To show the famous catfish from Stumpy's, how the dish looks. Eat in Granbury.
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Where to eat in Granbury Texas

Granbury is a town close to Tolar, Texas. About an hour south of Fort Worth. When we stayed with friends who live in Tolar we went out for dinner a few times in Granbury. These are the top 2 restaurants to eat in Granbury.


To show the front of the restaurant. Eat in Granbury.

Well we went twice here. Our friends took us here at the beginning of our stay with them and we loved it. Their fried catfish is the best. Don’t take our word for it, take it from our friends who are from the area.

To show the dish catfish, which we loved the most at this restaurant. Eat in Granbury.
Catfish, a delicious dish

You can sit inside and outside, we did both. They have all these funny texts all over the inside. Outside you have a view over the lake. You can feed the catfish, turtles, ducks and geese in the lake.

To show how Yuri is feeding the animals in the lake. That there were not only ducks, but also geese, catfish and turtle's.
Feeding all the animals in the lake
To show one of the funny text's inside: Thinkon'Bout that Summer body but also dem Taco's
One of the funny text’s inside

Next to the fried catfish they have delicious taco’s. The place is next to the lake Granbury marina.

To show how the taco's were presented. Eat in Granbury.
To show The view on the lake from Stumpy's.
The view on the lake from Stumpy’s


Stumpy’s Lakeside Grill

2323 S. Morgan St.


TX 76048

Dickey’s Barbecue Pit

To show One of the text's inside Dickey's. Eat in Granbury.
One of the text’s inside Dickey’s

Second place for restaurants to eat in Granbury goes to a fastfood joint and that’s Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. It’s part of a chain, that’s been around since 1941.

To show the delicious spare ribs. Eat in Granbury.
Spare ribs

They have delicious spareribs and good food. Their large drinking cups are a show on it’s own with a large text on it. The restaurant has old pictures and fun texts on display.

To show The yellow cup with a long text on it. Yuri is sitting next to it with ribs and a potato fry.
The yellow cup with a long text on it.


3906 E. US hwy 377


TX 76049

In other words you can eat well in Granbury, Texas. So if you happen to pass by, these 2 places are perfect for a stopover.

If you’re stop is a little longer, these are perfect things to do in Fort Worth an hour’s drive away.

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