• The old harbor, a row of colorful houses, with small boats in front of it in the water. People walking on the dock
    City,  France

    Honfleur Travel Guide

    Honfleur is a beautiful and famous city on the English Channel. This city is among the best cities to visit in France. Our visit to Honfleur was part of our Northern France road trip last Summer. The small city has a beautiful port, old town, delicious seafood and the oldest wooden church in France to offer. Making it a must-visit place and clear why it’s so popular among tourists in France. When asking yourself where is Honfleur in France? And is Honfleur in Normandy? Yes, Honfleur is in Normandy, it’s located on the banks of the Seine, across from Le Havre. The city is situated near where the Seine streams…

  • To show a picture of our 2018 travels. An overview of Cesky Krumlov, a river flowing through in the middle. The roofs and streets covered in snow.
    Czech Republic,  winter

    Český Krumlov in Winter is Enchanting

    Visiting Český Krumlov in Winter is one of the best things to do when you’re in Czechia. The city is enchanting covered in a layer of snow. We’ve visited this small city 3 times in Winter time so far and the last visit in February this year will certainly not be the last. Český Krumlov is located in South Bohemia in the West of Czechia. The city was founded in the 13th century. Why Visit Český Krumlov in Winter? Český Krumlov is worth visiting all year long, however in winter time the crowds will be less. It’s a teeny tiny city so in the Summer it can get crowded fast.…