• La Grand Plage, the beach with the Promenade to the left, at the back the neighbouring town
    Food,  France

    Saint Jean de Luz Travel Guide

    Saint Jean de Luz is a beautiful seaside town on the Basque Atlantic coast. This old fishing and pirate town is located in Southwestern France, not that far from the Spanish border. It has history, the beach and macarons to offer! If that doesn’t make it a must-visit place, I don’t know what will. We first visited the beautiful town on our Brittany-Acquitaine road trip in 2018. We fell in love with the town and visited it again in 2019 on our Northern Spain road trip. Sadly, we didn’t have time for a visit on our France Spain Portugal road trip. It’s a perfect stop on a road trip in…

  • Macarons from la Maison du Chocolat, in a plastic holder, 4 different ones. A bag behind it from the store. Paris macaron walking tour
    Food,  France

    A Self-guided Paris Macaron Walking Tour

    Last Updated: May 15th 2024. Paris is a fabulous city with so many activities that you can come back again and again and do something different each time. We’ve visited Paris several times, the latest visit was in 2019. That time we undertook a Paris macaron walking tour. Next to visiting the Eiffel tower and Disneyland Paris, this was the highlight of our visit to Paris. Macarons have become extremely popular the last few years, and with good reason. Paris is the place to sample macarons. There are several guided tours to take in Paris on which you get to taste macarons. We however did a self-guided macaron tour, which…

  • Gradska Kafana by Adventures with Luda, someone is holding a cup of coffee in the foreground. Sitting on a terrace, overlooking the sea.
    Coffee Places,  Food

    Favorite Coffee Shops in the World

    One thing I love about traveling, is discovering ‘hidden gems’. Places where you can grab a coffee and something to eat and which just seem perfect. They either have a perfect view, good coffee, delicious food or the ambiance makes you not want to leave. Coffee shops in the world where you return to again and again or can’t stop thinking about once back home. Over the years I’ve collected a few myself. I’ve also asked my fellow travel bloggers and made a collection of favorite coffee places in Europe. Now I’ve collected the best coffee shops from around the world and there are so many! I have a lot…

  • Biryani in large pot/plate
    Food,  India

    12 Traditional Foods of Kerala

    The state of Kerala is also known as God’s Own country for its beautiful green landscape & the crisscross of rivulets known as backwaters. It is also popularly known as the Land of Spices, as all the spices that enhance a dish are grown here locally. Used in the traditional foods of Kerala. The cuisine of Kerala is highly influenced by its location- being a state with a large coastline, rice, coconuts & seafood are the staple ingredients used.  Spices like mustard seeds, turmeric, tamarind, black pepper, cardamom, clove, ginger, cinnamon, and asafoetida are used to bring out the flavours in the food. You might be able to taste coconut in…

  • Keks, a sort of bundt cake topped with straweberries on a plate standing in the grass, further back a bowl with strawberries
    Bulgaria,  Food

    21 Amazing Bulgarian Foods to Try On Your Trip

    Bulgarian cuisine is rich and varied. It offers many healthy and indulgent options for people of all tastes. Bulgarian culinary traditions are typical of the Balkan peninsula, featuring many dishes whose alternative versions can exist in the neighboring countries. Historically, Bulgaria‘s territories have been occupied by the Ottomans for five centuries. Naturally, the local cuisine bears some similarities with foods typical of Western Asia. Breakfasts Contrary to the custom in many European countries, Bulgarians like to have savory breakfasts. Salads Bulgaria has a large selection of salads, although most of them feature the same most-commonly used ingredients: tomatoes, cucumbers, and white cheese. Main Dishes You can choose from many main…

  • Mole. A dish on a plate covered in Mole sauce.
    Food,  Mexico

    10 Authentic Mexican Foods You Must Try

    If there’s one word you think of when you hear the word Mexico — it’s tacos! While tacos are the undisputed king of Mexican food, Mexico has so much more to offer in terms of cuisine. In fact, in 2010 UNESCO declared Mexican food an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Mankind, stating that it represents “a crucial element of national identity.” In plain English, this basically means the United Nations thinks Mexican food is one of the essential parts of the country’s unique culture. Mexican food is also, well, delicious! Being such a large country, the cuisine varies from region to region and state to state. Let’s examine some of the…

  • To show 'Kroketten' with fries
    Food,  Netherlands

    25 Dutch Traditional Foods you must try

    Last Updated: 2 February 2024. Although we always say we don’t really have a national cuisine, The Netherlands does have distinct dishes that you simply have to try when visiting The Netherlands. I grew up with these 25 Dutch traditional foods I’ve listed below. From breakfast to dinner to snacks these dishes can be found all over The Netherlands. Dutch Traditional Foods 1. Kroket A kroket is a typical Dutch snack that’s one of my all time favorites. It’s a thick ragout which is braided in egg wash, flour and bread crumbs. This is then fried in oil and you have a delicious soft interior with a crunchy crust. Most…