Dutch, USA. The waiting staff, from Van der Valk hotel Tiel, that helped us at the party was friendly and helped out good. So also did the staff at the reception. The toilets on the downstairs floor had fun doors and where really luxurious, giving the hotel extra flair.

Toilets with on the woman's entrance written Mrs. and a picture of Angelina Jolie and on the men's bedroom Mr. written and a picture of Brad Pitt
Mr. and Mrs. toilets at Van der Valk hotel Tiel
The inside of the womens toilets downstairs at the Van der Valk hotel Tiel. A couch for 4 persons and luxurious basins to wash you r hands
You can stay for hours at the downstairs toilet for women.

The Skybar

After the party ended we went to the bar on the upper Floor, the skybar. We had a drink with a view of the lights of Tiel by night. Awesome and in other words a perfect closure to our evening. By daytime you can see very far, by evening you can see the lights. The ambiance was of a cafe/bar with seats. There’s also an outside, but since we were up late we didn’t go out in the cold.

Cosette sitting in a chair in front of a window at night. It's at the skybar on top of the hotel. In front of her a small table with a drink.
Having a drink at the skybar at the hotel

The Room

Our room was spacious with comfy beds. The shower was great and I liked the quality of the shampoo, conditioner, etc. Next to a conference area and a rooftopbar, there’s also a swimming pool, Holland casino, lunchcafe and a restaurant with live cooking.

Hanging lightbulbs consisting of dozens of small lights at the skybar on top of the hotel.
Lights at the ceiling of the skybar

After a good nights sleep we packed up and had a late breakfast somewhere else. Therefore I can’t review the breakfast being served at the Van der Valk hotel Tiel.

Adress: Laan van Westroijen 10

4003 AZ Tiel

0031 344 622 020


When looking for a hotel to include in one of your road trips, this is a good one. This isn’t the only Van der Valk hotel we’ve stayed at, we’ve also stayed at Van der Valk hotel Ridderkerk and Van der Valk hotel A4 Schiphol. Other hotel stays of us include Fletcher Badhotel Callantsoog. Further more if you want to work with us, you can contact us through our Contact page.

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