• To show the rest of our room at the Hilton. Stopover hotels South
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    Stopover hotels on the way South

    When traveling from The Netherlands to Mid-, Southern France or Spain, a stopover hotel comes in handy to break up the long drive. People swear by different options in driving to Southern France or Spain. Some people drive it in one take, others mostly drive at night (less traffic and kids are asleep). We usually opt to drive a small part on the first evening and the rest the next day, or when it’s Spain a second stopover hotel in the South of France. Here’s a list of hotels we’ve tested and liked. A stopover hotel is ideally located close to the highway you’re driving South on. They’re not that…

  • To show one of the fun things being organised on Campsite Moulin de la Pique
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    Fun things on campsite Moulin de la Pique

    France is a beautiful country with diverse regions. One of the perfect ways to explore the large country is to go camping. We stayed at campsite Moulin de la Pique in the varied region of the Dordogne. We loved our stay here. In this blog I describe all there is to do on campsite Moulin de la Pique. Campsite Moulin de la Pique A fun campsite in the Dordogne with a Dutch owner. The campsite is on an historic estate. It’s an RCN campsite with a Dutch speaking animation team from end of April/May till half of September. The animation team is present on weekends and school holidays. Next tot…

  • To show the view on Dubrovnik from afar. day in Dubrovnik
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    A day in Dubrovnik

    Dubrovnik is a city crowded with tourists, and this is understandable: it’s a beautiful city well worth your time. We visited Dubrovnik as part of our European roadtrip in 2016 and spent one day in Duvbrovnik. In one day you can see the highlights of Dubrovnik, but you could easily spend more time in Dubrovnik. What to visit on a day in Dubrovnik With one day in Dubrovnik you start by walking on the medieval walls of the city. Then explore the inner city; admire the Onofrio fountain and stroll over the stradun. Below I will elaborate further on these things, first some background on Dubrovnik. Background on Dubrovnik Dubrovnik…

  • To show something of the Fort Worth stockyards. Fort Worth with kids.
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    What to do in Fort Worth with kids

    Fort Worth in Texas is a fun city to visit with kids, there’s plenty to do, so getting bored isn’t an option. This blog gives a list of things to do in Fort Worth with kids. We visited Fort Worth a few times while staying with friends who lived an hour away. We stayed at a small town called Tolar. Which is a perfect base for exploring Texas. Going the other way hiking in Austin is perfect. Fort Worth with kids Fort Worth is a city in Texas, it’s adjacent to Dallas. It’s the 5th in population, coming after Houston, San Antonio, Dallas and Austin. It’s the 13th largest city…

  • To show a funny picture from Christmas in Jordan. A camel head with a Santa hat on it.
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    Christmas in Jordan

    We usually spend Christmas with family in Germany. But in 2015 we did Christmas a little bit different. We were in Jordan, so had whole other surroundings, people and weather. We loved our Christmas in Jordan. Christianity in Jordan First some background. Jordan is a country in the Middle East. Neighbouring to Israël, Palestine, Syria, Irak and Saudi-Arabia. Christians have been living in Jordan for centuries. About 6% of the population are Christians, among them Roman Catholics, Syrian-orthodox, Armenian-orthodox, protestants, Copts and Melkite Greek Catholics. Islam is the state religion. There’s no freedom of religion; muslims aren’t allowed to convert to a different faith. Christians are however free to practise…

  • To show the first glimpses of the Treasury. A small canyon, rocks rising high. In front through the opening part of a building. In front lots of people walking. Tour through Jordan.
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    A dream come true: visiting Petra

    Ever since I saw pictures of Petra in National Geographic years ago I wanted to go there. In 2015 that dream finally came true. Visiting Petra was everything I expected it to be and more. We visited Petra as part of our tour through Jordan. Visiting Petra: some history The start of Petra goes back to before Christ. The Nabataean, nomad people from Western Arabia, took over caravan routes. This way they founded a sort of ‘caravan kingdom’, with Petra as the blossoming capitol. Most of the buildings in the centre of Petra were built between 9 BC and 40 AC. The water plumping through the Siq is from the…

  • To show a picture from one our 2019 travels. In the back the Eiffle tower. Trees in front of it. Then the river Seine. Cosette and Yuri standing on a bridge with a lot of locks attached to it.
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    2019 travels in review

    We had a good travel year, last year. We traveled in Europe, mostly the western part. We had trips in The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Czech Republic and Spain. Our 2019 travels were fantastic in one word. January We started the New Year with friends in Almere. Playing board games and watching the fireworks. After this we started our 2019 travels with a visit to Uden on Ice our with my sister and nieces during Christmas break. Ice skating and tubing is so fun to do. On a weekend we went to the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, we did the ‘Elfstedentocht’ route. It was a winter only event.…

  • To show a picture from a thing on our tour through Jordan. The shadows of 2 camels with people on them. Red sand and some grass.
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    Tour through Jordan

    We went to Jordan on a grouptour with a tourcompany called Koning Aap. We went with a group, not because you can’t go on your own to Jordan, because you definitely can, but because we wanted Yuri to have some friends. We imagined Yuri would look for 5 minutes at Petra and then have enough of it. While we would be fascinated longer by everything there was to see. Our tought was that if Yuri had friends to play with, he wouldn’t mind us staying longer at the places. We were right. Petra was already a long time high on our bucket list. So when we had the money and…

  • To show the color there's in the city center. You see a street at the end is part of a colorful chucrh visible. On the sides are yellow and white plastered houses. There's an olds mobile car parked on the side of the street. Afternoon in Zagreb.
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    An afternoon in Zagreb

    We only spent one afternoon in Zagreb, but loved the inner city. We have to go back someday to explore more of this beautiful city. It doesn’t have the laid-back vibe Ljubljana has, but it has it’s own old city with surprises around corners vibe. Arrive by train for an afternoon in Zagreb We pitched our tent on a campsite on the outskirts of Zagreb. We went into the city center by train. Which is a perfect way to arrive in the city. First you see all those gray monoliths, colossal buildings housing people. This gave the idea of a gray, boring city. But this isn’t the way the city…

  • To show something popular from The Netherlands near the campsites. The windmills from Kinderdijk in a row. The river flowing in front of them. Campsites in The Netherlands.
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    4 fun campsites in The Netherlands with kids

    Since Yuri’s birth, he’s been with us on our travels. We’ve camped around Europe and also a few times in The Netherlands. Most of the time when we’re on vacation in The Netherlands we stay in a holiday rental or a hotel, but luckily there have been a few times over the years the weather was nice enough for camping. Here are the 4 campsites in The Netherlands we’ve stayed at with a tent or campervan and what we think of them. 1.Camping ’t Schinkel The first of the campsites in The Netherlands we visited with Yuri. This fun campsite is in the middle of The Netherlands in Hoenderloo on…