• Weissensee in Austria, with a perfect reflection of the houses and mountains in the lake. Some snow on the mountain.
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    2020 travels in review

    As for us all, 2020 was completely different than we expected. We had only one trip abroad to Austria. Other than that we stayed in The Netherlands. Luckily we made some beautiful trips in The Netherlands during the Summer. So here are our 2020 travels from month to month. January Just like in 2019 we started the New Year at friends in Almere. We played board games and watched the fireworks. Our first outing was Uden on Ice with my nieces during Christmas break. Later in the month I went shopping with a friend in Uden, while Paul and Yuri had the day for themselves. The last day of the…

  • With face masks in the bus, reality while traveling in 2020
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    10 Useful tips for traveling in 2020

    We’ve traveled 3 times this year, once in February, when all the craziness was just starting (no lockdowns in Europe yet at that point). And twice during the rest of the year. In May for a long weekend and this Summer for a road trip. All within The Netherlands. Here are 10 tips we can give you from our experience for traveling in 2020. Traveling in 2020: know the rules Before you take off on your road trip, know the rules specific to the country and/or region you’re visiting. Moreover, keep yourselves to these rules. Every country and in some cases regions have their own set of rules to fight…