• Skradinski Buk. Part of the traps that form the wtaerfall, surrounded by a lot of green.
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    Krka National Park: Waterfalls, swimming and hiking

    Krka National Park has it all: beautiful nature, hiking and swimming opportunities, architectural, historical and archeological sites. We visited the Krka National Park in Croatia on a road trip in 2017 during a hot Summer. So the swimming part was very welcoming to us. Where is Krka National Park? Krka National Park is in Dalmatia in Croatia. To be exact in the northern part of Dalmatia, near Lozovac and Skradin. It’s close to Šibenik. From Šibenik to Krka National Park is 15 kilometers, about 20 minutes by car. Zadar is an hour driving with 76 kilometers. Split to Krka National Park is an hour and 15 minutes for 85 kilometers.…

  • To show the view on Dubrovnik from afar. day in Dubrovnik
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    A day in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is a city crowded with tourists, and this is understandable: it’s a beautiful city well worth your time. We visited Dubrovnik as part of our European roadtrip in 2016 and spent one day in Duvbrovnik. In one day you can see the highlights of Dubrovnik, but you could easily spend more time in Dubrovnik. What to visit on a day in Dubrovnik With one day in Dubrovnik you start by walking on the medieval walls of the city. Then explore the inner city; admire the Onofrio fountain and stroll over the stradun. Below I will elaborate further on these things, first some background on Dubrovnik. Background on Dubrovnik Dubrovnik…

  • To show the color there's in the city center. You see a street at the end is part of a colorful chucrh visible. On the sides are yellow and white plastered houses. There's an olds mobile car parked on the side of the street. Afternoon in Zagreb.
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    An afternoon in Zagreb

    We only spent one afternoon in Zagreb, but loved the inner city. We have to go back someday to explore more of this beautiful city. It doesn’t have the laid-back vibe Ljubljana has, but it has it’s own old city with surprises around corners vibe. Arrive by train for an afternoon in Zagreb We pitched our tent on a campsite on the outskirts of Zagreb. We went into the city center by train. Which is a perfect way to arrive in the city. First you see all those gray monoliths, colossal buildings housing people. This gave the idea of a gray, boring city. But this isn’t the way the city…

  • A dark picture with in the middle a setting sun. The sky around the sun is different shades of red. Below the earth is black, with a bit of blue sea. One of the campsites in Croatia
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    Campsites in Croatia with kids

    In 2016 and 2017 we spent the Summer roadtripping in Europe, especially The Balkan. The first year we camped most of the time, in 2017 a little less, mainly because of the weather. In the south it was too hot to pitch a tent, let alone sleep in it with 40+ degrees Celsius temperatures. We should have brought a portable solar panel with us, we had so much sun. It would have made some things a lot easier. In 2016 it was our first time roadtripping with a tent. We did it again in 2017, you can say it’s something we love to do as a family. Why, well lot’s…