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Going to the Little Monsters Ball Hardrock Cafe

Each year we try to do something special for Halloween, last year we attended the Little Monsters Ball Hardrock Cafe in Amsterdam. Halloween is on the rise in The Netherlands. Our son is still too young for haunted houses and fright nights, but luckily there are events suited for kids.

Little Monsters Ball Hardrock Cafe

Yuri decorated a donut. He's dressed up as Super Mario. He's holding the donut in his hand and showing it to the camera. Behind him a face painted girl is looking up.
Yuri decorated a donut

The Hard Rock Café organizes a breakfast buffet on Sunday before or on Halloween. Every family had its own table and could get plates full of delicious food. You did have to wait in line before getting to the buffet. The staff was all dressed up for Halloween. The café was also decorated in Halloween style. Next to the buffet kids could get their faces painted, decorate donuts and do Halloween crafts. Kids and parents alike where dressed up. The event is geared towards small children.

Breakfast buffet at the restaurant. People waiting in line. Through the windows you see the channel.
Breakfast buffet

At the end of the event the kids went trick-or-treatin’ at a few of the shops nearby. The staff really made a show off, adding to the fun of the whole event.

Trick-or-Treatin' at a local shop. Yuri and another girl are at the counter getting candy in their bags. In front is a dressed up parent.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock Café is a chain with a rock-‘n-roll theme. It’s a chain that has 185 cafes worldwide, they receive 80 million guests on a yearly basis. The first Hard Rock Café opened in London, England on June 14th, 1971. The chain serves burgers and other American classics.

The cafe in Amsterdam is near the channel, with a view on the channel from the restaurant. Amsterdam is on our list of favorite cities for shopping and one of the best cities in the Netherlands to visit. We celebrated Halloween before at Ripley’s Believe It or Not and on the Zombie Bike Ride in Key West.

Paul dressed up and having breakfast
Paul dressed up and having breakfast

A lot of different cafes organize a Little Monsters Ball. The Little Monsters Ball Hard Rock Café in Amsterdam started at 9.30am for us on October 27th last year. It looks like there’s no Lil’Monsters Ball in 2020.

Cosette dressed up in a Mickey Mouse onesie
Cosette dressed up in a Mickey Mouse onesie

Opening hours of the restaurant: every day 12pm – 9pm. There’s also a shop at the restaurant, those opening hours: 10am – 9pm, and there’s a hotel rock shop opening hours of this is: 9am – 9pm.

Where to stay

When attending the Little Monsters Ball we stayed at Van der Valk hotel Schiphol. It’s not in the city of Amsterdam, but near the airport. However it’s a family friendly hotel with a swimming pool. Another great option is the NH hotel Schiphol Airport.

Where to eat

A plate with pastries and other goodies
A plate with pastries and other goodies

Well of course at the Hardrock café, they had delicious poffertjes, bacon, muffins, egg, you name it on the buffet. They serve American cuisine. When arriving early, like we did, have a coffee or juice at the Bakery Café/Ristorante Pizzeria.

The breakfast buffet at the Hard Rock cafe, fruit and pastries. People in line getting stuff. A waiter filling one of the bowls.
The breakfast buffet

The Little Monsters Ball Hardrock Cafe was fun,

Although Yuri was a bit too old at 9 for the things being organized. We loved the food from the buffet, decorating donuts and trick-or-treatin’.

Deocrated donut
Decorated donut


Max Euweplein 57-61

1017 MA Amsterdam

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