• Cosette standing next to suitcases and Yuri sitting on top of them. Bagpacks next to the suitcases. Behind us 2 blue doors. Long term traveling.
    Kids,  roadtrip

    Dreaming about long term traveling

    I remember as a child looking at my globe and making up journeys I could take, where I would go. I could dream about this for hours. Others dreamed about their wedding gown or being a doctor when they’d grew up. I wanted to be an archaeologist and travel to Iran, Australia, the USA, basically everywhere. I dreamed of being in the Outback, like the characters of my favorite tv show The Flying Doctors. Go chasing those waterfalls in Australia. Wishing to explore the ruins of the Maya I read about in Archaeology books. I wanted to backpack in the National Parks of the USA, which I read about in…