• To show something popular from The Netherlands near the campsites. The windmills from Kinderdijk in a row. The river flowing in front of them. Campsites in The Netherlands.
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    4 fun campsites in The Netherlands with kids

    Since Yuri’s birth, he’s been with us on our travels. We’ve camped around Europe and also a few times in The Netherlands. Most of the time when we’re on vacation in The Netherlands we stay in a holiday rental or a hotel, but luckily there have been a few times over the years the weather was nice enough for camping. Here are the 4 campsites in The Netherlands we’ve stayed at with a tent or campervan and what we think of them. 1.Camping ’t Schinkel The first of the campsites in The Netherlands we visited with Yuri. This fun campsite is in the middle of The Netherlands in Hoenderloo on…

  • To show the magnificient sunset we had. n the right half of a white campervan. Standing on fake grass. The fake grass is surrounded by real grass. Behind the grass is bushes and a creek. Behind the creek is a field. ON the horizon the sun is setting and the sky is colored yellow, red and blue. Van life.
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    Dreaming about (part-time) van life

    Those idyllic pictures of people cozying up in their van or just outside their van. Or similarly a picture of a neverending highway, makes me want to hit the road and live the van life. What’s the draw in van life Why am I drawn to this picture of the van life? It’s the idylic of going wherever you wanna go. In theory, you can roadtrip around the World, and since I have a very lenghty bucketlist, that sounds divine. We would have our own place while traveling. A van looks like a payable solution to see the whole world. The cosily feeling of a VW van is appealing. The…